英文词章(英文部分)林锦洲著四十个小时摆平GRE2CataloChapter 1PrologueWinter3expeditieThe strait of malaccaPreli6Salvatibetrayal89Simon versus nereusPollPrelude41Scourge6TriloThe endChapter 3World galleryAmazon rainforestCaocaoGandhiExodusThe Great Depression108Hepatitis bTibet geographyAnimal world1415 Memoire of world war II130第一章SimonSimon西蒙简介On 23 June 1757 English defeated Nawab of在1757年6月,东印度公司击败了Bengal and looted bengal treasure. Millions of孟加拉国王公,并且洗劫了国库。

数以千cimelia were shipped to Singapore. But now,most计的宝物被运到新加坡。

但是,现在这些of the Cimelias evaporated. What has this wealth宝物都人间蒸发,它们去哪里了呢?这是gone? It remains unsolved qu个未解之谜。

Simon, a dropout of London conservatory,西蒙,一个伦敦音乐学院的退学学生,after knowing his father' s uncanny death, he swore在知道了他父亲离奇的死亡以后,他决定to get to the bottom of this case, then set foot on a查到底,踏上了前往马六甲海峡的冒险venture of Malacca-to crusade against pirates旅程——去讨伐那些海盗。

Thus, the box of Pandora was这样,潘多拉的盒子就被打开了。

Chapter I episode I第一章第一节prologue开场白In a crispy morning, pellucid sky dotted with在一个空气清新的早晨,清澈的天pure white, tender twigs sprouted in breeze, the sun空点缀着纯白,嫩枝在微风中舒展,太prinkled a snug ray over land. Sporadicly,阳温暖的光线播撒在大地上。

偶尔,拍uttering larks butted into this serene, interspersed动着翅膀的云雀闯入了这份宁静,为这very vitality in this picturesque campus-royal个风景如画的校园里增添了不少活力conservatory of music in London伦敦皇家音乐学院。

As the larks, the young was the extraordinary就像那些云雀一样,年轻人也是活group that bustled in this season. By ones and跃在这个季节里的杰出一类。

三三两两twos, some sophomores were gonna take the final地,一些大二学生将要参加声学审美期exam of acoustic esthete, then got their credit hours末考试,接着贏取他们应得的学分但是,凡是总有例外。

一个偷懒的But, there was an exception. a shiftless(没有办法的)学生个滑稽的a jocular snub nose sat in狮子鼻坐在宽敞的教室里,他一窍不modious schoolroom, he was utterly confused.通。

在那个时候,监考老师在讲台上打Still then, the proctor yawned above the estrade and呵欠,而督察带着一种警惕而无情的眼the watchdog prowled in aisle with a vigilant and光在走廊巡游,能够刺穿每一个骗子ruthless eyesight, which impaled every cracker涂鸦着他自己的试卷,他对监考Doodling his answers, he kept an eye on老师分外留心。

正如我们能想象的,监proctor. As we can assumed, the proctor got a little考老师对这这份无聊的闲差有了一丝weary of this humdrum sinecure. He got up to scout厌倦。

他站了起来,去四周巡视,很快around, soon he was distracted and arrested by the他就分心了,被窗台外的景色吸引。

就是这样了!”狂喜的弗雷迪在没That is it!" raptured Freddie found a hole lay in有监视的儿秒钟里找到了机会,他斜眼e seconds beyond surveillance, he squinted at看着旁边西蒙的考卷,“A,C,thenSimon s paper ne"Damn it! what is the illegible answer in“他妈的!单选题第四题那模糊的multiple-choice 4?答案是什么?”Surreptitiously, he nudged Simons elbow, the偷偷地,他用肘轻推西蒙的肘,低hispered, "budge your paper here! Help me声说道:“把考卷移过来一点!帮帮忙!”(Seconds of silence(几秒钟的安静。

)Shucks! Ingrateful coward! No time for可恶!忘恩负义的胆小鬼!”没procrastination, he grabbed Simon' s paper to有时间拖延了,他粗鲁地抓过西蒙的考prolong his examination in a rough.卷来延长自己的考试An terse proverb derived from China tells条来自中国简洁的谚语说,巧诈cunning wile never emulate genuine gaucherie.itis不如拙诚。

这是一条经常被短视的投机a stereotyped precept which always violated by者违背的,老调而又陈腐的规则bleary-eyed sp通常,生活总是和谚语很像。

监考Always, life practice the proverb. The proctor老师以一种可怕的表情赫然出现。

非常loomed in a frightful plexion. Haplessly, Simon不幸地,西蒙和弗雷迪在作弊中当场抓and Freddie were caught in the act of cheating.住。

没有任何悬念,他们被钉在了耻辱Without any suspense, they were nailed to the E Epillory你们两个,起立!把考卷留在这You two, stand up! Left your paper here,里,然后出去!”对一个命令者而言,then, get out!" sounded a felicitous phrasing for a(这些话)的确是个很恰当的措辞西蒙吃了一惊,他被激怒了,试着Simon was startled, he bristled and tried to维护自己的清白:“不是的,我是无辜vindicate his renown,"No,Sir,I' m innocent,he的,他突然抢过我的试卷,在我…”grabbed my paper a这里是教室,不是讨论会,你可" This is classroom, not moot, you can以辩护,但是,不是现在。

”(语气里透defense, but not now. An unassailable majesty.着)一种不容质疑的威严。

ave their保留着他的异议,他们非常不高兴seats sulkIly.地离开了教室Motherfucker! Do you know what have you他妈的!你知道你干了什么吗?done?" Simon roared once they stepped into the“西蒙一踏进大厅就开始咆哮起来,他lobby, he shoved Freddie in a push用力地推了弗雷迪一把。

It is really not my intention. " Freddi这真的不是我(原来)的目的!”eade弗雷迪祈求道Intention? Your intention is to reap without目的?你的目的是不劳而获!你SOWIng! Your intention is to plagiarize me without的目的是抄袭我而不被发现!你的目的being detected! Your intention is to implicate me in是把我牵扯进这件该死的丑事中!this fucking infamy!"! imon howled with pant,西蒙带着喘息咆哮着说,胸腔剧烈的起伏I'm sorry "Freddie supplicated for pardon“对不起!”弗雷迪祈求原谅。

' Did sorry counts? Is apology can retrieve对不起有用吗?道歉能挽回我my reputation?" Simon clutched at his lapel,blue的名誉吗?”西蒙抓住他的翻领,青筋veins rampaged," In conformity with暴跳,“根据本科生手册,作弊的惩罚undergraduate tutorial, castigation for practise fraud是:退学!这就是说你—这个蠢蛋was: flunk out! It means that you-this stupid你毁了我的未来!”asshole, you just ruined my future“我真的真的对不起!I'm very, very sorr西蒙破口大骂弗雷迪直到午夜。

Simon hurled insults at him until midnight.看起来西蒙的愤怒很合理。

所以,趁他It seemed rational for Simor' s rage.So, while he发泄愤怒的时候,请允许我插入他们的vented his pique, allow me to interpose their背景:西蒙的老爸是一家海运合资公司backdrops: Simons farther was an opulent chief in的有钱总裁,但是弗雷迪是一个在6岁a marine joint venture, but Freddie was an orphan时被收养的孤儿。

他们一起长大,培养who was adopted in6. They brought up together,出了兄弟般的情谊,感情富有韧性而持fostered a fraternal fellowship and shared a flexible久。



不和就像池塘里spats, cold wars, tussles. Resentment never last a的涟漪:无论浪花多么猛烈,最终都会duration more than 10days. Discordance to then归为平静。

impetuous the spoondrift is, it would revert to虽然他们无忧无虑岁月里回复力Though their resilient friendship in coltish age,极强的友谊,这一次,真的有些麻烦了this time, it really got a trouble监考老师曾对西蒙说,“你可以辫The proctor ever said to Simon," You can护。

”但实际上,在严格的规章制度面defense." But in fact, within the rigid statute, there前,根本没有机会宣泄你的冤屈。

3天was no odds to ventilated their grievances.3days以后,他们收到了正式通知张later they received their requisition-— a flimsy要求他们收拾行李回家的溥纸necessitated them to pack up luggage and go home在大门口,西蒙踏上旅程前,他四In the doorgate, before he got in his journey,处看了看,盯着高处的牌匾几秒钟。

这he turned about, stared at the plaque aloft for个分水岭,注定因为他放弃梦想而被铭seconds. This milestone, destinied to be engraved记,他挚爱的音乐啊!再见了for giving up his dream, he beloved melody说了这些话,他转过视线,义无farewell反顾地登上了马车。

With this words, he diverted his eyes, thenembarked his wagon definitelyChapter 1 episode 2第一章第Winter冬Now, it is time to take a glimpse on their现在,是时候看一看他们的家乡了et他们的家乡,一个引人入胜的英格Their hometown, a ravishing county located in兰南部村庄,原先只是英吉利海峡上正对southern England, evolved from a borough of着怀特岛的自治镇,1194年受到特许outhern England on the English Channel opposite the经过儿个世纪的城市扩张和人口膨胀,它Isle of wight, chartered in1194. After centuries of在2001年的人口普查时人口达到187,urban sprawl and distention in demography,it900。

在18世纪,受益于以东印度公司为developed into a city of187,900at2001 census.In代表的众多公司,它的海运事业蓬勃发l8 century, profitting from aggressive corporations展。

西蒙的父亲,就是在这座海港城市epitomized by East Indian pany, its sea朴茨茅斯,经营这种生意transportation flourished. Simons father, was running年以前this business in this seaport-- Portsmouth“我绝对不会同意你的。


亚历山won't accord with you absolutely!"A大,西蒙的父亲,是一个有着啤酒肚的家paunchy middle aged man snarled in parlor.事独裁者,他的身材给他带来了声望和威Alexander, Simon' s father, was a dictator in严。

在旁边,一个满脸恭敬,眼睛向下看household, his stature brought him great prestige and的男孩(弗雷迪)不说话,握着他的拳头authority. In adjacency,aboy( Freddie)of deference和(紧闭着)嘴唇。

