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Antarctic Press

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Antarctic Press
Antarctic Press (logo).jpg
FounderBen Dunn
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationSan Antonio, Texas
DistributionDiamond Book Distributors[1]
Publication typesComics, Books
Official websiteOfficial website

Antarctic Press is a United States, San Antonio-based comic book publishing company which publishes "Amerimanga" style comic books.

Founded by Ben Dunn in 1984, Antarctic Press has produced over 850 titles with a total circulation of over 5 million.


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Its earliest titles were Mangazine and Extremely Silly Comics.

Many now-established names have started at Antarctic, with most continuing to work there, including Brian Denham, Ben Dunn, Eisner-nominated Rod Espinosa, Guru eFX, Joseph Wight, and Chris Bunting. Graphic novelist Alex Robinson serializes his first book, Box Office Poison, with Antarctic in the 1990s.

The company produces "how-to" and "you can" comics, instructing on areas of comic book creation and craft.

Many of Antarctic's staple characters from titles including Warrior Nun Areala, Ninja High School, Gold Digger, The Courageous Princess, and Dragons Arms, came together in the 2005 How to Break into Comics, which also featured their creators in the narrative.

In April 2006, popular title Warrior Nun was re-launched as Warrior Nun Lazarus and included CGI coloring.

In the 1990s, the company also published furry comic books such as a revived Albedo Anthropomorphics. In 1998, some of these titles moved off to a separate company, Radio Comix.

Antarctic has announced David Hutchison's Final Girl, where voters can choose who lives and who dies in the limited series.

In August 2016, the company began publication of the creator owned title Rochelle , from creator and writer John E. Crowther and artist Dell Barras.

Antarctic has announced that they will be publishing controversial creator Richard C. Meyer's Jawbreakers: Lost Souls (crowdfunded on Indiegogo) in September 2018. However, on May 11th, Antarctic announced they would no longer do so.[2][3]. Richard Meyer has filed a civil suit against Mark Waid for tortious interference with contract, defamation, and exemplary damages for keeping his book from being published by Antarctic, with the litigation still ongoing.[4]


Comic book titles include:

  • Albedo Anthropomorphics
  • American Woman
  • Bad Kids Go to Hell
  • Battle Girlz
  • Box Office Poison
  • Chesty Sanchez
  • The Courageous Princess
  • Diesel
  • Dinowars
  • Dragon Arms
  • Extremely Silly Comics
  • Families of Altered Wars (includes Luftwaffe 1946)
  • Fantastic Panic
  • Far West
  • Final Girl
  • Furrlough
  • Genus
  • Gold Digger written and drawn by Fred Perry
  • Hepcats
  • A History of Webcomics
  • AP's How to Draw Manga
  • Land of Oz: the Manga
  • The Last Zombie
  • King of Zombies, Kaiju vs Giant Zombie, written and drawn by joe wight (joe wight)
  • Luftwaffe 1946
  • Mangazine
  • MetaDocs written by Joeming Dunn, MD, and illustrated by Rod Espinosa.
  • Mighty Tiny
  • Nazi Zombies
  • Neotopia
  • Ninja High School
  • Oz: the Manga
  • Pirates versus Ninjas
  • President Evil,[5] a zombie parody comic featuring Barack Obama.
  • The Prince of Heroes
  • Pose File
  • Robotech
  • Rochelle
  • Sarah Palin vs. the World,[6] a parody of Scott Pilgrim.
  • The Science Fair
  • Shanda The Panda
  • Sentai
  • Shōjo
  • PolyCombats (2020) - Pre-Smash Comic story A Prequel to Nintendo's Smash Bros 64 with Vaporwave game.
  • Steampunk Palin,[7] a sci-fi satire featuring Sarah Palin.
  • Stellar Losers
  • Strangers in Paradise
  • Tank Vixens
  • Twilight X by Joe Wight
  • Twilight X Storm
  • Warrior Nun Areala
  • Weapons File
  • Wild Life, a humorous slice-of-life anthology edited by Elin Winkler-Suarez which ran February 1993-April 1995 for twelve issues. Included Joe Rosales' Wildlifers and John Nunnemacher's Buffalo Wings.
  • Winds of Winter
  • Zetraman: Revival


Artists who have worked for Antarctic Press, past and present:


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