认识工业设计比赛( Unders tanding the industrial designpetition)I. correctly unders tanding the design contestCut the crap. This is not to promote political awareness, butto learn to accept the concept that design petition isbusiness actMany people see the design petition release noticeimmediately on the customary replies said,is the trick?The correct term is buy plan rather than cheat scheme, andf you think this is cheating, it is also legal and aboveboardcheating.In accordance with the general rules of the petition, thepatent right of the winning works be longs to the sponsoringenterprise or the organizing mittee. The reason is veryimple. Therefore, we can think that the design petition iactually a kind of transaction form sponsored by the enterpriseto entrust the organizing mittee to purchase the designproposal. Some of the contest clearly notice that some arewinners came out until the winners signed a patent transferstat ement. We should pay at tention to the choice of is, if thereis petition for the finalists or all entries of patent rightsbelong to the organizing mittee or sponsored enterprises(with this kind of contest, the impression seems to be alighter), or not to attend the organizing mittee, be causeeven the least of the law is not mon know ledge, how theremarkable level of petition. However, the OrganizingCommittee put forward such offer conditions are legitimate, ifyou participate in the agreement that these terms of the king,the contribut ion of your work is no longer their own, this mustbe dorTwo, what businesses are thinking?It should be said that enterprises actively sponsor designpetition is a good thing. On the one hand the enterprise cantake the opportunity to promote their own (is reallydumb founding in some people' s eyes, this is a reason to attackthe enterprise, ah), on the other hand can also create a goodatmo sphere to promote the value of design, but also can narrowhe enterprise and university student s distance, promoteschool enterprise cooperation. All sides are mutuallybeneficialIt is necessary to study the sponsorship of enterprises duringthe petition. Pay attention to the website of the enterprisesee what products they are doing, whether the sales market iin the country or abroad, the price belongs to that level andso on. These requirements are generally not written in thenotice of petition, after all, is too utilitarian. Butbusiness representatives still have important votes whenchoosing an award, and sometimes it critical, so knowing yourcustomers is a basic lessonThe selected site on behalf of the enterprise s eyes are verytoxic, often copied from the marke t has products plan to escapetheir eyes, because they know the market, but some conceptualscheme would not necessarily, some other contest winners bookor tutorial on the program, as long as no bee products listedthey it is impossible to know(I dont think that is guidingyou opportunistic)So what kind of works do the enterprise judges like? Generallyspeaking, there are such a few points1)in the range of their products, otherwise, do not need tospend money to buy the program is not a waste of investment?2)they can find the deficiencies of their existing productsand improve the design3)works that are technically feasible4)creative and imp lement designIn short, panies can immediately start the design of lovethey do not exclude innovation, but it must be real innovationinnovation rather than racking our brains of no importance.Enterprises are very practical and utilitarian, but theiropinions are only one vote. According to my own experience, thejudges generally don t give the award to a design, butdefinitely refuse a design That is to say, it is very effectivefor the enterprise judges to exercise the veto power. Somepanies refuse to plan submission reason is very clearmainly copying and imitation, such works can not apply for apatent, the bonus of white hair, another reason is plete lrefused to process can not achieve, so participants should havea basic understanding of the product process, which is not toomuch to askcontribute1)as far as possible in the contest deadline before submittingthe manuscript to notice. From the contest issued a notice tothe selection for a few months, experts may not be so early todetermine the time, so there should be a few days after thedate of the buffer. but must submit mariots in thefirst weekend after the deadline before the weekend. becauseexperts toge ther to open review. In the case of extra largesome mail box will take some time to reach the mail, so you haveto arrange a day's lead time2) to the layout file and the application form together withtwo upload at tachments, because attachments easily confusea lmost every contest has a layout file and the application formof the situation, and the general petition and not allowedto display the name and unit of desi gners in the layout, so tryto avoid this kind of things happen. In addition, some mailboxesdisplay picture files directly, as well as increase systemoverhead and the risk of inplete downloading of pictureThe naming of a manuscript is best made by the authors nameplus a unit namePage and registration form with the same name, anyway, suffixis not the same, not confused. Do not use meaningless filenamessuch as ****kcopies.Note the time of submission of the manuscript mailbox, themailbox Sina can only download a attachments, unable to openanother mail down loaded before, so the manuscript more casesof staff will be very tired, it is best to use QQ transferstation or mofile network to trans fer to a hard disk, noattachments, mail arrives fast, and as long as a link can notuse mailbox resources, download it can open other mail. Howeverpay at tention to the effective time of the network hard diskyou can not rule out lazy staff, not open the mail during thevalidity of the