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The Burning Bush

2019-07-27 02:59:03
The Burning Bush  
Edited byJeffrey Khoo
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Far Eastern Bible College (Singapore)
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Burn. Bush
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The Burning Bush is a biannual theological journal published by the Far Eastern Bible College. It contains theological papers, sermons, testimonies, book reviews, college news, and alumni reports. Articles are indexed in the Christian Periodical Index.[1] The journal is distributed for free to students and alumni of the Far Eastern Bible College and Bible-Presbyterian churches, and is also available online.[2] The editor-in-chief is Jeffrey Khoo. The journal was established in 1971 as a newsletter of the college.[3] In 1995 it was replaced with the present journal format to allow for longer articles such as term papers, graduate theses, and faculty write-ups.[4] The papers published reflect the reformed, premillennial, and separatist stance of the college.[4]


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The journal focusses on verbal plenary preservation, reformed and Calvinist theology, contemporary and practical issues, festschrifts, chronological milestones, legal exchanges and litigation between the college and the Life Bible-Presbyterian Church in the Singapore courts, Singapore churches (especially Bible-Presbyterian) and the college, as well as annotated critiques of academic works in universities and seminaries.[2]


The Burning Bush and its publisher uniformly support verbal plenary preservation and the journal has been criticized as combating people personally that espouse other views and for publishing on few other topics.[5]

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