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Cherifian Anthem

2019-07-31 11:27:04
Cherifian Anthem
النشيد الوطني المغربي
King Mohammed VI.jpg
Mohammed VI, king of Morocco.

National anthem of  Morocco
LyricsAli Squalli Houssaini, 1970
MusicLéo Morgan, 1956
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Cherifian Anthem (instrumental)
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A score of the hymne of Morocco

The Cherifian Anthem (Arabic: النشيد الشريف‎, an-Našīd aš-Šarīf; French: Hymne Chérifien) is the anthem of the Kingdom of Morocco, it was so even before the country gained its independence in 1956. Its music was written by Léo Morgan, and the final Arabic lyrics by Ali Squalli Houssaini in 1970.

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