在旁边,一个衣着华with a downcast eyesight clenched his fists and lip in丽的贵妇安静地站着,听她已经生气的丈mute. Standing sideward, a florid noblewoman with夫说话。

equanimity hearkened to his husband who was really个青年,看起来也很生气,激动地反击着,“这是我的选择,不是你的。

An adolescentmed enraged too也许他可以等毕业以后再学商counterpunch athrill," that is my choice!Not贸。

”贵妇插话道暂时搁置往往意味着永远不会,Perhaps he can pick up merce trade after我永远不会期待一个虚幻之物。

”亚历山he graduated"noblewoman broken in大十分强硬abeyance often adumbrate never, I would突然,门铃响了。

在弗雷迪打开门never expect a roc's egg "Alexander was adamant.后,一个身材魁梧的,穿着貂皮大衣的老Suddenly, the doorbell rang. After Freddie人走了进来,虽然他已经闻到了紧张(的opened it, a strapping old man with mink coat step in.气氛),他说,“我有一些重要的事要密Though he snuffed tension, he butted in, "I really got ikomething big to confide with"叹息了一声,亚历山大使自己安静With a sigh, Alexander lulled himsel;,"lock下来:“把他锁进小屋里,让他反省。

弗him in his tiny room. Leave him reflecting. Freddie,雷迪,看住他。

py on hin把这个敏感的话题放到一边,西蒙在Shelved this touchy topic, Simon be back in his弗雷迪的陪同下回到自己的小屋,接着他cabin escorted by Freddie. Then he plunged into扎进床垫里,把头埋在被单下,试图mattres;, berried his head into quilt, tried to be于外界隔绝。


以女solated. Several minutes later, mother came in.with性特有的温柔,他握住西蒙的手说,“我great femininity, she squeezed his hands," my son,as的儿子,作为你的母亲我有义务告诉你你your mother. I was obliged to acquaint you with your对 TINDER公司的责任,和我们从祖先那accountability for TINDER pany, and our lineage里继承的血统。

我十分理解放弃所爱是非inherited from ancestor. i do quite understand it's常痛苦的,我同意你的追求,如果你真的torturous to abjure your favor, I accede to your发现了你的梦想,并且坚持你认为的,(那pursuit, if your really find your drean, and adhere to么),我会站在你一边。

what you opine is right, I will take your side!青少年时期是一个讨厌任何人教训Juvenile was a phase that abominated anyone他们的阶段。

这些任性的小家伙需要迁who admonish them. These willful bubs need to be就,需要尊敬。

这样,西蒙觉得好多了humoured and respected. Thus, Simon felt much埃德加是亚历山大的长兄,也是经营家海运公司。

他们在生意上是对手,也was the elder sibling of Alexander,是笃定的兄弟。

running an ocean shipping firm also. They were在书房(密室)里,埃德加含糊地说:dversary in business, but steadfast brotherhood我们有了一些情况。

最近的账本审计和In sanctum, Edgar slurred," we got a situation官方不一致。

海关已经扣留了我们的货here. Recent audit in ledger wasn 't tally with officer物。

不知道为什么官方校对员最近在一直side. Custom detained our freight, somehow the office称病.我是说,也许一些不详的东西就要collators malingered. I mean, perhaps it foreshowed到了。

”something baleful was impending你是说有人阻碍我们的交易?”Do you imply someone stymie our埃德加耸耸肩,“没那么简单,如果transaction!耽误还不解决的话,那些限制性条款规定Edgar shrugged," far from easy, if retardment卸货时验收,因此如果我们延期交货,我remain unsolved, the provisory clause stipulated们将应当赔偿,并且取消所有和东印度公unloading inspection accordingly if we defer our司的合同和债务。

我总觉得有高官在幕后delivery, we were behoved for indemnity, and rescind操纵。

”all our the contracts and debts with east India. I也许吧would feel someone dignitary pull wiresMavbe秘密会议结束以后是晚饭的时间。

西蒙为了怄气狼吞虎咽,在一种令人尴尬的After the conclave, it was time for dinner.沉默中,亚历山大亳无预兆的转变了他的Simon devoured ravenously for tiff, in an awkward态度,“我是说,如果你坚持己见,我让silence, Alexander converted his attitude without anyortet,"I mean, if you stickle, I concede西蒙是少数几个初出茅庐就可以在" k Simon was the rarely fledgling who won his严格的(等级)社会中获胜的人。

这样,bat with stringent society.Thus, he can set out for他可以不顾殷切期望的家人,光明正大地dream aboveboard in spite of solicitous family着梦想出发But, now, this once vowed augustly cub end但是,现在,这个曾经庄严立誓的up in flunking out, it was really an skit年轻人最终以退学收场,真是一则讽刺的幽默故事啊!Still the twilight of moisty remains opacity,peddlers already got back to work. Simon and Freddie当黎明的湿气还在一篇混沌之中,小arrived in dockyard terminal. Crowd in agora showed贩们已经开始工作了。

西蒙和弗雷迪到达difference on their mute, still they don' care.了“船坞”终点站。

集市中的人群对他们They just need to find their way home, and mom的往返并不关心,他们也不在乎。

他们只would catered to every need considerately要找到回家的路,然后妈妈就会周到地照But when they arrived the d顾一切experience they would never preconceived但是,当他们到达门口时,他们经历了他们永远想不到的事。


家海运公司起这个名字,直接暗示了它后来的结局Chapter 1 episode 3第一章第三节Expedition征途带着连指手套,披着围巾,透过铰tousy- hair mistress answered in throaty voice," who are链窥视,一个头发凌乱的女妇人用嘶哑you asking?"的声音回应,“你们找谁?”of this apartment's owner,am Simon the so压制住内心的诧异,“我是西蒙这座公寓主人的儿子Sorry, your mother impawned it to me! then对不起,你母亲把它典当给我eemed try to liquidate her lien," interests accrued at a了!”接着似乎要清算她的留置权,“利rate of0.5% and in all my count tells me your mother息(每月)增加0.5%,而所有的账目告now own me 2546 pounds "She couldn,'t articulated诉我你母亲欠我2546英镑。

”看起来是every syllable, seemed all due to the rheum epidemic因为流感,她不能清楚地发每一个音There must be something wrong! Is she left me any“肯定哪里出问题了!她给我留信Huh. hold there. "She then delivered a new address“恩,待在那里。

”接着,她递上一个新地址In the hallway of new home, a middleagedtailoress was ratted in weaving at wooden stool, hand在通往新家的走廊里,一个中年女snipped thrum in scissors craftily. Footsteps prompted裁缝坐在木凳上,全神贯注地编织着,her to raises her head, then ecstasy pervaded her,"my双手灵巧的用剪刀剪断线头。

脚步声让son, it is so nice to meet you again!她抬起了头,接着,全身充满着喜悦,With great consternation, he spotted his mother儿子,见到你真是太高兴了!ever radiant face curved by wrinkle, still dignity in震惊至极,西蒙认出了他的母亲eyebrow remains, which verify her elapsed eliness.那曾经光彩照人的脸上刻满了皱纹,只She lived frugally and knitted crochet to earn their是眉宇间高贵依旧,证实了她逝去的美living. Peerless pulchritude stitched on her work,was丽。

她生活节俭,(靠)编织钩织物生what she leaned upon to disburse exorbitant tuition活。

绣在她作品上独一无二的美丽,正He asked, "mom, what hap是她支付高昂学费的依靠In a hush. she fetched out a man-made crocodile他问,“妈!发生了什么事?”portfolio, unbent the paper clip, took an rider out保持沉默,她取出一个假鳄鱼公文包,解开回形针,取出了一份附文:Mi have been shown in the files of the tradeAshley女土,Department a statement that you are the wife of我从贸易部门那里看到一则声Alexander who have died gloriously on the battle of明,您是光荣战死在海盗战场上的亚历pirate. I feel how weak and fruitless must be any山大的妻子。

我能够感觉到悲伤是如此to beguile you from无法抵抗,(以至于)我想诱使你离开the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But i can' t refrain悲伤的言语显得那么脆弱和无劳。

但是from tending the solace that may be found in the thanks我忍不住替他以死捍卫的人--)丽莎of Elizabeth Regina they died to guard. May our白女皇,致以深切的慰问。

祝愿天父减Heaven! Father assuage the anguish of your轻你的丧亲之痛,给你留下所爱(的人)bereavement and leave you only the cherished memory珍贵的回忆和对在自由祭坛上做出的of the loved and the solemn pride to have laid such a牺牲的无尚自豪sacrifice upon the altar of freedom总督加文by Gavernor Gavin(由林肯的慰问信修改)(adapted from Lincoln's consolation在18世纪,条例默认高利贷。

所In the age of 18century, byelaws connived with以西蒙从财阀的子孙到贫民的变化并usury. So a quirk of fate that turned Simon from scion不奇怪。

而且,上帝总是挫败天才的努of plutocrat into a par力,好让他们从精神疲乏中恢复过来What more, God always frustrated genius' efforts to从这个标准上说,困难是一块试金石make them recover from mental lassitude. In this为了报仇,为了和海盗算账,为了tandard. shemozzle was touchstone捍卫他的荣耀,在失眠了几个夜晚之To avenge, to square accounts with pirate, to gurad后,他下定决心成为一名水手。

在埃德his glory, he gritted his tooth to be a sailor after several加父亲般偏袒的保护下,他被招进了著night of insomnia. Under the aegis of paternal nepotism名的舰队——无畏号,并且得到了一份he was recruited by the distinguished fleet额外的差事:整理和清点货物Intrepid, and got a supererogatory errand: sort an在离别的那一天,航行的兆头看起count cargo来很好。

静止的积云在视野里呈现出异the vova常的平静。

在日出的金光灿烂里,海鸥seemed favorable. Quiescent cumulus rendered great跟着货船和帆船,或盘旋,或俯冲placidity in eyeshot. In the refulgent glory of the在西蒙踏上跳板以前, Ashley抱住sunrise, gulls reeled and dived following the coasters了西蒙,压抑不住的泪水沿着眼睑溢了and clippers出来,一份超越尘世任何情感的爱,深Before Simon stepped in gangway, Ashley cudd深的皱纹抚爱着西蒙的脸颊。

