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Al Ahram Al Arabi

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Al Ahram Al Arabi
Editor-in-chiefKhaled Tawheed
CategoriesPolitical magazine
PublisherDar Al Ahram publishing house
Year founded1997; 22 years ago (1997)
WebsiteAl Ahram Al Arabi

Al Ahram Al Arabi is an Arabic political weekly magazine published in Egypt. The publishing house of the magazine also owns Al Ahram and Al Ahram Weekly, two of significant publications in the country.


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History and profile

The magazine was launched in 1997.[1][2] It is published by the Dar Al Ahram publishing house, being one of its 19 publications.[3][4]

Mamdouh Al Wali is the board chairman of the weekly which is headquartered in Cairo.[5][6] Usama Saraya is one of the former editors-in-chief of the magazine.[3][7][8] He held the post until July 2005.[9] Ashraf Badr Mahdy was appointed editor-in-chief of the magazine in August 2012.[10] Khaled Tawheed became the editor-in-chief in June 2014.[11]

Unlike Al Ahram, Al Ahram Al Arabi has a critical stance in regard to governments including the Egyptian government.[3] In addition, the magazine has anti-Israel and religious views.[3][12] The weekly, despite being a political weekly, awards leading Arab sports figures and sports media.[4]


In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks Al Ahram Al Arabi argued on 4 October 2001 that the US was experiencing the results of its own acts.[13] It further stated that with the collapse of "the city of globalization (New York City) the theory of globalization will be buried."[13] In March 2013, the magazine alleged that three Hamas military leaders were responsible for killing the Egyptian soldiers in Rafah in August 2012.[14] The allegation was based on the report of an Egyptian General Intelligence member.[14]


The magazine was banned by Sudanese authorities in September 2012 due to the report about the migration of Sudanese citizens to Libya, Israel and other countries.[15][16]

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