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List of UK literary agencies

2019-07-04 03:02:02

This is a list of the major UK literary agencies, by order of the year of their establishment.

Literary agencies

Year founded Agency Management Notable clients Website Comments
1875 A P Watt Caradoc King (Chairman and Joint Managing Director), Derek Johns (Joint Managing Director) Philip Pullman

Oldest literary agency in the world. In December 2012 A P Watt joined the United Agents Partnership.[1]
1898 (USA) WME (UK) Simon Trewin (Head of UK Literary Division)[2] Formerly William Morris Endeavor. The largest talent agency in the world, having been created in 2009 by the merger of the William Morris Agency and the Endeavor Agency.
1899 Curtis Brown Jonathan Lloyd (Chief Executive), Jonny Geller (Managing Director, Books Division) Jeffery Deaver
1919 AM Heath Bill Hamilton (Managing Director) Hilary Mantel, George Orwell (estate)
1924 Peters Fraser & Dunlop (PFD) Caroline Michel (Chief Executive) Simon Schama, Jeanette Winterson, C. S. Forester (estate) Part of The Rights House Group, which was established in 2010. PFD is the result of a 1989 merger between the A. D. Peters Agency and the Fraser and Dunlop Agency.
1935 David Higham Associates Anthony Goff (Managing Director) J. M. Coetzee, Roald Dahl (estate), Stephen Fry, Eric Hobsbawm, Jacqueline Wilson, Rosemary Sutcliff Originally Pearn, Pollinger & Higham; David Higham Associates since 1956.
1956[3] Johnson & Alcock Michael Alcock, Andrew Hewson Created in 2003 by the merger of Michael Alcock Management and the John Johnson Agency.[4]
1962 Sheil Land Associates Sonia Land (Chief Executive)[5] Peter Ackroyd, Melvyn Bragg,[6] Susan Hill,[7] Patrick O’Brian (estate)[8] Based in London, UK. Incorporates Richard Scott Simon Ltd (1971) and Christy & Moore Ltd (1912). Overseas associates: Georges Borchardt, Inc. (USA).[9]
1963[10] Greene & Heaton Carol Heaton Founded by Elaine Greene, who was later joined by Carol Heaton.[11]
1967 Rogers, Coleridge & White Gill Coleridge (Chairman), Peter Straus (Managing Director) Founded as Deborah Rogers Ltd by Deborah Rogers who was soon joined by Pat White and in 1988 by Gill Coleridge when Rogers, Coleridge & White was formed. Representing adult fiction and non-fiction, and children's and YA.
1970 Watson, Little Ltd James Wills (Managing Director) Lynne Reid Banks, DJ Enright, Margaret Mahy, James Wong, Evie Wyld Founded by Sheila Watson and Mandy Little. Based in London, UK.
1973 (USA)[12] Janklow & Nesbit (UK) Claire Conrad (Director, London Office)[13] London office opened in 2000.[12]
1974[14] Independent Talent Duncan Heath (Chairman), Paul Lyon-Maris (Deputy Chairman and Managing Director), Lyndsey Posner (Managing Director - Corporate Affairs)[15] Founded as Duncan Heath & Associates, which was bought by ICM in 1985.[16] In 1991, ICM merged Duncan Heath & Associates with its UK office and, in 2002, a management buyout took place.[17] The agency was renamed Independent Talent in August 2007.[17]
1974 MBA Diana Tyler (Joint Managing Director), Laura Longrigg (Joint Managing Director)
1976[18] Ed Victor Literary Agency Ed Victor (Executive Chairman), Sophie Hicks (Joint Managing Director), Margaret Phillips (Joint Managing Director)[3] Acquired by Curtis Brown in 2017.[19]
1976 Aitken Alexander Associates Gillon Aitken (Chairman), Clare Alexander (Joint Managing Director), Sally Riley (Joint Managing Director) Originally Gillon Aitken Associates, and operated for a time as Aitken & Stone.
1982 Blake Friedmann Carole Blake (Joint Managing Director), Julian Friedmann (Joint Managing Director) Created by the merger of Julian Friedmann Literary Agency and the Carole Blake Literary Agency, which were founded in 1976 and 1977 respectively.
1985 Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Caroline Sheldon
1988 Andrew Lownie Literary Agency Andrew Lownie (Managing Director)
1988 Darley Anderson Darley Anderson (Founder and Proprietor)[20] Lee Child, Martina Cole
1995 David Godwin Associates (DGA) David Godwin (Director), Heather Godwin (Director)[21]
1996[22] Lucas Alexander Whitley (LAW) Mark Lucas (Director), Julian Alexander (Director), Araminta Whitley (Director), Philippa Milnes-Smith (Managing Director)[22] Frank Gardner, Sophie Kinsella, Andy McNab, Kate Mosse, Condé Nast, Philip Reeve, Chris Riddell, Nigel Slater, Alison Weir Based in London, UK, LAW was founded in 1996[23] by literary agents Mark Lucas, Julian Alexander, and Araminta Whitley. In 2001 Philippa Milnes-Smith joined the agency from Penguin Children's Books to create a children's and YA department.[24]
2000[25] Conville & Walsh Clare Conville, Patrick Walsh, Jake Smith-Bosanquet (Managing Director), Alan Oliver (Finance Director)[26] DBC Pierre, S. J. Watson, Charlie Brooker, Belle de Jour, Vic Reeves, Francis Bacon (estate)
2002[27] Jenny Brown Associates Jenny Brown The largest literary agency in Scotland.[27]
2003 Eve White Literary Agency Eve White Andy Stanton, Tracey Corderoy, Rae Earl Johnson
2005 Graham Maw Christie Literary Agency Jennifer Christie, Jane Graham Maw Rosie Millard, Sheila Chandra Based in London, UK.
2007 United Agents Peter Bennett-Jones (Co-Chairman), Lindy King (Co-Chairman), St. John Donald (Managing Director)[28] In October 2013 Jon Elek of United Agents sold the North American rights for Tina Seskis’s debut novel One Step Too Far to HarperCollins’s William Morrow imprint for $500,000.[29]
2008 Writers House UK Angharad Kowal (Managing Director) In April 2008, Writers House opened Writers House UK, a London-based office run by Angharad Kowal, dedicated to selling and supporting US Authors directly in the United Kingdom, British Commonwealth, Australia, and New Zealand. Angharad is now actively looking to expand her representation of UK authors.
2009 The Bent Agency Jenny Bent, Molly Ker Hawn Based in London and New York. representing adult fiction and non-fiction, and children's and YA with a commitment to building bestsellers.
2012 [30] Madeleine Milburn Ltd Madeleine Milburn, Giles Milburn CJ Daugherty, Cally Taylor