她低声ilt over her eyelips, loytranscended any subcelestial sentiment, deep furrowcaressed his cheek. she murmured我的儿子,记住无论你境况如何no matter how you are无论你成为什么,no matter what you be你有一个家,you got a home.个永远在这里a home that always be here等你的家!接着, Ashley递给西蒙一把剑,“这ver this, Ashley gave a sword to Simon, "it is是血星剑,我们的传家宝,希望它可以lemo saviour, our heirloom, hope it can help you. After帮到你。

在西蒙结果这把剑以后,那些Simon took over the sword, the threads which bound把他和家深深联系的细声无可挽回的him so deep-set to home were irretrievably broken.断了。

和母亲分离是一件非常痛苦的Parting with her mother was a great wrench, but, he had事,但是他必须(这么做),因为,无畏号已经在等The boatswain alloted every rookie requisites as水手长根据配额给每一位新手发quota, a sword, an epaulet and chant monotonously, 4放必需品,一把剑,一个肩章。

单调地penny every quay, no premIum pay吆喝,“每个码头4便土,没有奖金。

”As sailors gathered, the robust, masculine captain当水手们聚集起来的时候,那个强mounted deck platform, instigated the novices in rant,壮的,男子气息的船长登上了甲板讲14My gladiators! We are he台,用沙哑的,激昂的演说鼓动这些新vanquish extensive ocean. With dauntless courage, with手们volition of granite, with perseverance never recoil, we我的勇士们!我们站在这里,立志are predesined to be victories! Today, we are here,sick于征服广阔的海洋。

带着无谓的勇气,together, to testify our great exploit! Boys, sail out带着花岗岩般的意志,带着永不退缩的In many literature, nautical crew always be坚持,我们注定成为胜者。

今天,我们depicted to toil and moil, then slatterned their站在这里,团结在一起,见证我们的伟hard- earned salary on prostitute. Because seafaring was绩!男孩们!出发really a tedious labor. Soon, mariners reverted to在很多文学作品中,海员往往被描slouching visage after mobilization. To count their写成刻苦劳作,然后把他们辛辛苦苦赚thumbs, sailors marked by provincial dialect teased in来的钱浪费在妓女身上。

因为海洋远航or some others, congested to gamble实在是一种单调乏味的活。

海员们在动around" holy grail"! Ambitious fracas from dice packed员后很快回复到懒散的模样。

为了消磨with the deck, then disseminated to entire Intrepid, and时间,那些各自有着乡土方言的水手彼finally, inundated by relentless, boundless, and wordless此用些黄色笑话取笑,或者另一些人,ocean聚集在一起,围着“圣杯”赌博。

来自Introverted Simon and Freddie felt repugnance to色子的野心勃勃的噪杂声充斥着甲板,scurrilous matelot, they squated in poop and chatted接着散布到整个无畏号,而最终,被无driftlessly. And the reticent captain, seemed little情的,无尽的,无言的大海淹没disgruntled by this vulgar palate, he spared his性格内向的西蒙和弗雷迪对这些misgiving to the pirate言语粗鄙的水手们非常反感,他们蹲坐It must bemisrepresentation that al在船尾,漫无目的地聊着天。

而沉默寡mollycoddle who inured to savoury foodstuff counldn的船长,看起来对这些粗俗的品味没go through the rough cruise, at any rate, to Simor有任何的不满,他把担心更多地放在了Swearinggeance and leaving the qualms o海盗上面。

homesickness alone, Simon started his journey说一个习惯于美味食物的娇生子不能经历这种严酷的航行是绝对是(810 words)个误传,至少,对西蒙是这样。

立志复仇并把思乡之苦放到一边,西蒙开始了他的旅程第一章第四节The Strait of malacca马六甲海峡The Strait of malacca was a narrow funnel lane马六甲海峡是赤道无风带里一个in doldrums, a pintle located in Indonesian,500mile狭窄的漏斗形通道,一个位于印度尼stretched of realm between Indian Ocean and Pacific西亚的枢纽,500英里的领域从印度Ocean. Hectic harbour who dominated one-quarter of洋到太平洋。

繁忙的海港主管着全世界1/4的进出口,包括可可粉,咖啡powder, coffee, tobacco and narcotic hemps烟草和麻醉大麻。

na once被这个咽喉之地束缚着,泰国曾plan to excavate a canal through its isthmus. Though经想利用自己的地峡开凿出一条运河。

虽然这个狂想家式的建议最终流reflected the straits significance to East Asian产,但是它从侧面反映了那个海峡对But, still in thus fauces, got a situation东亚的重要性。

Degressive riverbed which piled up by settled但是,就在这咽喉之地,有了upled with shipwreck hulks些麻烦vessels to slow down in cautious of strands and那随着淤泥堆积而递减的河床,collision hazard. Furthermore, the strait prised和海运失事的废船一起,迫使船只因为提防搁浅和相撞而减速。

而且,海mangroves and coral thickets that impeded峡有数以千计的小岛,有许多小河的navigation, making it a superexcellent situs for pirates河口,有红树林和珊瑚丛,他们阻碍to evade capture航行,让它成为海盗逃避追捕的绝佳Therefore, the unresolved menace in this tropic地点artery pirate, flourished as certainty因此,在这个热带交通要道里未解决的威胁--海盜,必然地兴盛In their jolty odyssey whose itinerary traversed tt %kAtlantic ocean. mediterranean sea. red sea. ArabianGulf, Indian Ocean, they reached the southest of他们一路顛簸的冒险旅行,路线straitSingapore, which was founded by Sir穿过了大西洋,地中海,红海,阿拉伯海湾,印度洋,接着他们到达了海峽的最南端——由托马斯.斯坦福.菜福斯创立的新加坡Sunusual, tawdry whores well-marked on the quay. The抛下锚,他们的舰队靠岸了。

水sailors melded into them, flirted with they picked手们有一天的时间挥霍他们的赏钱e-hither strumpets in ribald drollery, or even如平常,俗丽的妓女们醒目的站在lept with them码头,水手们和她们混在一起,接着和他们(各自)挑选的有吸引力的妓While others sluicing the deck in hose, Simon女用下流的笑话调情。

甚至,和她们had taken inventory as manifest. Then Simon and睡觉。

Freddie sauntered in the bazaar. In crowd of hustle当其他人用软管冲洗甲板的时and bustle. a tattered vintner entwined them gentle候,西蒙已经根据载货单清点了货物。

men! This distilled spirit gives40% percent off in接着西蒙和弗雷迪在集市里闲逛。

在promotion! If you buy it now, you can get courtesy煕熙攘攘的人群里,一个衣衫褴褛的handkerchief to your sweetie.葡萄酒商缠住了他们,“先生们!这些Scurrying off to dodge this gadfly, they carried白酒6折促销!如果你现在购买,你on hanging about in this clamour, mannered还能得到一条给你甜心的手帕。

”ely whilst enjoying the delectable急忙闪开,甩掉了这个讨厌鬼modities:" glazed china, exquisite embroider,他们继续在这种喧嚣中游荡,以一种potteryand tileforger与众不同的举止享受着那些赏心悦目enginer的商品:釉质瓷器,精美的刺绣,数Soon they were both allured: It was an pigeon不清的陶瓷和瓷砖,铁匠兵器dolon which was incaged in a tube. Once tube was很快他们就被吸引住了:这是broken, aureate homing pigeon would released to sky个鸽子幻象,它关在一个试管里。

nd convey what it was told in venue to appointed旦试管破裂,金色家鸽就会被放飞到place, by dissolving its filamentous outline into vivid空中然后把(主人)告诉它的一切传three-dimensional figure. It named homing elf,递到制定的地点,把自己丝状的轮廓especially for seaman. Though it was prohibitive---溶解成生动的三维图画。

它是自导精pound, without any hesitation, Simon took it, and got灵,为海员特别(设计)的,虽然它some gratis healing balm很贵—1磅,没有任何犹豫,西蒙Then before long, they found an edict on th买下它,还得到了一些免费的治疗药billboardWANTED不久以后,他们发现了布告栏上的13 primary pirates at large法令The following was their portrait and peccancy通缉Nereus Belgium, captain of Satan, disfigured13个主要海盗在逃:by a hideous scar, bushy mustache cover his little接下来是他们的肖像和罪行eyeball, mit arson and highjack涅尔罗斯,比利时人,撒旦号船长,(a bounty of 50 yellow被一条难看的疤毁容,浓密的胡子盖Andy Denmark, incendiary crime, rapist住了他的小下巴,假眼,犯下了纵火(a bounty of 30 yellow boys)案和抢劫案。

(赏金50金币)Hunk Hungary chief mate of Satan(a安迪,丹麦人,纵火犯,强奸犯。

(赏金30金币汉克,匈牙利人,撒旦号的副官residual offenders in omission)(赏金30金币)In addition, if any pirate kill another, he would(剩余的罪犯忽略)expiate himself and win identical bonus另加一条,如果任何海盗杀了另个海盗,他可以为自己赎罪并得到Governor gavin相同的奖金(East Indian pany)总督加文East Indian pany was founded by a coterie of(东印度公司)enterprising merchants, it got the Crown's charter forexclusive permission, then they preempted the bucolic东印度公司是又一群很有事业hamlet with luxuriant plain-Calcutta心的商人创建。

他们得到皇家唯一的Possessing a staple port, it transported starch特许,接着他们以优先权取得了那个production and raw material to England,and有着肥沃平原的田园小村庄—加尔monopolized the privilege on purchasing opium in各答。

Bengal and dumping it in China. It erected fort,占有一个重要港口,它运送淀粉drilled mercenary army, waged war, and credited with产品和原材料到英国,并且垄断从孟triumph over dynasty Nawab-defeating70,000加拉购置鸦片并在中国倾销的权利。

egular army by900, rounded into an optimal它树立碉堡,训练雇佣兵,发动战争,implement to exploit colonies. Though eventually,it因为对那波尔王朝的胜利而载入史册announced bankrupty as impact of the East India以900人击败7万正规军,成长Stock Dividend Redemption Act. But that time, It was为开发殖民地的理想工具。

