USCAR20线束接插件实验标准FIELD CORRELATED LIFE TESTSUPPLEMENT TO SAE/USCAR-2冰冰 WARNING*冰冰No electrical terminal may be represented as having met thisUSCAR/EWCAP specification unless conformance to all applicablrequirements of this document have been verified and documented. Atleast the minimum applicable sample size set forth in each test musthave been tested with no sample in the entire group tested failing tomeet all applicable Acceptance Criteriafor that test. All required verification and documentation must bedone by the supplier of the part or parts. If testing is performed byanother source, it does not relieve the primary supplier ofresponsibility for documentation of all test results and forverification that all samples tested met all applicable Acceptance警告*只有产品符合本规范的全部要求时才认为产品是满足 USCAR/EWCAP。




SCOF范围1 This life test for underhood/ passenger/trunk connector systemsmay be used in place of Section 5. 8. 6( Connector System Electrical TestFlow Chart) of SAE/USCAR-2. All other requirements of SAE/USCAR-2 remainapplicable even when this test is used. Refer to SAE/USCAR-2 andConnector/Terminal Supplier for appropriate power rating and currentcycle testing.1.1用于 underhood/ passenger/ trunk连接器系统的寿命试验可能取代SAE/ USCAR-2中的第5.8.6段试验(连接器系统电性能试验流程图)。

即使本试验取代了 SAE/USCAR-2中的第5.8.6段试验,SAE/ USCAR-2其余的试验仍然适用。

参考SAE/ USCAR-2和连接器/端子合适的电源额定值和电流循环试验1. 2 When this life test is used in place of para. 5. 8. 6 of USCAR-2,plete Para 5. 6. 1(Thermal Shock) of SAE/USCAR-2 in it's entirety inorder to demonstrate capability to withstand the 10-cycle service(mate/un-mate) requirement1.2当本试验取代了 SAE/USCAR-2中的第5.8.6部分试验,完整地执行SAE/ USCAR-2第5.6.1段的试验(热冲击试验),这是为了证明产品能够承受10个循环服务要求(插/拔)3 This test specification details the procedure for testing theperformance of electrical connections to a test sequence(FClt- FieldCorrelated Life Test) that has been correlated to automotive vehicleconditions. The correlation applies to crimps and interfaces usedautomotive applications and has been established with thousands ofsamples and millions of product and vehicle environmental measurements.The testing is performed with mated connector assemblies. In generaltesting of connections at two base temperatures, 85? c and 125?C, throughtwo cycles of the fClt has been shown to correlate to at least 150, 000miles(240, 000 kilometers). See Reference Documentation section forquestions regarding correlation issues3本规范详细描述了关于电连接性能的程序,模拟汽车实际条件进行一系列寿命试验。



一般,本试验在85?C和125?C温度下进2个循环,这等价汽车行使了150,00 miles(240,000 kilometers)。


4 This test shall be performed a minimum of two times usingseparate sample setst a base temperature of 85oC and once at abase temperature of 125oC. The base temperature is thetemperature to be used in the thermal aging conditioning steps andas the upper temperature in thermal shock conditioning steps本试验至少要用两组样品分别进行一次试验。


1. 5 Modification to tests and conditioning procedures contained ithis document may be made to acmodate special situations. However, nofield correlation can be associated to these modifications. Suchmodifications shall be fully documented in the test report.1.5为了能够适应特殊要求,允许对本试验的条件和程序进行修改。

但是该修改与相应的关联性不相关,这些修改必须记录在测试报告中1. 6 This procedure is valid for USCAR/EWCAP classes 1, 2, and 3Correlation has not been established for class 4. Although class land 2terminals may not be designed for continuous use at 125oC, conditioningat higher temperatures as directed in this procedure is necessary toproperly accelerate aging6本程序对 USCAR/ EWCAP的1、2、3类型是有效的。


虽然类型1和类型2端子并不是用于125?C的工作环境中,但是为了加快样品老化允许施加更高的温度OUTLINE2.1 Generalw.Diagrams are provided where necessary to clarify the details of thevarious test procedures. The tests in each section must be performed inthe order given unless otherwise specified in the test request/order.2.概述2.1总则本规范用图表对一些试验进行描述。