Fiona Barton, Holly Bourne, Nuala Ellwood, Gail Honeyman, C.J. Tudor Literary, TV & Film Agency based in Mayfair, London, founded by Madeleine Milburn in February 2012[31] Representing adult fiction and non-fiction, and children's and YA, with a reputation for launching new writers on a global level in major deals[32]
2012 Hardman & Swainson Caroline Hardman & Joanna Swainson (Founders & Literary Agents), Hannah Ferguson (Literary Agent) Based in London, UK, Hardman & Swainson was founded in June 2012[33] by Caroline Hardman and Joanna Swainson. In September 2014, Hannah Ferguson joined the agency from the Marsh Agency.[34] Hardman & Swainson represents a range of fiction and non-fiction.
2012 Collective Talent Steven Russell (Director, Agent) Collective Talent represents screenwriters, directors, book and graphic novel rights.
2013 Rocking Chair Books: A Literary Agency Samar Hammam (Director & Literary Agent) Dedicated to original page-turning books.
2014[35] Kingsford Campbell Julia Kingsford & Charlie Campbell (Founders & Literary Agents) Rebecca Front, Charlotte Filby, Will Hill, Julian Gough, Nikesh Shukla Based in London and represents a range of fiction and non-fiction. Also offer marketing services.
2014 Skylark Literary Amber Caraveo, Joanna Moult Specialist Children's and YA Literary Agency
2016 Golden Quill UK John Grout Victoria Ewart Located in UK, US and Spain. Represented Fiction and Nonfiction books.
2016 Blue Boar Books Children's, YA and Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction Literary Agents
2016 Outlaw Agents UK Sam Bellis, Tom Edwards Adam Manuel, Danny Martin UK Screenwriting Agent specialising in Film, TV, Video Games and viral campaign industries.
2017 Sinead Heneghan Literary Agency Sinead Heneghan Literary agency based in Manchester, UK, specialising in contemporary fiction from the crime and thriller genres to romance and high-concept.
2017 Tin-Can Telephone Literary Agency Cassian Hall Literary Agency based in Edinburgh, UK. Representing adult fiction, children's and YA. Breaking new ground by building a writers community around the agency.
2017 The Ruppin Agency Jonathan Ruppin London-based literary agency set up by former bookseller, handling fiction and non-fiction for adult market; particularly keen to find voices from unrepresented communities.
2017 The Good Literary Agency[36] Only represents writers from a background under-represented in UK publishing including writers of colour, working class, disability, LGBTQ+.

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