虽然最终influential它因为“东印度股票息偿还法案”而Gavin was the governor, he felt it knotty to破产,但是在那个时候,它还是很有deracinate rampant guerillas in person,sohe影响力的recourse to this gimmick加文是总督,他觉的要亲自根除猖獗的游击队有一些棘手,于是,他"Is this ploy really work? " Freddie soliloquized求助于这种伎俩I don't know, keep sailing, we will fall across“这方法管用吗?”弗雷迪自言自语道(671 words)“我不知道,继续航行,我们早晚都会碰见他们的!Chapter I episode 5第一章第五节Preliminary Ordeal初次考验One month later, they repatriated from个月后,他们从新加坡回国bore但是那平静的一个月,只是暴雨前But the month of halcyon, in fact just an短暂的平静。

evanescent quietude before hurricane很快,一个哨兵远远地看见最险恶Soon, a sentinel espied the most sinister ensign的舰旗一—个头骨和交叉腿骨a skull and crossbones Jolly rog海盗旗Pirate!" stentorian voice from mast thrilled海盗!”从桅杆传来的洪亮声音board震颤了甲板"Steer left rudder. "the seasoned crew be左转舵galvanized into life训练有素的船员像通了电一样有ntrepid was schooner-rigged and rakish, with a活力titanic but lissome hull, it was a really flier to other无畏号挂有大帆,流线形,船体barge, but to Satan, it was a snail. So this death大,形态优美,它对其他驳船来说的确chase was far off breathtaking: Intrepid was soon快,但是对撒旦号,他只是蜗牛。

所以overtaked这场生死角逐远远没有惊心动魄的情Formerly, I had stated“ distinguished节:无畏号被赶超了。

Its strongpoint原先,我曾说“著名的无畏号。


那时候arm! seems blessed, amorphous verdancy of船长举起了他的守卫权杖,“战斗!!”d in sailors skin. fo似乎是受了(神灵)庇佑,一种无定形的新绿色聚合体从(无畏号)水手们皮Thus, the real battle begun肤上长了出来,形成一个坚固的盔甲。

Nereus, the captain of Satan, seemed forecasted这样,真正的战斗开始了it. The gargoyle of Lethe sword flared up then涅尔罗斯,撒旦号的船长看起来预penetrated into the armor of Intrepid sailors料到了(这一点),遗忘之剑的怪兽装One by one, the armor seemed flabby.饰突然发出火焰,接着(它)刺入了无Soon, defense collapsed畏号水手们的护甲In the poop, there was an empty waterproof个接一个,护甲显得如此脆弱无cask of gin. Simon and Freddie were pushed into力。

很快,防御崩溃了在船尾,有一个空的琴酒防水木Get in! "Freddie yelled with a mandatory桶。


push“进去!”弗雷迪大叫着,一边强What about you? Simon scrupled制地推着Soon after the cask was dropped, two truculent“你呢?”西蒙犹豫了pirates showed up当木桶落下的后,很快,两个好Gushing sanguine liquid stained his apparel战凶猛的海盗出现了。

Freddie perceived ethereal plume, like melting喷射出的血红色液体浸染了他的rhyme of choir. He fatigued, gradually, this fag衣服。

弗雷迪感觉到了轻灵的羽毛,正snowballed into faint如唱诗班里甜美的旋律,他累了,渐渐In a fuzzing, slewing heaven beckoned. Dolce地,这种疲惫迅速增长成眩晕。

reverie, seduced him to disengage corporeity. Then在一片模糊里,旋转的天堂向他招he felt vanity involuntarily, crumpled, supine on手,温柔的幻想曲,引诱他脱离肉体deck, witnessed sapphire sky saturated with blood,Azrael befall接着他不自觉的感到空虚,他倒下了,仰卧在甲板上,眼睁睁地看着蓝宝石般的天空浸透着血液,死神降临Perhaps one hour, or two hours, who knows?Pirates burned Intrepid, looted bales of spicery andsulphur. When Intrepid foundered, fume enveloped也许一个小时,两个小时,谁知道floating debris, he felt smothered until time dispeled呢?海盗们烧了无畏号,并且抢走了大包大包的硫磺和香料当无畏号沉没的时候,浓烟笼罩着漂浮的碎片,他感觉窒息了直到时间驱tination, impalpable horizon散了浓雾resembled transparent labyrinth. He felt a spasticthews. Groveling at ferrous hard hoop, he lost thetime. like weared out for an excursion of centuries没有目的地,可望而不可即的地平Rhythmic billow splashed against his garment,线就好像透明的迷宫一样。

他感觉肌肉doused his body whiter blisters bulged, engendered痉李。

趴在铁制的箍上,失去了时间概spells of itch and desiccation. Wafting on the念,仿佛走了世纪之旅般疲惫buoyant cask, he lapsed into a海浪有节奏的拍打着他的衣服,浸Perhaps the fume acted as lantern, another ship泡着他的身体,白色的水泡长了出来arrived for salvage. They elevated cadavers in产生了一阵阵干痒。

在浮着的木桶上飘pulley, and collected their epaulets. So soon, they荡,他陷入昏迷found simon alive也许是浓烟起到了灯塔的效果,另In a, he was in all disposal of the crew in艘船赶过来营救。



The hemo saviour! he has the hemo saviour! "First mate hunk blared. then unsheathed the sword在昏迷中,西蒙任由帕拉丁号的船员处置How can he own hemo saviour? "this questionspread the crowd.血星剑!他有血星剑!”大副汉克大叫道,接着把剑拔出剑鞘Perhaps a stowaway masqueraded in sailorglommed their captain's hemo saviour and hidden in他怎么会有血星剑呢?”这个问cask. He is just a lurcher. What is more, perhaps he题在人群中蔓延开来colludes with pirate and would sabotage stern“也许只是伪装成水手的偷渡者propeller." a foul vilification on simon s moral偷走了他们船长的血星剑然后躲在桶里。

他只是一个小偷,而且,他很可能∧ slim nose,lvis, seemed the captian of和海盗串通,很可能会暗中破坏船尾的Paladin, puckered his brows, "incarcerate him推进器。

”(这是)一次对西蒙人品邪恶Thus, hemo saviour belong to Elvis and Simon的污蔑was immured in a dingy coop一个高高的鼻子,埃尔维斯,看起495 words)来是帕拉丁号的船长,皱起了他的眉头,“把他关起来。


Chapter 1 episode 6第一章第六节Salvation拯救As in the following story, I felt it was reall在接下来的故事中,我觉得把尼西亚和politic to jail Nysa with Simon西蒙关在一起是严重失策。

In the first sight, Nysia was a mon girl in the第一眼看起来,尼西亚是一个在一片闷sweltering dark. She scrunched against the wall, ankle黑中的普通女孩,她靠着墙壁蜷缩着,脚腕were festered for shackles. But luckily, Simon had a都因为铐链溃烂了。

但是幸运的是,西蒙有healing balm at hand.个治疗药膏。

Ready to help others for a just cause, Simon(做人)要乐于助人,西蒙决定伸出援decided to lend her a hand助之手。

Hi, buddy! Catch it! an elegant parabola left in嗨!兄弟!接住!”阴暗的监狱里留下somber prison了一条优美的抛物线。

It is so nice of you! Nysia replied你真是太好了!”尼西亚回答说Physicist told us mutual attraction preponderates物理学家告诉我们,当极性相反时,相repulsion when contrary polarity, especially to nubile互引力大于斥力。

尤其是对都到了适婚年龄Nysia and handsome Simon的尼西亚和帅气的西蒙。

May I ask about a ship? Simon asked可以向你打听一艘船吗?”西蒙说。

问吧.Did you hear a ship serieies named Tinder. "He你有没有听过 Tinder系列船舰?”他asked charily, in an expectant voice.小心问道,带着一种期望的预期r pany公司?正是!”I heard pirate sack it, and that is all. What“我听说海盗洗劫了它,就这么多了怎么了?”Nothing. Just asking没什么,随便问问。

”May I ask what's your job before an sailor?“你做水手前的工作是什么啊?”尼西Nysia somehow picked up this topic亚不知道为什么问起这个。

a painter and musicologist! Simon told the一个画家和音乐家。


truth当他们谈论的时候,一个守狱人走了进When they were talking, a jailer came in,and来,把一个推拉锄放在了栏杆边laid up the shuffle hoe against the railin电视剧里老一套的计策,美女可以勾引If hackneyed tricks in teleplay, ogling jailer,,狱卒,冒充生病,甚至要求小便,然后趁狱declaring feigned illness and even entailing to pee卒不注意,她的同伙就可以重击狱卒的脖子were all what can belle do to break prison, then at the让他睡上一段时间。

moment jailer was unware, her cahoot thwacked但是我们的主角怎么可能用这种卑鄙的jailer's scrag, left him in sopor方法呢?他们是贵族!But how can our protagonists recourse to such a这样,作为贵族,他们继续被关在监狱apitude, they were noble!里So, as noble, they went on being jailed in prison在监狱里航行,最终,西蒙和尼西亚终Sailing in prison, finally, Simon and Nysia got于等到帕拉丁号遇见海盗的那一天the day when Paladin encountered pirate从战斗的一片纷乱中,如热锅上的蚂蚁,But freof bat like a hen on a hot西蒙和尼西亚除了知道撒旦来了,什么也不girdle, Simonysia knew Satan came,but知道。

nothing more.看来有了灵感,尼西亚兴奋起来,对西Seemed an inspiration, Nysia bugged up and said蒙说,to Simon, "Give me your belt把你的皮带给我!”"What? Simon remained in a dither什么?”西蒙还是不知所措。

I means, give me your belt! Nysia ordered我说,把你的皮带给我。


I'd like to. but it is not the occasion我是想,但是现在不是时候。

”Fart! Will you keep cutting the cheese? "Nysia放屁!你要继续废话下去吗?”尼西was impatient亚不耐烦起来( cutting the cheese是俚语,说废话的意思。