3. REFERENCED DOCUMENTS3.参考文件SAE/USCAR-2- Performance Standard for Automotive ElectricalConnector SystemsCopiesareavailablefromSaeat.saeorgor(724)776-4970Lab-Field Correlation Program for Automotive ElectricalConnections", Forty-Sixth IEEE HolmConference on Electrical Contacts4. SAMPLES4.样品4. 1 The minimum sample size is 30 terminal pairs and 4 connectorassemblies per base temperature and connection type. This normallyrequires a minimum of 33 terminated leads for each gender andtemperature to be tested. Three samples are used for deduct measurementsof each gender. Deduct samples will not be subjected to any conditioning.4.1对于每一个基本温度条件,至少30对端子和4只连接器组件。

对于每一种端子组件(端子和导线)和■温度通常需要33只端子组件4.2 Make terminated lead samples a minimum of 150 mm in length (ref.Figure1).4.2端子组件的导线至少150mm长。

4.3 The requestor should identify samples pletely by descriptiopart number, date code (as applicable) and revision letter when the testrequest is submitted. Individual samples should be uniquely identifiedn a fashion suitable to the environmental conditioning that they willexperience.4.3申请者递交样品的时候,应该对样品标上标志如零件号、日期、修订字母等一些描述性的内容。


5. EQUIPMENT5.设备5. 1 Dry Circuit Resistance- Dry circuit conditions require that themaximum voltage impressed across the test sample be limited to 20milliamperes. Measure resistances with a Microohmmeter capable n o 100millivolts and the maximum current through the sample be limitedsatisfying the dry circuit conditions specified. The micro-ohmmeter mustlimit the open circuit voltage to 20 mv, limit the current applied to100 mA, and use either offset pensation or current reversal methodsto measure resistance. The 4-wire(Kelvin) connection method shall beused.5.1干电路电阻-干电路电阻的条件是:施加在样品上的电压最大值20mV,流过样品的电流最大值100mA满足该干电路条件的亳欧计测量电阻。


用4线法(即电压电流法)来测量电阻5. 2 Thermal Aging- the test chamber shall be capable of maintainingthe specified temperature within 3?c throughout the area where theponents are placed. Aircirculation and thermal capacity shall be sufficient to assure auniform temperature.5.2热老化-热老化试验箱能够维持指定的温度(公差?3?C)。

能够提供充分的热源和空气流通以便样品周围的温度维持在规定值5.3 Random Vibration- Vibration equipment shall consist of anElectrodynamic vibration test system, vibration control systemaccelerometer and signal conditioner capable of operating and recordingat the vibration range specified in paragraph 7. 1.2. Mated connectorassemblies must be mounted on fixtures for vibration testing. Thefixtures must conform to the requirements of section7.随机振动-振动设备由电振动试验系统,振动控制系统,加速计和信号调节器组成。




5. 4 Thermal Shock- The thermal shock equipment shall be set up suchthat samples can be transferred between temperature extremes within 304热冲击-热沖击设备,该设备必须能够施加极限温度到样品上,转换时间」于30s5 Temperature- Humidity- Use an automatic temperature/humiditychamber capable of maintaining 95-98 percent relative humidity and -40?Cto 85?C? 3?C. Maximum transfer time between temperature extremes iminutes5.5温度-湿度-使用自动温湿度试验箱。


两个极限温度间的最大转换时间为5min5. 6 Visual Inspection- Unless otherwise specified, no speciadevices are required. To assist documentation, photography of thesamples may be employed5.6目测-除非另外要求,不需要专门的设备。


PROCEDURE6.步骤6. 1 Unless otherwise specified, make all dry circuit resistancemeasurements at 23 5?C. All test chamber temperature toleranceare ?3?c and all time tolerances are ?5 minutes. unless otherwisespecified all resistance measurements are dry circuit resistance6.1除非另外说明,在23?5?C下测试干电路电阻。


除非另外说明,所有测量的电阻都是干电路电阻6. 2 Visually examine each test specimen prior to conditioning notingany apparent defects. Following conditioning, reexamine each testspecimen not ing any additional defects. Samples may be disassembledafter the last cycle measurement in order to measure crimp resistances6.2在试验之前目测每一个样品,检查是否有明显的外观缺陷。



6.3 To establish a resistance base line measurement, solder thestripped ends of the test and deduct sample cables at a point on thecable 150? 3mm from the rear edge of the terminal core crimp. Allstranded wire ends should be soldered. Solder the crimps on the deductsamples. Crimp cable resistance or soldered sample deduct resistanceis measured between the cable end and a point on the terminal just infront of the core crimp for each crimp (see Figure 1)6.3为了建立电阻测量基准,在距离芯线压线脚150?3m的剥头出进行焊接(留有焊点)。




