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Grupa Lotos

2019-07-14 01:33:03
Grupa Lotos S.A.
Spółka Akcyjna
Traded asWSE: LTS
WIG30 Component
IndustryOil and gas
Founded2003 (2003)
Key people
Mateusz Bonca (President)
Petroleum products
Total assets€16.3 billion
Number of employees
Grupa Lotos headquarters in Gdańsk, Poland
Lotos petrol station in Kraków, southern Poland

Grupa Lotos S.A. is a vertically integrated oil company based in Gdańsk, Poland. The company is listed in the Polish index WIG30. Its main activity branches are: crude oil production, refining and marketing of oil products. The company is a leader in lubricants on the Polish market.[citation needed] Grupa Lotos is a producer of unleaded gasoline, diesel, fuel oils, aviation fuels, motor and industrial lubricants, bitumens and waxes.


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Grupa Lotos is a holding composed of Grupa Lotos S.A. - the parent undertaking which manages the refinery in Gdańsk - and 18 direct subsidiaries, including Lotos Czechowice (former Rafineria Czechowice), Lotos Jasło (former Rafineria Jasło), crude oil exploration and production company Petrobaltic. In the end of June 2006 Grupa Lotos employed 5547 people. This is 112 employees more than in the end of 2005.


  • LOTOS Paliwa
  • LOTOS Oil
  • LOTOS Asfalt
  • LOTOS Gaz w likwidacji
  • LOTOS Petrobaltic
  • LOTOS Exploration & Production Norge
  • LOTOS Infrastruktura
  • LOTOS Terminale
  • LOTOS Kolej
  • LOTOS Lab
  • LOTOS Ochrona
  • LOTOS Straż
  • LOTOS Serwis
  • LOTOS Geonafta
  • LOTOS-Air BP Polska


Grupa Lotos holding group consolidated net profit for the first quarter of 2006 financial year, estimated in accordance with IFRS reached approx. PLN 118 million. Grupa Lotos holding group consolidated net profit for whole 2005 financial year, estimated in accordance with IFRS reached approx. PLN 970 million. This is circa PLN 426 million more comparing to financial data from 2004.


Gdańsk refinery, owned by Grupa Lotos S.A., refines 6 million tons of crude oil per year. In 2005 Grupa Lotos holding group sold over 5.7 million tons of crude oil based products.[citation needed]


Retail Petrol Stations Network Development Programme, which launched at the end of 2004 assumes expansion of the network stations to 500 outlets. That will allow Grupa Lotos to increase its share in the retail fuel market to approx. 10% in 2012. Purchase of Esso and Slovnaft petrol stations networks in Poland (both networks hold high quality standards[citation needed] and possess sell volume higher than the average petrol station in Poland) indicates concrete acceleration in the process of creation a modern cross-country retail stations network.[citation needed]


Grupa Lotos strategy aims chiefly at: accomplishment of Gdańsk refinery investment programme (10+ Program), development of crude oil production activity and further shares growth in retail and wholesale petrol market.[citation needed]

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