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Vida e Caffè

2019-07-14 13:52:06
Vida e Caffè
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Product typeCoffee
CountrySouth Africa
MarketsSouth Africa, United Kingdom

Vida e Caffè, commonly referred to as "Vida", is a chain of coffee retailers based in Cape Town, South Africa. As of 2012, they have 67 stores; 61 throughout South Africa, and 2 in London and one in Angola.[1] A Vida e Caffe coffee store and restaurant which operated in Globe, Arizona, United States until 2013 was an unrelated operation.

The concept of Vida e Caffè is that of a European espresso bar, aiming to serve high quality espresso and pastries. The brand has a Portuguese theme. Vida e Caffè means "life and coffee" in Portuguese.[2] Their menu is both in Portuguese and English.[3]


Vida e Caffè opened their first shop on Kloof Street in Cape Town in 2001. From then, it expanded throughout South Africa, and later opened stores in the UK in London as well as Angola. They are still expanding as of today, with their most recent store at Suncoast Casino in the KZN opening on 15 June 2013.[4]

As of early 2013 they have 36 stores in the greater Cape Town Area, 14 in the Johannesburg area, 9 in the Durban area, 2 in London and 1 in the Eastern Cape province, one in Bloemfontein, 5 in Mauritius, one in Angola, and 7 in Ghana.


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