)Once Nysia got the belt, she intertwisted the beltinto bowknot, protruded her hand through lattice, and旦尼西亚拿到皮带,她(把它)缠起chucked it to hitch the stick of shuffle hoe,then来,打一个活结,把手伸到格子外,把(皮gged it, made it fell toward her side带)扔出去,套住推拉锄的木棍部分,接着As she made it. she then detached the iron chunk用力拉让它朝她的方向倒下by hauling the stick against the lattice at full tilt, then做完后,她把木棍部分用力对着格子拉used the chunk to chisel the jamb把(锄头)的铁块拆下来,然后用铁块去凿With jarring noise caused by this nea smote at旁柱carpenter, the shaving spattered in all directions.随着这个木匠新手产生的刺耳噪音,刨"Nice work!'花四溅。

干的不错!didactic Nysia handed the stick to Simon, said, " place因为甲板混战的重击声催促着钝化的the stick on the jamb as fulcrum, then a massive push(铁)块(也就是锄头上部的铁块),喜欢教nina训人的尼西亚把木棍交给西蒙,说,“把木棍Exert leverage放在旁柱上当做支点,然后在末端用最大力Yes, genius, you got it.After Simon consummated this assignment用杠杆原理ysia kicked out the door, then rushed out with是的,天才,你理解它了Simon在西蒙彻底完成这个任务之后,尼西亚It was really hard for author to depict the踹开了门,接着和西蒙一起冲了出去situation that time. So. let's leave it to director The如果要作者描写当时的场景实在是太难only thing we knew was that, Nysia grabbed the hemo了。

所以,让我们把它留给导演,我们唯一aviour from Elvis and attacked Nereus by swerving知道的是:尼西亚从埃尔维斯手里拿到血星around with a posterior thrust.剑,然后一转身,用一个回马枪刺涅尔罗斯。

Soon. Nereus was defeated这样,涅尔罗斯就被击败了After their victory, another problem came: Nysi他们胜利后,另一个问题来了:尼西亚was a pirate, she must be jailed是海盗,她必须被关起来。

Once she helped, we can catch Nereus instead旦她帮忙,我们可以抓到涅尔罗斯of Nysa,, and proffer the reward to you all! But if we而不是尼西亚,并且给你们提供赏金!failed. shen,makes nobad. "Simon argued for her而如果我们失败了,她还在帕拉丁号这个交易也没什么坏影响。

”西蒙为尼西亚辩Pirate is pirate, they are villain "Elvis insisted护But she savend she can secede from海盜就是海盗,他们都是恶棍!”埃尔维斯坚持。

on your own, let her help, we both go home happy但是她救了我们,并且她还可以推出Elvis wavered for this reciprocal offer, seemed a海盗。

”西蒙说,“你不可能一个人对付涅deliberate cogitation罗斯,让她帮忙,我们双赢!”I need hemo saviour as guaranty埃尔维斯对这个双赢的提议摇摆不定,Without any hesitation, Simon answered," agree.看起来是经过深思熟虑了,“我要血星剑做担保Paladin. also called honorarium hunter没有任何犹豫,西蒙回答,“同意!”constituted by pariahs and churls, was in mand of帕拉丁,也叫赏金猎人,由贱民和乡下ElⅤis人组成,由埃尔维斯带队He was the offspring of ingrained rancor to他是对海盗有着根深蒂固仇恨(的人)pirate. He enrolled mariners for revenge. With slight的后代。


少经改装以modification, he refitted Paladin into a top-ranking后,他把帕拉丁号改装成一流的战舰battleshipResumed their spirit, they carried on their重新振作精神,他们继续他们的旅程adventureNysia, e from dionysia, which meansAncient Greek festivals held seasonally, chiefly at来自单词” dionysia”,它的Ather意思是古希腊每年的节日,主要在雅典举(708 words)Chapter I episode 7第一章第七节Betrayal背叛When seeing a thief caught in red-hand,当看到一个小偷(作案)当场被抓was impervious to their damage but deplored for的时候,我对他们的破坏无动于衷,但a degenerated soul. Were it not the imperative是却为一个堕落的灵魂深深扼腕。

如果of survive, who stoop to be a thief?不是生活所迫,谁会屈尊当一个小偷To my chagrin, in the night, I had to see a E?thief mitted crime in my own two eye. In令我恼火的是,今天晚上,我必须sailor's cabir, someone incanted a spell of眼睁睁地看着一个小偷犯罪。

在水手舱unknown magic, then a shadow got up of有人施了一个未名的魔法,一个影hammock, gazed around to ascertain no one子从吊床爬起来,四处察看确定没人醒waker, then walked off on tiptoe with great来,接着踮起脚尖,十分小心地走开了care在黎明前薄雾的掩护下,它悄悄贴Under the shroud of predawn mist, it船长室,溜进了门里。

sidled up to the captain room, slipped into the有时候,偷窃是一种艺术,不是个饥饿的年轻人在食品室里四处搜找Sometimes ripoff was an art, not a starving夜宵。

他必须悄悄地翻遍每一个衣柜橱lad scrounging around the pantry for a late-night柜,没有一丁点声音地。

即使有所准备snack. It must rummaged over every chest of他也知道即使最出色的棒球手也会漏drawers and cupboards stealthily, without fig of球,更别说一个微不足道的小偷了。

noise pollution. Even in preparation, it knew不知为何,这种概率发生了even the most brilliant pitcher can muff, no船长埃尔维斯幽灵般地站在旁边worth a fiddling lifter他绷着脸说:“你就是这么报答我的信任的?attain Elvis stood nearby我正要去补妆(女士上厕所的委婉pouted,“ so it is how you repay my trust!”说法),决定顺便拜访船长!”这个人是d尼西亚decide to drop captain a visit in passing. It was“那么你要和我说什么呢?嗯睡个好觉!”她结巴了'So what do you try to talk to me?看起来并不是个优秀的说谎者Uh, Uh, sleep tight! "she stammered,很快,船长室里就拥挤不堪了。

emed not a good liar.“听起来借口不错的,你真是挺关Soon, the captains room like rabbits in a心我的,不是吗?warren听着,埃尔维斯,海盜将会跟着unds a tenable excuse, you really are我们,然后为了血星剑劫持帕拉丁号,它(血星剑)是不详的!而且,它属于d西蒙!”hijack Paladin for the hemo saviour, it is“这算是严厉的警告?”他说,“这bodeful! And what's more, it belongs to就是你到我房间来的原因吗?”Simon我说,也许她说了实话。

”西蒙已" a dour warnings?" he observed," that is经到了,为尼西亚辩护,“在无畏号的the reason you are here, in my room时候,我就怀疑……,”"I mean, perhaps she tell the truth“我受够了,你们两个合伙欺负我Simon arrived, and argued for Nysa," when in啊?”埃尔维斯心烦意乱起来,“剑交Intrepid, I wonder到你手里我可以放心,西蒙,但是我不" I have it enough. Are you two ganging up放心尼西亚。

汉克,把她关起来!”on me?" Elvis was upset,the sword cantrusted by you, Simon. But I don't trust Nysa在监狱里的生活也真够无聊的,没Hunk, jailed her有玩具,没有笑料,没有娱乐,甚至脸都快石化成一副呆滞的模样。

The life in prison was real boring, no toy,kithe face在航行中petrified into a state of gawkish多变的天气就像任性的娃娃脸。

上分钟还阳光灿烂,很快飞扬的(炫耀In voyage的)三角旗就预示着雨的来临,一阵强Mutable whether like capricious babyface.风过后,大雨变成了暴风雨水珠炮弹Sunshiny last minute, but soon vaunting般落下,他们很快湿透了。

他们意识到pennant acted as a premonition of rain. With a自己遭遇了一场突如其来的飓风。

在漩gust of wind, rain swelled into a tempest. Beads涡和激流的作用下,船在翻滚的巨浪中volleyed down, they were soon sopping wet.摇晃。

挣扎了好一会儿,他们不得不停They found themselves incurred a precipitate靠在一个不知名的小岛上。

cyclone. Within the effect of whirlpools andtorrents, the ship dangled in surfy billows在下午,暴风兩逐渐衰弱,彩虹在Scrabbling for a while, they had no alternative天空留下一条弧形的彩带,他们登上海but called at an innominate islet滩,鹅卵石在清澈的河里,被急流冲刷着,形成了一种椭圆的形状In the afternoon, rainsquall on the wane这是一个雨水侵蚀而成,崎岖的石and rainbow cambered an iridescent band in the灰岩地带,一个由极深溪谷和高耸塔尖shy. They landed the beach, shingle in the lucid组成的迷宫river scoured by raging rapids, sculpted into an灵巧地越过了水坑,他们开始探索elliptical shape这座小岛。

很快,他们发现了一座棚屋It was a rugged limestone terrain eroded by放着一些锋利的石头和一个未完成的rainwater, lay a maze of abysmal gullies and木料,还有一个干草堆相临近。

看起来个新石器时代的木匠要削制一个木Leaping over puddles deftly, they began to排。

多看了几眼之后,他们发现了更多explore this islet. Soon they found an shanty,的东西:一股富含矿物质的泉水从潮湿with some keen-edged rock and unfinished log.的洞穴拱顶渗透出来a haystack abutted on it. seemed a neolithic“这儿肯定有人.”埃尔维斯说uareman tried to whittle a raft. with more当然,但是又会是谁呢?”西蒙glances, they found something more: a trickle of接过话题mineral-rich conduit oozed from a dank grotto鼓起勇气,他们专心地探索这个土vault洞,紧靠着火把,他们朝着黑暗费力的T行走着Of course. But who it could be?"Simon took在一个没有名字的小岛上,好奇心战胜了恐惧。

(这里)会有哪些奇异的居Be on their mettle., they were bent on住者呢?成团的白蚁?毒蛇?甚至巨exploring this adobe cavern, tied to torch,they大的蜥蜴?waded through the dark实际上,它是:黑猩猩。

(这里用In an unnamed island, curiosity outdo funk.来比喻野人)What could the exotic dwellers be? Agglomerated“是谁?”一个生硬的声音传来termite? Venomous serpents? Or even enormous非常抱歉闯入你的领地lizard?西蒙总是如此彬彬有礼。

