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Northwest Arabian Arabic

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Northwest Arabian Arabic
Bedawi of the Kishon.jpg
A Bedawi-speaking Bedouin person, 1913
Native toEgypt, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia & Syria
Native speakers
2.24 million (2015-2016)[1]
Language family
  • Semitic
    • Central Semitic
      • Arabic
        • Peninsular Arabic
          • Northwest Arabian Arabic
Writing system
Arabic alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3avl

Northwest Arabian Arabic is a variety of Arabic spoken by Bedouins of the Sinai Peninsula, the Negev, southern Jordan, and the northwestern corner of Saudi Arabia.[3] In the eastern desert of Egypt, the dialect of the Maʿāzah borders the dialect of the ʿAbābdah, who speak a dialect more closely related to Sudanese Arabic.[4]


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The Northwest Arabian Arabic dialects share a number of features distinguishing them from the North Arabian Bedouin dialects:[3]

  1. Absence of tanwīn and its residues.
  2. Absence of affricated variants of /g/ (< */q/) and /k/.
  3. Absence of final /n/ in the imperfect, 2nd person feminine singular, 2nd person masculine plural, and 3rd person masculine plural.
  4. The pronominal suffix of the 2nd person masculine plural is -ku (-kuw).
  5. The use of the locative preposition fi (fiy).

Levantine Bedawi

Levantine Bedawi is spoken in the eastern area of Jordan,[5] in the southwestern corner of Syria and in the Bedouin regions of Egypt (on the northern and southern coast of the Sinai).[6]

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