possibility. This me thod is mainly used for afew days before the deadline for submission126 mailbox, you can also download 5 at tachments, a littlebett3)try not to repeat contributions. I' ve seen a lot of repeatedsubmission works are revised and found typos and so onRepeated submihave brought a lot of trouble to thecollation of the manuscript, so try to check it again and againReally want to repeat contributions, then in the firstcontribution of the file name, plus modified three words asre cast the manuscript name, so find, replacement is alsoconvenientw 4)if your school is invited to participate in the organizationof the unit, then do not submit again on the Internet, and handedover to the teacher, and finally unified Submission on it. Someof the petition staff saw the entries in the mailbox, theteam participating units on the pass-anyway, they finally haveto submit a unified, huh, huh! Don t miss your masterpiecebecause of thisFour, evaluationIs the equi valent of the super girl audition, usually by theOrganizing Commit tee and the joint enterprise review mitteeThe initial purpose is generally poor is the final kick, pickout the good. Due to multiple entries (from a few hundred toone thousand or two thousand), the wrong is not happen, so dontlet the judges in the registration will take your work intokick category. What kind of work are likely to be kicked?1) the layout is super poor2) the concept is unclear3)hand-painted-not that hand-painted, not, but hand-painted,most of the expression is not clear, unless your hand paintedexcellent, or painted into a clean water style, or do regularlayout of the good4)mediocre Highlights- this is mainly for what is not creatijust change the shape of the designSome extreme creative works are usually not easily be kickedoff, many judges habitually think: let him put to death thefinal judge, I don t want to let a potential child die in myhands, oh So if you have good ideas, then don t Niuniunieniebold plEvaluation is generally used in slide ways, so a horizontalversion of a slight advantage, because the layout of large, easyto see. Black and white pages in the projector light deficiencyor ambient light too bright situation is not clear, so becareful, really want to use, wi th a bold hand, do not use italicsscript, and other non conventional font styleBe smart when you make a layout. If several lines of charactersand a few big pictures will be able to articulate the conceptthat would be great. If not, then the head line and the bigpicture will attract people and enlarge the page. The most taboois the code on a pile of dense description of the text, andgraphics but do not express clearly. In short, don t expect thejudges to read all your words and pictureshe layout to work do beauty, because the program will give thefinal evaluation for thelist. The final assessmentexperts are generally known, if send a couple of pages rangeof work, evaluation experts will also lose facele final print platally exhibited on di splay, let thejudges by the score. So if you are lucky enough to get into thefinal, so that your evaluation panel on the role of no pilesof words can e in handTalk about the end of this form of the jury, generally has thefollowing characters1)officials. The host of many petitions is the municipalgovernment, so it is normal for a vice mayor to participate inthe review. Of course, the municipal government will notpersonally make arrangements for petition, so the scienceand Technology bureau or the economic and Trade Commission andother specific departments often appears as the organizer, thefinal scene will certainly have their seats2)big shot. Education and academic persons, estimated desi gncircles of the people know what is, is not listed here, lestthe leakage who they e to me afterwards, hehe! Sometimes itis normal to invite some foreign experts to serve as judgesNow international exchanges have gradually increased, and itis also necessary to add some international perspectives to thepetition.3)enterprises. Business representatives still finalists, isnormalPeople e to pick the goodsIn the final scene of the three judges is very cererOfficials generally have a broad perspective, because theyfocus on an industry, and if your design contributes to anindustry, they will give high marks. Promote an industry desi gninnovation including energy saving and environmentalprotection on the concept (such as public bicycle rental systembelongs to this class), the advantage of this design is thatit can be popularized in large area rather than by one or twomonopolies, if it is a simple shape, is an enterprise to buyoff patent is no longer possible for other services theenterprise, so to promote the role of industry is very limitedFor example, the idea of absorbing electromagnetic radiationin the environment and converting it into energy is put intouse, and the idea of putting aside the possibility ofrealization is very good. Without such an excellent design, theother goals that officials focus on are largely feasibility,creativity, and appearance. If there is a conflict betweencreativity and creativity, i think it will be more likely forthem to kill their creativity! Is a personal feeling, we shouldnot be too serious ly! The reason for this feeling is that manycity leaders are experts in the industry. They are experts. Ifyou don t have real valuable ideas, it s not easy to fool themStars are generally a game blazing with anger, not cold conceptof hope, they almost all have seen the concept. Bigshots(especially the chairman of the jury, his opinion is usuallya word) is not as simple as officials scoring when looking atthe work process, they see is already considering what to givethe gold medal which silver, so he is always in the works forthe highlights and pare the measure. If you want toarticipate in the