In fact, it was, chimpanzee. It just a trope那个野人,看起来十分强壮头凌乱的头发,披着肮脏兽皮,黑黝的"What is that? " A gruff voice heard肤色让人弄不清他的年龄。

(他们)相T'm sorry to trespass your territory互看了几秒钟,野人终于开口了,“在Simon always be so decorous这里碰见你真是太好了The barbarian. in such a muscular look, withunkempt hair and squalid felomplexion baffled his age. Looking at eachother for seconds, the barbarian finally brokensilence, "it is so nice to see you hereChapter 1 episode 8第一章第八节Moonlight月光Had enough hermetic solitude, this shaggy men受够了与世隔绝的孤独,这个毛发exulted over these visitors.Soon, they knew his粗浓的家伙对这些访客很高兴。

很快他name: Kav们知道了他的名字:凯文斯Thataround the needfire. crews circled那晚在篝火旁,水手们围成一圈,hile singing quaint tune of ragtime like. Simon took唱着类似于拉格泰姆音乐音乐的奇异曲charge of basting seasoning in barbeque, he gyrated调。

西蒙负责在烧烤时涂作料,他转动the brochette and beamed on their revel. Firelight着烧肉叉,微笑着看着他们狂欢。

火光emblaze they faces. At that moment, they forgot照亮了他们的脸。

在那一刻,他们忘记everything happend了所有发生的一切Endured hardships in the island,Kavis emaciated在岛上经历了艰苦,凯文斯瘦了a lot, and walked with a pronounced limp. That圈,走路乜明显瘸了。

那时候,他和time, he seated on the flagstone as some others另一些人坐在石板上Kavis!Talk about your adventure and the cause凯文斯!说说你的经历!你是怎ou are here?"A sailor of facetious enquired么来这里的?”一个喜欢开玩笑的水手The cause!?" after this unshaven savage swilled询问到。

brandy, he calmed down, then looked up into sky,“过程?”这个不修边幅的野人大口acted a pose of recollection," 'It was a tale of2 years喝下了(一些)白兰地,他安静下来接着抬头仰望天空,显出一副回忆的样2 years ago, I was serviced at Third Royal子,“这是两年前的事了Guard. After the Battle of Plassey, some cimelia两年前,我在皇家第三卫队任职should be shipped to Singapore. But my chief Nereus在 Plassey战役后,一些宝物要运送到新was obstinated that it belongs to India and refused加坡,但是我的长官涅尔罗斯固执地认elevant orders. I couldnt tell but i can feel. I felt him为他属于印度并且拒绝相关的命令。

我cursed. Soon he tried to collect cimelias. What a说不出来,但是我能感觉到,我感觉到他stupid! How can he offend governor? In a late night.,被诅咒了。


多he gave out some contract to us and manded us to么蠢啊!他怎么能得罪总督呢?在一个ink. While others do. i didn't夜晚,他给我们发放合同,并命令我们" So you are evicted from machine? and what签字。

当其他人签了,我却没有?was that contract? the sailor kept asking“这样你就被驱逐出军队了?那份."Me? I am a man of aptitude. When he tried to合同是什么啊?”那个水手不停地问I saw through his machination. So I我?我是一个聪明人。

当他试图took it on the lam. By the way. What is my colleagues哄我,我就看穿了他的诡计。

于是我就doing now, sublieutenant Nereus?潜逃了,顺便问一下,我的同事们在干" They waylay near Singapore as jade scroll什么呢?海军中尉涅尔罗斯?”locateElvis got他们在新加坡附近依据翡翠卷轴" As I anticipated, what a pity of my hot- blooded伏劫(商船)。


friends! They are honourable patriots, just be如我所料,我血气方刚的朋友们多caught with chaff, and degenerate into a pack of么可惜啊!他们都是值得尊敬的爱国者hoodlums!Dad- burned Nereus." a vehement anger in只不过被耍了,就变成了一群强盗!天杀her plain涅尔罗斯。

”抱怨里充满着愤怒And may I ask what is the contract? " Simon“我可以问一问那份合同是什么马?”西蒙问道"Contract! It hides here. " he then took a合同?他在这里。

”他接着从内口parchment out of his inner pocket, "so here it is袋里拿出一张羊皮卷,:“就是它了Elvis grabbed it, Simon poked his head aside埃尔维斯一把抢过,西门在旁边探头看着:Life and death covenantI hereby solemnly pledge to Siva, I sent my soul生死契约as mortagage by choice, side b, as custodian,我以此庄严地向湿婆起誓,我自safeguard愿拿我的灵魂做抵押,乙方,作为监护side a人,保卫我的灵魂sided Siva29. July甲方1757乙方:湿婆I could not put up with our lives slaved for1757年7月29日rcery--an utterly irrelated supernatural being我无法忍受自己的生命被巫术奴he changed his tune, said seriously to Simon,"I役—被一个和我完全不相关的超自然would prefer to assist you生物。


对西蒙认真" But why did change your mind now? Didn't you地说,“我宁愿帮助你!”plan to be a hermit, did you? Elvis begrudged“但是你为什么改变主意了呢?你Simon his lottery不是想做一个隐士吗?”埃尔维斯嫉妒Oh, I am prone to forget recently,, what's起西蒙的运气your name? Young fellow with Hemo Saviour哦!我最近老是忘东西,你叫什When he stated it, Elvis guessed him try to么名字?有血星剑的年轻人。

”quibble in excuse of amnesia. But soon, he found当他这么说的时候,埃尔维斯以为他想用健忘症逃避话题。

但是,很快Simon step up and answered," My name is他发现自己错了:他根本无视自己Simon!西蒙上前一步答道,“我的名字Oh, Simon, I means did you know your是西蒙!”sword? Did Nereus looked for you?“哦,西蒙,我说你知道你的剑吗?涅尔罗斯找你了吗And I am sure they would return again. Kavis当然。

”aid,"Your sword is only weapon can antagonize我十分肯定他们会回来(找你Nereus. But it seems unfinished的)。

”凯文斯说道:“你的剑是唯一能和You means what?涅尔罗斯对抗的武器了。


Without blood, it is nothing more than scrapped iron,你说什么?”but once beseted with hematic gem, things would be你的剑现在很肯能会吸血,没有了血,它只是废铁,但是一旦镶嵌上血But where did I get hematic gem?星石,情况就不同了。

”I don' t know, perhaps from Nereus那哪里有血星石呢?”So, that is your cause to help Simon? "Elvis我不知道,也许涅尔罗斯有吧。

”seemed unsatisfied你是出于什么原因帮助西蒙" Cause? I prefer my future lays in my hand,can呢?”埃尔维斯看起来很不满you find anyone better than this“原因?我宁愿未来掌握在自己手As it is krto all, when you recast one thing中。

你还能找得到比这个更好的原因especially in oral, you would mingle it with your A?subjective forejudgement, more than a merely verbal正如我们所知道的,当你复述一件事distinction. Was Avis reliable? What was the truth?情的时候,尤其是用口头,你总会掺进Uh, let's leave this question to next episode你的主观臆断,这可不是仅仅措辞上的差别?凯文斯可靠吗?真相是什么?Now, it is time of solitude恩,让我们下一章讨论Sometimes. Simon felt hatred brew in distressHe was an anathema since aspired to revenge in the而现在,是独处时间valediction. This intangible animosity pestered with有时候,西蒙觉得仇恨酿造苦难him all the time in a way of incubus. Through a自从告别时立志复仇那一刻起,他就成venture of vicissitude, he decided to shake off了一个被诅咒的人,那种无形的仇恨如nugatory affairs and take an moonlight jaunt in this噩梦一般缠扰着他,经过一场旅途变迁nameless island solitarily.起伏以后,他决定(暂时)摆脱琐事,It在这座无名的小岛上单独做一次月光短ated his head途旅行Strolling along the ridge, myriad fluorescent dot这是一个微风的夜晚,深吸一口新l,鲜空气,( Simon)清醒了很多imaged it brimmed with schools of minnow. Looked沿着山脊走,无数的荧光颗粒(萤up at the plenilune, the abstruse canopy火虫)漫游在空中,远处闪着微光的小The whole河面,想象它溢满了成群的淡水鱼。

抬imbibes cosiness through every pore头仰望满月,深邃的苍穹伴随着蛙鸣的Bestowment of muse. If permitting, how he小曲。

整个身体,每一个毛孔都在吸收ckup着舒适estranged pallette and brush to sketch this缪斯的礼物啊!(缪斯是主管文艺灵unperturbed peregrination -only knack of paintin感的神)如果允许,他多么希望重新架ISft. With slight起画板,拿起生疏的调色板和画笔来描Intoxication, he lost himself in this beauty, regaled绘这份未被打扰的旅行—绘画的唯on furtive largess of lunar kaleidoscope-iner诀窍来自颖悟。

他微醺了,他沉醉在这ace份美中,享受着月下景色中私密的的ut soon a sound was heard, one was礼物——内心的平静approaching但是很快一个声音响起,有人靠近To many astonishment, it was Nysia“ Is it you? Nysa asked令大多数人惊奇的是,这个人是尼Thank you for help me?" Nysia said“是你吗?”尼西亚问道Nothing, it is my honor!"Simon was a coyboy in fact“谢谢你帮我(说话)?”尼西亚May I sit here? "Nysia pointed at the seats near ieSimo“没什么,这是我的荣幸。

”西蒙实Sure! Thanks to dark, Nysa didn' t find Simon际上只是一个腼腆的小男生slight flushed.我可以做这里吗?”尼西亚指着西蒙旁边的位子In that night, these two young talked about their“当然!”多亏了夜色,尼西亚没有发experience, their families, their dreams.They现西蒙脸微红了lost the timeach other in clear and bright moonlight在那个夜晚,两个年轻人谈论他们的经历,他们的家庭,他们的理想。

他night, love pullulated们忘了时间,只知道彼此在明亮的月光下那张无暇的脸Wee hours. In prison月光总是爱情的催化剂。

那晚,爱意When time was up, Nysa” was in somehow萌发了normal, her profile slowly vitrified, thermeite凌晨时分。