(见图1)6. 4 Measure and record the deduct resistance of the 3 samples witlsoldered crimps for each crimp type. Appropriate similar measurementschould be made for header type connectors in order to obtain pin bulkmaterial deducts. (ref. SAE/USCAR-2, para 5. 1.5- Testing Headersew. conDirect ce6.4对于每一个压接类型,用焊接压接测量和记录3个样品的电阻。

对于header type connectors(PCB x连接器等针类连接器),用类似方法来测量。

6. 5 Measure and record the crimp cable resistance of each testsample. The crimp resistance value will be determined from thisneasurement minus the average deduct of the corresponding terminal type6.5测量和记录每一个样品压接电阻和导线电阻。

压接电阻为该测量值减去该类型端子组件的平均扣除电阻(导线电阻平均值)(可选6. 6 Assemble the terminated leads to the corresponding connectorsand mate the connectors6.6将该端子组件装入连接器中并且装配连接器6.7 Measure and record the overall resistance between the cable endsfor each male-female connection(see Figure 2). The crimp-interfacecrimp value is determined from this measurement minus the average deductof the corresponding terminal types6.7测量和记录阴阳端子连接的两到线之间的电阻(见图2)。

压接处电阻一接触处电阻压接处电阻(三个电阻之和)为测量值减去减去该类型端子组件的平均扣除电阻(导线电阻平均值)6.8 Subject the samples to the first cycle as defined be low. Notefor vibration conditioning, the connectors need to be attached to thevibration fixture prior to vibration and removed from the fixture aftervibration. The fixture numbers should be recorded6.8按照如下定义将样品进行第一个循环试验。



6.9 Measure and record the overall resistance at the end of eachle. Measurements may also be taken at the end of each conditioningstep, but are not required unless directed by the OEM.6.9每一个循环之后都需测量和记录总电阻。

除非OEM顾客要求,否则每一步条件处理后不需要测量总电阻6. 10 If para. 6. 11 is to be pleted, disconnect the connectorassemblies and remove the terminals from the connectors6.10如果第6.11段完成后,拆开两个对配的连接器并且将端子从连接器上拆出来。

6. 11 Measure and record each crimp+ cable resistance (remendedbut not required)6.11测量和记录每一个样品压接电阻+导线电阻(推荐,但是不要求CRIMP, CAlLI RESISANcEFigure 1: CHmp. Cable ResistanceedIn. Figure 2: Overall Resistance7. TEST CONDITIONS7. 1 Cycle Steps7. 1. I Step 1 Thermal Aging 72 hours at base temperature7.1.2 Step 2 Random Vibration -12 hours(4 hours/plane)-3 2grms1.2.1 Vibration fixtures Connectors shall be restrained in afashion that limits connector movement during vibration. Connectorsshall be firmly clamped around the connector body but not distortedWires shall be clamped at approximately 35 mm from the point where theyexit the corresponding connector. The clamping mechani sm shall hold thewires firmly but not damage the insulation. Wires shall dress straightout of the back of the connector or as determined by design featuressuch as strain reliefs. Vibration fixtures should have an identifying7.试验条件7.1循环步骤7.1.1步骤1在基木温度下热老化72h。





工装应该要有相应的号码7122Breakpoint Frequency hertaSpecral Densit070Table 1: Vibration Profile- RMS g level=3.2.gs7.1.2.3 The maximum g level shall be limited to 3 times the rms1.2.3最大的 g level应该限定在 rms level的3倍7.1.2. 4 Tolerance shall be ?4.0 dB from the reference spectrum levelfor the test frequency band 10 to 2000 hertz7.1.2.4从10to2000 hertz的基准频谱的公差是?4.0dB7.1. 2.5 Below 10 hertz and above 2000 hertz, the vibration spectrumshall roll-off at the maximum capability of the control system. hertz以下,2000 hertz以上的振动超出控制系统的能力7.1.2. 6 Unless otherwise specified, the test specimens shall besubjected to 4 hours 5 minutes of the above test regimen in each ofthree mutually perpendicular planes7.1.2.6除非另外说明,样品在上述条件中沿每个方向(3个方向)进行4h?5min。 Unless otherwise specified, vibration testing shall takeplace at an ambient temperature of 23? 5?C7.1.2.7除非另外说明,振动试验在环境温度23?5?C下进行。