petition, you might as well be a big shotof yourself, and see which highlights of your work are enoughto win the prize. The director announced that the gold medalwinner must have a clear reason and that the best binationof creativity and feasibility will win, with a greateproportion of creativity. In this process, the horizontalparison is very important, few works are creative, but alsoeach are not ident ical, so how to measure is a very specificproblem, if the process is reasonable and can achieve strongwinning a large grasp. Foreign big name s no matter how big, hisviews are generally for reference only, after all, the languagebarrier, quarrel, quarrel is not the upper hand, ha haThe performance of the enterprise judges said above, no longerwordy.In such a three cent world jury, how to make your work both crushone by one really is a strategic problem!Six, awardIf a gold and silver bronze medal contest a total of 10, themon practice is to use the method of scoring for the top tenand then ano ther one care fully analyzed award the highest scoredistribution, so does not necessarily take the gold medalhe process of enterprise award judges assigned relatively easy,because the 10 works they have in the bag, the priceI readyset down, which offer some lower officials usually they dontcare, then there will be more respect for academic awards, sothe distribution pattern of the last is known to say.Some of the following poss ibilities may arise when determiningaward1)creative works will have greater advantages, this is toconsider the impact of the petition, or should we encourageinnovation?2) if creativity is similar, then mature, detail, integrityand high degree of mercialization will win. This kind of workmay feel bland, but very close to the market, and the designpany submit ted basically the same kind of work. In fact, it smuch harder to make a job highly mercial than creativebecause you have to investigate and unders tand the marketotherwise, sitting in the house and patting your head can t do3)the expression of good will have some advantages, but notabsolute, the effect will only consi der other aspects of neckand neck, and entered the top 10 works in the basic level aboutthe same, so that the expression of some good win in the conteston the effect of publicity will be of some he lpThe number of entries is generally 30 60, is often the finadetermination of the number of temporary judges, more flexibleunlike gold and silver bronze is dead, as the overall qualitork submission of the circumstances it is the bas icprincEach contest will have a group of some schools and otherinstitutions participating, organization award is issued tothe organization and contribute more or winning many units,bonus amount varies, depending on the organizing mitteebudget and decide, there are only one organization award ofcertificate. Many organizations participating units ispetition sponsored enterprise cooperation, because there ia basis for cooperation, so they are usually familiar with theproduct and market, the design works have also been targetedinning chance, plus a large number of award-winningsubmissions, or finalists probability is the course, so donthave to see the group list of participating units the famousill guess what was insideSome school years of doing that sort of products, studentshomework pick several is the top grade, this situation is notunmonThere are occasional vacancies in the first prize, and you donthave to worry too much. Willing to sponsor enterprisepetition will not care about the tens of thousands of piecesof bonuses, but spent money to buy good stuff is really bad.Online ments that panies in a dilemma, just give a lesslevel of works of gold, you will say the poor and shady andother words, the realistic vacancy and someone will say blackenterprise money cheat program etc.. To tell you the truthmany gold medal petitions are made by enterpriseSeven, the difference be tween the University and design panyentriesThe design of the pany (including the design departments ofthe enterprises and universities)are the two main groups ofpetition among colleges and universities, more importantafter all many desi gn pany is the customers patent, not justout of petitionThe advantage of the university lies in originality. Theadvantage of the design pany lies in understanding themarket and customers. Some design panies directlcontribute to the selection of the remaining works. Howevereven if customers choose to leave, most of them are quite matureThe pany submitted a design problem is always to some fakebrand-name products naturally or half unconsciously, perhapsthis is not the original intention of the designers, is largelycustomer specific requirement to be discarded so many I sawthe shot des ign pany judges make snap of the work, but theheart anjiao! Many of them are exce lent in that respect, butthe reason for shooting is clear: the handle is a copy of thepanys patent, which is a copy of the XX panyspateDo well and kill!Compared with the design work, the students lack of work is thebiggest lack of detail, it is associated with less experiencethrough practice, some good ideas but few details or bad worksor talk ambi guously design is the most difficult for the judges,the judges are even made to allow students to go back again tomodify. This, in my opinion, if you have good ideas, it willserious ly do a good design, or not to participate in the designpetition, in after your creativity will gradually flow outmay encounter an experienced master works out, you have to dohe wedding dressUniversities and design panies have their own length andp lement each other as wellEight, creativity4 floor mentioned creativity, then talk about creativityThe moment I opened the entries, i was looking forward to seeingsome thing bright, even very extreme, even absurd, but