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Ring of Curse

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Gomen Nasai
Gomennasai poster.jpeg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byMari Asato
Produced by
  • Daichi Tsukinari
    • Yoshihiro Yanagihara
    • Tomoharu Kusunoki
    • Akira Naramoto
Screenplay by
  • Yoichi Minamikawa
    • Mari Asato
Based onGomen Nasai
by Yuka Hidaka
  • Airi Suzuki
    • Miyabi Natsuyaki
    • Momoko Tsugunaga
ASCII Media Works
Thanks Lab
Distributed byThankslab
Release date
  • October 29, 2011 (2011-10-29) (Japan)
Running time
94 minutes

Ring of Curse, released in Japan as Gomen Nasai (ゴメンナサイ), is a 2011 Japanese horror film directed by Mari Asato. It is based on the 2011 cell phone novel Gomen Nasai by Yuka Hidaka. The film stars the Japanese idol girl group Buono! The film was released in theaters nationwide in Japan on October 29, 2011.


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A girl, Yuka, attends school with a black haired girl named Kurohane. Kurohane gets great grades in school but seems strange to others and is neglected by her mother and father who favor her sister, Kana. One day, Kurohane finds she has cancer, but still, her mother does not care. Kurohane curses her little sister Kana who starts having trouble breathing and dies within a month. Kurohane attempts the same with her mother but it does not work, so she enters a competition to improve her skills.

Her school life did not go so well because her class mates were mean to her. She saw her opportunity for revenge when she was selected to write a script for the school festival play. She started cursing her class mates one by one. The only one that realized the curse was Yuka. She tried to stop Kurohane, by talking to her, but it was useless. Kurohane's curse was also discovered by one classmate she wanted to kill, so Kurohane tried a different way to kill her. One day, that class mate that she wanted to kill transferred to another school, but appeared several days later to kill Kurohane, and then killed herself, not because she wanted to, but because she was cursed by Kurohane. At that point, Kurohane's curses were so strong that a person would lose command and kill herself. The new source Kurohane used was text messages. She also sent a text message to Yuka, but she never read it.

Time passed and Yuka was with her new classmates, telling them the story of Kurohane. They stole Yuka's cell phone and saw the text message Kurohane had sent to her, including Yuka. Then, one by one, Yuka's classmates started dying, leaving Yuka alone. And that is when she realizes that the way to save herself is to get more and more people to read the words of Kurohane. She killed people randomly, so Yuka wrote a short story with Kurohane's words in it and posted it online, increasing her time to live.


  • Airi Suzuki as Yuka Hidaka
  • Miyabi Natsuyaki as Hinako Kurohane
  • Momoko Tsugunaga as Shiori Sonoda
  • Chisato Okai as Chika's sister
  • Itsuki Sagara as Chiharu
  • Arisa Komiya as Yoko Fujita
  • Tomomi Miyashita as female teacher
  • Riko Matsumura (松村理子)
  • Karen Ishida (石田佳蓮)
  • Chihiro Nagase (永瀬千裕)
  • Airi Suzuki (鈴木愛吏)
  • Yoko Kita (喜多陽子)
  • Nami Isogai (磯貝奈美)
  • Ayame Iwasaki (岩崎あやめ)
  • Taiki Yamazaki
  • Takeru Ogawa (小川尊)
  • Shoko Nakahara (中原翔子)
  • Hiroaki Kawatsure (川連廣明)


Author Yuka Hidaka originally published the story online on the website Maho no iLand in 2011 as a cell phone novel.[1][2][3] Over 800,000 people subscribed to the story.[2] ASCII Media Works announced in a press release on July 11, 2011 that the novel would receive a live-action adaptation starring the members of the Japanese idol girl group Buono!, consisting of Momoko Tsugunaga, Miyabi Natsuyaki, and Airi Suzuki, in their debut starring film.[2][4][3]

The film was directed by Mari Asato.[5] The theme song of the film is "Deep Mind" by Buono!.[6]


Mark Schilling from The Japan Times described the beginning of the film with a "standard issue 'bully the strange girl in class' story line", but mentioned that it takes a "scarily fresh turn" when the bullied character takes revenge on her classmates.[5]


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