7.1.3 Step 3 Thermal Shock-72 hours,72 cycles from-40?C to basetemperature, typically 30 minutes at each temperature. Maximum transfertime between chambers is 30 seconds7.1.3步骤3热冲击一从-40?C到基本温度,每个温度维持30min,共进行72h,72个循环,两极限温度的转化时间不超过30sR. an marateasn minst e4L cye.gure 3: Thermal Shock Cyele7.1. 4 Step 4 Temperature Humidity- 24 hours, 16 hours at 65?C and95-98%RH(humidity isuncontrolled for the remainder of the cycle),2 hours at-40?C, 2hours at 85%C. 4 hours at 25?C. maximum transferbetween chambersis 5 minutes1.4步骤4温湿度一共进行24h,16hat65?Cand95-98%RH(剩余几个循环没有湿度要求),2hat40?C,2hat85?Cat25?。

各温度间的最大转换时间不超过5min12 TesI FLw Cha'PRepara Sampla-2×et即】cp85c. ce Ient12TenuRe Induct Sarnia RestanceMansur linal Crp+Cabi eustaanl statue mial omnll lsimosL Themal oirs 7 heur1 Rand mm Veratirn-btrJ Tamal Shock- tmusAimee (crall ResistiveRepeat Cvcle Step and Maruro (rall Reistance fita Toul of. 2 Culet fir Each Nangle SetMamas Fmi Crimp-Chle Plaisance a nerosfr aulis efrusuih a fiae madsFioure 4: Test Flow Chan试验流程图准备样品-2组1-基本温度85:C,1基本温度:CIn. 测量扣除电阻阻值(计算压接电阻或压接-接触-压接电阻时用作减数的部分)测量初始压接电阻+导线电阻将端子装入连接器,对配连接器,测量初始总电阻循环环境处理1.热老化—72h2.自由振动—12h3.热冲击—72h4.温度一湿度—24h测量总电阻重复循环环境处理,测量总电阻,对每一组样品共进行2次拆卸端子,最后重新测量压接电阻+导线电阻(如必要),用于分析结果和失效模式8. CALCULATIONS8.计算1 Crimp resistance is equal to the crimp cable resistance minusthe average deduct of the solderedsamples of the corresponding terminal type. Measurement of samplecrimp resistance is optional butremended8.1压接电阻=压接电阻导线电阻(测量值)该类型端子导线应该扣除的电阻(在前面已经测量得到)压接电阻是一个推荐做的试验(可选)8. 2 Crimp-interface-crimp resistance is equal to the overallresistance minus the average deduct of thesoldered sample values for each of the corresponding terminal typesFor a Header type connectionthis will represent one crimp and interface8.2压接界面-连接界面-压接界面电阻=总电阻(测量值)-该类型端子导线应该扣除的电阻(在前面已经测量得到)。

对于 Header type连接器(连接PCB板等针类连接器)只有压接界面-连接界面电阻。

9. ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA9. 1The crimp-interface-crimp dry circuit resistance shall not exceed20 m. as measured at thebeginning and end of each test cycle9.接收标准9.1在每个循环试验前后,压接界面-连接界面-压接界面干电路电阻不应该超过2010. REPORT- INCLUDE IN THE FINAL LABORATORY REPORT丁10.报告一包括最终的试验室报告10. 1 Calculated crimp-interface-crimp resistances for each sample ateach measurement interval10.1在每一次测量之后,计算压接界面连接界面-压接界面电阻10. 2 Calculated crimp resistances for each sample at each crimpmeasurement interval (optional butremende10.2在每一次压接测量之后,计算压接电阻,压接电阻是一个推荐做的试验(可选)。

10.3 To aid in analysis of results, the following statistics may bereported for each group at eachmeasurement interval: sample size, average, sample deviation(s)and coefficient of variation (s/verage) expressed in %10.3有助于结果分析,需进行以下统计:样品数量,平均值,不符合样品和振动系数10. 4 Soldered sample deduct values and averages for each crimp type10.4每一压接类型(端子和导线)焊接样品的扣除值和平均值。

10.5 Description of samples10.5样品描述10.6 Test conditions, instruments and fixtures used10.6试验条件,仪器和用到的工装。

10. 7 Observations. The test report shall state any changes noted asa result of the specifiedconditioning. Photographs, if used, shall be included with thereport10.7试验报告中需报告试验后的样品情况,包括任何变化。

如果需要报告中还应该有图片PREPARED BY EWCAP (ELECTRICAL WIRING COMPONENT APPLICATIONSPARTNERSHIP) H EWCAP(ELECTRICAL WIRING COMPONENT APPLICATIONSPARTNERSHIP)制定APPENDIX A附件AREVISIONS修订This standard was approved by USCAR/EWCAP on October 31, 2001. Anyrevisions since that date have been incorporated into the specificationRevisions which altered thecontent of the specification are recorded below这份标准由 USCAR/ EWCAP在2001.10.31批准。



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