alwaysdisappointedWhere is the problem? Let s sum up the most creative ideas inthe previous des ign petitions1) stylingIt' s amaz ing how many contestants understand the idea of wackstyling hard surfaces.. In fact, the judges to deal withthis kind of creative is the most relaxed, cut melon vegetableno guilt! After roughly scanning the notes, it was found thatthere was no other than the shape and within two seconds thefate of the work was decided -usually: chop Is not to say thatthere is the color of the works but most of the other as asell ing point of the works are difficult to achieve a realhighlight, if there is such a bright spot, it can catch the eyeof the judges for the first time will. Many designers havei gored this2)slub cupThis hals insulation cup preliminary site has a quite funnyphenomenon, the judges see enterprise bamboo cup"(designedas slub shape of glass) to delete, delete and mumbled how stillso muchi asked them if they had this kind of design lastyear. They said it was a good year, and last year s bamboo cuppig iw. coThe concept of crashing into a flood is also a spectacle.a closer look at the entries and found that the use of bamboocup and other figurative concepts, shape is really a lot. Inthis regard, the personal view is that a thing to do like anotherthing, basically not creative, even if it is also the least needto move the brain of creativity. And such a desi gn conceptshould be out of the boutique, that is phase to whenIf the bamboo cup is a form of innovation in the No l, theone plus one is the function of innovation in the parallelfirst, haha! Do not know the design of multi-functionalthinking is affected by the Japanese electrical appliances, orfrom the national purse is not rich years pas sed by the generalsequelae of the people. The same as bamboo cup, one plus oneconcept is to no brainer but it is difficult to make fine things(such as the Swiss army knife), mostly shengl ayingche pinchtoge ther, looked at a lot of functional superposition worksindescribably weird!In the words of a fore ign master, this concept is trash in trashharmful, but4)expressive creativityMany contestants want to give their work some thing meaningful!As a result, his work was crammed wi th various meanings, likeSanta Claus' s stuffed socks, which looked very promising, butdid not know what was inside. The design works, unlike socksthout the authenotes, no one knows what the se mysterious meanings areTheof the problem lithe fact that mannot know how to translate abstract meaning into visible andfigurative design language such as form, structure, color, etcAnd this kind of translation abilityof a designer. The various elements of the product are the onlyinterface bet ween the designer and the consumer, the customerand the judge. This is the natural language of the product, andthe instructions are not. If you need to add a manual to explainat the same time, I can only understand that it is a disabilitydesign and need a crutch to help convey some information thatshould have been transmitted naturally. There is no shortcutto this quality of exercise, only to constant ly observe andanalyze successful works, and gradually accumulateIf we want to seek some theoretical support, the transmissionof this meaning should be long to the field of informat ionscience, and it is closely related to the three basic issuesof information transmission,... Beside the point, thenslowly liaobaEight, originality (2)ransfer of meaning, or say some thing, some thing to speakoutThree basic problems of information theory is too abstract, notere to show off, only a metaphor to describeI sent an email to three foreign experts to judge the desi gncontest. As a result, the mail was delivered and the last onedidn t e. Further enquiries revealed the causeThe first expert didn t receive the mail because of the Internetprob lemSecond experts received the mail, but did not understand itbecause he was American and my mail was in chineseThird experts received mail in his native language, but becausethe review time was not vacation. he was not available, so hedid not eThe above is a typical information transmission problem, Iwould like to tell three experts to serve as judges of thecontest, but one did not succeed. that is: informat iontransmission failedTo paraphrase the design of our products, we may encountersimilar problems, such as: I design a red cup, the expressioncute concept, and cast the three contest(multiplecontributions does not support, for example, talkbout it, haha). As a result, none of the candi dates wereshortlisted, and there was such a problem in the review of thecontest1)the first contest: due to the problem of rendering or changecolor mred to brownOCIn CO2) second: the contest judges successfully see red, but 8 judgesthere are 4 cups of red is the feeling of kongbu', the twofeeling is revolution, a feeling weird, only the last onefeel a little cute3)third major petitions: the judges accepted the lovely redcolor successfully, but the standards of the awards are energysaving, environmental protection, good workmanship, low priceand creative modelingThe first problem is that the technical problems are relativelyclear or solved. The second problem is the semantic problethat is, the language barrier, I think the red cute, but otherpeople do not think so, i think Yes said yes, people think youwant to choke him... The third problem is pragmatic, and theinformation transmission and expression are correct, but Ididn t produce the expected result, that is to say, ttheprizeThe metaphor is a bit poor, but it basically conveys theessential meaning of information theory. In fact, it is thebasic concept of semantics. Engaged in the design of languagesemantics should not be unfamiliar, but from the entry pointof view, most people don t know this matter, ha ha!doc(n。