Another Nysia lay open her mirage scroll up to当时间到了,“尼西亚”不知何故变the hanger, then casted a spell of magic,a得不正常起来。

她的轮廓(先是)玻璃化mensurate apparition came into being了,接着融化了,稀释了,最终,消失She left her mirage in prison, and hidden someother place另一个尼西亚在挂钩上打开幻影Perhaps one may be ambidextrous, but few of卷轴,接着施展了一整魔法:一个相同them can draw rhombus and rectangle respectively at的幻影出现了。

她把幻象留在监狱,然one time后(自己)躲到其他地方In fact, mirage scroll was a cimelia enable you to也许一个人可以惯用左右手,但是do it几乎没人能够分别一个手画菱形一个手画矩形。

实际上,幻象卷轴就是一个是(987 words)你能够做到的宝物。

Chapter I episode 9第一章第九节The Truth真相When English was enchanted by raw material当英国人为印度的原材料和中国from Indian and vitreous enamel from China,they的釉瓷吸引的时候,他们决定用血来decided to enlighten fatuous Asia rulers by bloodshed开导那些愚昧而不自知的亚洲统治者this xenophobes must be subjected to England这些惧外者们必须向英国臣服As an emissary, East India Company作为一个特使,东印度公司在国empowered himself to equip army without会没有制定相关法案的情况下擅自组parliament enacting correlative acts. So when the建军队。

所以当孟加拉王公召集另Nawab of Bengal mustered another one, a battle was支军队的时候,战争就无可避免了inevitable那个王公有一只50,000人的军The Nawab had an army of about50,000with队,还有一支法国援军炮火小分队reinforce of French gunner contingent and vastly在数量上远远超过由950欧洲人和outnumbered English which mainly consist of9502100雇佣军组成的英军。

可是,英国European and2100 mercenary army. However,人却发现了一条捷径—行贿English found a shortcut-bribery虽然王公把他们调配在战场上,Though Nawab deployed them in the battlefield,这些卖国贼却丝毫没有参战的想法these quislings showed no intention to participate他们就是坐下来,看着。

所以很快,the battle.. They just sat back and lookin. So soon,王公战败并被斩首了awab lost this battle and then be guillotined英国军团的漩涡吞噬了孟加拉国The eddy of English cohorts engulfed the库。

这些土匪们狂喜,虽然他们不知public purse of Bengal. These bandits were ecstatic道为什么一个看起来贫穷的国家可以though still didn't quite understand why a seemed拥有如此巨大的财富poverty-stricken country could own such tremendous惊人的贪婪wealth他们亨受着那些象征国家的战利Egregious greed.品,挖出那些装饰柱廊的红宝石,拿They enjoyed the booty of country emblematic,走能够碰到的所有喜爱的东西。

dug out the ruby embellished on the colonnades, took虽然在不同的参考文献中还有异enamored treasure whatever attainabl议,但是结果被(大致)认为:英军hough remain discrepancy in heterogeneous少于20人死亡而王公的军队大概500reference, the result was convinced to be less than 20Adeaths on the british side and about 500 in Nawab自此以后,英国确定了在印度的Henceforth, English radicated its hegemony in霸主地位,接着扶植一个傀儡。

作为India, then propped up a figurehead. As a time-tested种屡试不爽的计策,英国在印度贵ploy, English instigated clannish bats in India族中煽动风点火。

(更多细节请参考aristocrats. (more details to seeBattle ofPlassey战役”几维百科。

)Plassey"in wiki encyclopedia)幸福和不幸总是共生的。

过去,Hand mischance were symbiosis.在国库里的珍宝为湿婆提供了充足的Formerly, the treasure offered plenteous magic to魔力。

但是因为宝物都被运到了新加Siva. But since the cimelia were schlepped to坡,湿婆的能量逐渐衰弱。

为了挽回Singapore,Siva' s power was in eclipse. To redeem it.,它,她决定诱骗别人来做她的信使一she decided to inveigle someone to be his messenger收集散落的宝物to collect scattered cimelia很快,她选中了海军中尉涅尔罗Soon, she selected sublieutenant Ne斯,并且承诺给他遗忘之剑—那个promised to give him Lethe sword能够让他每一击都达到生理极限3倍magic weapon that enable him to strike in3 times的魔器。

并且,湿婆暂居在剑中,指power of physiological utmost. And was more,Siva导他抢劫并且发现更多的使者lodged in the sword, piloting him to spoliate and find很明显,这股邪恶的力量吸引了more messenger涅尔罗斯,他答应帮助湿婆。

为了安Obviously, this insidious power allured全起见,湿婆又给了他两件宝物Nereus, he agreed to favor Siva. For safety, Siva gave翡翠卷轴。

这是一张松木轴心的航two more cimelia海图按照湿婆的进度准确地标明宝Jade scroll. t was a chart with cedar hub, which物的位置ocated cimelia accurately as schedule of Siva最后一个是不死斗篷,可以让他The last one was immortal cloak, which enabled在黄金神庙重生。

(条件就是一旦任务him to revive in the gold temple after death.( (In the完成就取回斗篷)condition of countermanding the cloak once mission他一开始行动,他就得罪了总督,was finished)于是涅尔罗斯不得不哄骗他的属下签As soon as he begun, he trod on govener's toe,署了“生死契约”,然后,带领他们成为海盗to life and death covenant. then led on them to be这就是马六甲海峡上有这么多麻ca rovers烦制造者的原因It was the reason that the strait of malaccaremained so many troublemakers这样,让我们重新开始我们的故事吧Thus, let's remence our storyChapter I episode 10第一章第十节Simon versus nereus西蒙ⅴs涅尔罗斯The next day, soon after they sailed out of the第二天,他们一驶出河流入海口fluvial entry, Satan appeared once again撒旦就再次出现了To arm! Elvis blared‘战斗!”埃尔维斯大叫somehow, an arrow approached and ripped不知何故,一支箭射过来,刺中nto the mastan epistle tied to the shaft了桅杆—箭杆上有一封书信。

Elvis untied it PURGE!I!埃尔维斯解开它:清洗!!Simon rushed to the prison and released西蒙冲到监狱里,把尼西亚放出ysia. That time, janitor was on the deck来。

那个时侯,看门人在甲板上"It is dangerous outside. follow me!外面很危险,跟我来!”手拉着手,西蒙把尼西亚带到了galley, and ordered her to hide in a barrel, " hide(船上的)厨房,让她躲在一个木桶here until battle is over里,“躲在这里直到战斗结束。

”Before she settled in Simon he在她躲进去之前,西蒙犹豫了sked without reason, Nysia, did you love me?"下,接着没头没脑地问一句,“尼西亚,你爱我么“这不是时候。

”她一片慌乱It is the best time, " unclasped her waist,这是最好的时候,”抱住她的腰,Simonofferedsoulful kiss,西蒙给了深情的一吻,“因为……我只i dead for the one who love为爱我的人而死“但是我永远不希望这样!”尼西But I would never expect this Nysia felt亚感受到了爱,他们拥抱在一起,“你love, they hugged, you will be fine会没事的Then, Simon gave her the homing elf, Tell接着,西蒙把自导精灵给了她my mother if I dead如果我死了,告诉我妈妈。

”Life in weal and woe can paraphrase true患难与共的生活可以诠释真爱,love, still, heartbroken parting forever can而生离死别也同样可以Get on his spunk, Simon rushed to the deck鼓起勇气,西蒙冲到甲板上面要and claimed for a parley求谈判。

t’ s talk like a man! Nereus!”“我们像男人一样谈一次!涅尔The men between line came to a standstill罗斯What are this guy gonna do? No one coul两边的人都停了下来:ffer an definite answer这个家伙要干什么啊?没人有个明确的答案。

Once Simon boarded on Satan, pejorative air西蒙一踏进撒旦号,就闻到了Did you kill my father? Alexander, Tinder股轻蔑的气息。

是你杀了我父亲吗?亚历山大So I did, did you try to avenge him?"in艇德公司great haughtiness, Nereus answered. By now,是我干的,你要为他报仇吗?”he heeded hemo saviour极度的傲慢,涅尔罗斯回答道。

现在I challenge you! " Simon cowered last time他已经注意到了血星剑。

he lost his best friend. he felt he would never“我挑战你!”上一次西蒙退缩bear the pangs of contrition any more他失去了他最好的朋友,他觉得他再What? a sucking baby? Still you can not也无法忍受那种后悔之痛。

kiss the cup of ale or swallow down a shank of“什么?一个乳臭未干的小子?lamb, can you你还不能碰啤酒,你还不能吞下一只羊腿吧,你可以吗?He puffed up and look at the importuning狂笑!questioner, Challenge me? You must defeat他趾高气昂地看着那个胡搅蛮缠Monster Salamander的询问者,“挑战我?先打败火蜥兽再Troy ArenaMany years ago, a superb casino was特洛伊竞技场derelict, then many pirates go there for a life很多年以前,一个华丽的赌场被wager. Slowly by slowly, it got a new name: Troy遗弃了,接着很多海盗到那里用生命Arena赌博(也就是决斗)。

渐渐地,它有了The duel happened there个新名字:特洛伊竞技场Crews of Satan and Paladin were all agog决斗在那里举行with the monster Salamander. some whistled撒旦号和帕拉丁号的船员都对火they just got a little hyperactivity. They enjoyed蜥兽迫不及待,一些人吹起口哨,他fear, especially of others们过度兴奋了,他们享受恐惧,尤其asting a spell of magic: killing spree是别人的。

Monster salamander was conjured. In viscous施展了一阵魔法:大杀特杀!火scale and vimineous antenna waggled in the air蜥兽被召唤出来了:(穿着)粘质的it raised from the sea. snarled. released an鳞甲,细长的触角在空中挥舞,它从bnoxious smell, then landed on Troy arena海底冒出来,咆哮着,散发出一阵难Battle begun闻的气味,接着,登陆到特洛伊竞技Monster salamander was huge. It pounced场on Simon, supposed he would be killed in战斗开始!seco火蜥兽身躯庞大,它猛地扑向西But Simon sheered蒙,认为他会在几秒钟之内被杀死。

