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Abdul Rahman Majeed al-Rubaie

2019-07-25 23:07:02

Abdul Rahman Majeed al-Rubaie (Arabic: عبد الرحمن مجيد الربيعي ; Nasiriya, 12 August 1939) is an Iraqi author.[1] He is one of the best known writers in modern Iraqi literature.[2] A collection of his stories has been translated into German as Solange die Sonne noch scheint.


  1. ^ Shakir M. Mustafa -Contemporary Iraqi Fiction: An Anthology 2008 - Page 79 "Abdul Rahman Majeed al-Rubaie was born in Nasiriyya in the southern part of the country, and he has paid the finest tribute to his roots through themes and characters drawn from that area. If cities could choose those who portray them, ..."
  2. ^ Salih J. Altoma Iraq's Modern Arabic Literature: A Guide to English Translations 2010. Page xxvi "Abdul Rahman Majeed al-Rubaie"