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Angan languages

2019-07-24 14:11:02
Kratke Range
EthnicityAngu people
New Guinea
Linguistic classificationTrans–New Guinea
  • Morobe – Eastern Highlands
    • Angan
  • Angaatiha
  • Angan proper
Angan languages.svg
Map: The Angan languages of New Guinea
  The Angan languages
  Other Trans–New Guinea languages
  Other Papuan languages
  Austronesian languages

The Angan languages are a family of the Trans–New Guinea languages in the classification of Malcolm Ross. The Angan languages are clearly valid as a family. They were first identified as such by J. Lloyd and A. Healey in 1968; Wurm (1975) classified them as Trans–New Guinea. Glottlog treats Angan as a separate or unclassified family, pending further evidence.


  • Angan family:
    • Angaatiha language
    • Angan proper (Nuclear Angan)
      • A (pronouns ni, ti): Hamtai (Kapau), Kamasa, Kawatsa, Menya, Yagwoia
      • B: Akoye (Lohiki), Yipma (Baruya), Safeyoka, Simbari, Susuami, Tainae (Ivori), Ankave[2]

Menya is notable for its dyadic kinship terms (terms referring to the relationship two or more people have to each other), which are rare globally and not prevalent in Papua New Guinea (though they also exist in the Oksapmin language).[3]


Pronouns (independent and object prefixes) are:

sg du pl
1 *nə, *ni
*nʌ, *yʌi
2 *gə, *ti
*kʌi *sʌi
3 *gʌ


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  2. ^ Ankave is not listed in Ross's classification. It has the 1sg pronouns based on ni, but not a 2sg based on ti.
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