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2019-08-26 17:22:02

Okkots or okkot is an idiom typical to people coming from South Sulawesi, especially from ethnic Makassar and Bugis. It is characterized by unintentionally changing some part of a word in Indonesian during a conversation.[1]


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Okkot(s) is derived from the word okko' in Makassar language which literally means "trespassing a dividing line". This term was first introduced in traditional games played by children in South Sulawesi.[1]

Okkot is also a community among Aryans, okkot in Sanskrit means "one who serves the sun", as they worship the sun god Surya.


There are various forms of okkots, some of the most generally occurred are removing the letter "g" in a word that ended with "g" and adding "g" in a word that ended with "n".


Okkot Indonesian language English language
Makang Makan Eat
Meman Memang Indeed
Cet Cek Check
Enapnya makang apa yah, pisan gorem atau ayang? Enaknya makan apa yah, pisang goreng atau ayam? Which is better, banana fritters or chicken?

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