Once pounce again, Simon sidestepped it但是西蒙却躲开了speedily再扑一次,西蒙侧身一闪,躲开Now, everyone present know the differenceAgility!现在,所有人都知道了差距Then, Simon bobbed up on its back,敏捷bounce, pierced spang into it heart接着,西蒙突然出现在它的背部,Monster salamander was killed跳起,猛地刺入心脏。

Showing such a prowess, Simon surprised火蜥兽被杀everyone. Siva ordered from Lethe sword展示了如此威力,西蒙让所有人惊Nereus. don't kill him, it would be my奇。

湿婆从遗忘之剑命令道,涅尔罗messenger斯,别杀他,他会成为我的信使Got it“知道了Nysia"was hidden in galley, but real Nysia“尼西亚”躲在了(船上)厨房was hide in bilge. And now she acted了,但是真的尼西亚躲在舱底。

现在,她行动了got out, Avis greeted“小姐,看到你真是太好了!”她Keep the secret between you and出来,凯文斯就向她打招呼了。

e. Nysia ordered“守住秘密,”尼西亚说当然。

”"Avis, I remember you have two Jupiter凯文斯,我记得你有两颗木星nd share it with me?珠,不介意和我分享吗Of course, " Kavis then took out two grey可以,”凯文斯接着拿出两个灰色的珍珠They kept the pearls in mouth, when they他们嘴里含着石头,当他们进入went into the water, it emptied a diameter of水中,它清空了一片直径30cm的空30 cm under water, like respirator of astronaut.间,就像宇航员的呼吸器一样。

To watch the duel, crew of Satan was gather为了观看决斗,撒旦号的船员都on one side. so another side. itwas empty.击中在了船的一边,但另一边却空了Thus, Kavis and Nysia boarded on Satan这样,凯文斯和尼西亚就登上了撒旦In that moment all treasure was free te在那一刻,所有的宝物对他们免费开放Let's back to the arenawith him, "floppy muscle! Try again!boy, WGFor the warning of Siva, Nenerus just play让我们回到竞技场,因为湿婆的警告,涅尔罗斯只是和他玩玩,“肌肉松Though he was quick, he could not catch夸夸!再试一次,小子Nereus虽然他很快,他(依旧)无法赶"I killed your father that stupid hog! It have上涅尔罗斯。

bastard of you!”我杀了你父亲,那个蠢阉猪!有Really be apoplectic, Simon went to great你这么一个私生子!”lengths. Then in hemo Saviour, a strange真的生气了,西蒙用出了全力things happens接着在血星剑里,奇怪的现象发生了Simon,s blood pooled into a concave notch西蒙的血汇聚到把手上的“v”字upto the grip. then streamed over形凹槽里,让后流向(其他)凹纹,last, blood overflowed the notch. The power of最后,血溢出了“v”字形凹槽。

血星hemo saviour raised to zenith剑的力量达到巅峰Then in great outburst, Simon defeated阵爆发力,西蒙依据击败涅尔Nereus in a biff. He penetrated into the罗斯,他从背部刺入涅尔罗斯的不死immortal cloak from back: Nereus dead for now斗篷:涅尔罗斯暂时死了。

西蒙脸色惨白He defeated Nereus, and collapsed once this他击败了涅尔罗斯,一旦战斗结battle was over. It was exsanguination that束他也瘫倒了,是失血让他脸色发白bleached his face尼西亚冲了出来。

一边温柔的爱抚Nysisa rushed out. In gentle petting and和轻咽,尼西亚用手臂揽着西蒙,“我wailing, Nysia hold Simon in arm,"my hero,的英雄!你没事了!”are fiIn a morning of 3 days later三天后的一个早晨"Simon, we need to find the lair of the sibyl西蒙,我们要找到女巫的老巢said尼西亚说You means who? "“你说的是谁?”Siva, " Nysia answered, "would you e湿婆,”尼西亚回答道,“你会跟with me?我来吗?How can we find her?“我们怎么找到她呢?”Nysia smiled, then took out an article尼西亚笑了,接着拿出一样东西:Jade scroll翡翠卷轴。

I purloined it while you engaged in a pitched你们激战的时候,我把它偷来battleMore than this, along with the hematic“不止这些,还有血星石!”尼西亚gem! "Nysia finally had her moment得意极了Thus, they defeated Nereus and set foot这样,他们击败了涅尔罗斯,踏上了新的旅程a new page unfold新的一页开始了未完待续(注: Nysa是 Nereus的独生女他们的经历将在续集中加以阐述)Jupiter pearl神话中朱庇特因为不满叛逆的水神,而决定独自炼制的避水工具。

第二章PolluxChapter 2 episode I第二章第一节Prelude序幕Striking rubric headline in breaking news page重大消息栏中刺眼的红色头条Unknown Chemistry Leakage未知化学物质泄露。

Latest new attested by bureau of state security据国家安全局证实,一辆平台货told that a flatcar rolled down the chasm near rail.The车滚进铁轨旁的深沟里。

容器里的腐caustic chemistry in the receptacle seeped out.wih蚀性物质渗出。

在过度感光的情况下,overexposure, some labile bromide would oxidized into里面不稳定的溴化物将氧化成有毒气noxious gas, then dispersed along erratic vane.What's体,然后随着不定的风向扩散。

更糟worse, absence of fire hydrants made it ticklish t糕的是,没有消防栓让中和泄露变得neutralize the leakage. Municipality has convoked非常棘手。

市政府已经召开紧急高层emergency caucus, released 4 priority sire会议,发布4级警报the detail positimaven of避开了具体的成分,政府方面的government divulges that this pungent odor is vitriolic专家透露这种刺激性气味是硫酸性的but not contain carcinogen. It just risks toxicity in但是不含有致癌物。

它只是对水生生aquatic organism and taints human epidermis into物可能有毒,并会污染人类表皮使之blotch. Ne出现疹斑。

现在,和效率低下的政府freewill missionarys are distributing respirators as ration相反,一些自愿的传教士正在认真尽or pu责地依据定额发放呼吸面罩。

就公共misprision, government even tried to stonewall卫生而言,为了掩饰了自己的过失diums to report the truth but the政府甚至试图拖延并阻止媒体报告真tries to hide, the more it exposed, it only result in mor相.但是欲盖弥彰,这只会导致更多mordant strictur言辞苛刻的谴责。

In drang of public, government had imposed a在公众的压力下,政府实行戒严并curfew and close off this city, sterilized the area of封锁了城市,为附近的(人活动的)purlieu. But meteorologist warned us the uping区域消毒。

但是气象学家警告我们来typhoon would augment the chance of plague临的台风会增加瘟疫爆发的几率exclusive mentaryby amanda, Reuter独家报道In the following column, laid an trenchant阿曼达,路透社editorial. It censured the ossified gerontocracy withoverlapped functions in branch didn t fulfill its liability,在接下来的专栏里,躺着一篇用but suborned so called mavens to hoodwink public and词尖锐的社论。

它谴责僵化的老年政left his work to church. It was utterly a letdown, ar府部门职能重叠,没有履行他的责任,extravagance, an irresponsibility for guileless taxpayers而是收买所谓的专家蒙蔽群众而把工作交给教堂。

这是让人失望(的行为),This harangue rebuked stolid bureaucracy in the分(的行为),对诚实纳税者不负责nude. While mind precocious Roy skimmed over it,he任(的行为)。

deemed it as a laudable nit-picking article. It hit the nail这长篇大论公开斥责麻木的官僚on the head主义。

当思想早熟的罗伊浏览它的时But neither Amanda or Roy Alick foresaw this候,他认为这是一篇值得称赞的找茬incident as a catalyst. In fact, as observatory found the文章。


et in ancient time, it was apocalyptic.但是无论是阿曼达还是罗伊埃Doom was ing里克都想不到这个事故只是一个催化剂。



Pollux: a first-magnitude of stellar body in the双子星:双子星群中亮度一级的constellation gemini恒星天体(13 words)Chapter 2 episode 2-1第二章第二节-1The passed往事Leadin导言Insemination is a wonderful course: after orgasm受精是一个令人惊叹的过程:高潮herds of tadpoles waggle their tails arduously, then in过后一群蝌蚪费力地摇摆着尾巴,在他terminus of their trudge, an enormous sphere absorbs们长途跋涉的终点,一个巨大的半球吸one of sperms, thus germ cell is fertilized in womb.It收了一个精子,这样生殖细胞就在子宫would round into embryo, undergo a pregnancy of10里受精了。

它会演化成胚胎,经历了10months and torturous delivery. With little tension and月怀胎和痛苫分娩。

带着轻微的紧张和rejoicing, a baby visit our world喜悦,一个婴儿降生了Raising kids is not bunny. Parents must tend their养孩子并不是(养)兔子。

父母必boisterous sprite patiently, sent a bridle on braw须耐心照顾好他们吵闹的调皮鬼,学会within scrappy brats, chastise them for mischievous在好打架的捣蛋中间控制争吵,为他们farce. Every-way, I confess throwing a tantrum,or淘气的闹剧惩罚他们。

从各方面来说,spanking their bottoms is much easy than instruction我承认大发脾气或者打他们屁股比教But in a phase of malleable attribute, any petulant导容易得多deportment may maul their fragile puerility. Their但是,在一个品质塑形期,任何粗psyche, how ever, is sharp as quill of porcupine and暴的言行将会伤害他们脆弱的纯真。

他delicate as soap bubble们的心理,可是,犹如豪猪刺一般尖锐,I was brought up in a circumstance of pulsory却又像肥皂泡一样脆弱education. Always, I was scolded for spending我在义务教育的环境下长大。

通inordinated time engrossed in clumsy doodling.My常,我因为花费过度的时间专注于笨扯work was not pelling calligraphy or painting,somy的涂鸦而被骂。

我的作品不是吸引人的parents seemed were preferable to supervise me cram书法或绘画,所以我的父母看起来更愿for exam意监督我为了考试而死记硬背For my part, a crayon can be finished by anyone对我而言,一个彩笔任何人把石灰who mingle lime with pigment, but not germinal和颜料混合起来就能制成,但是揭露世cognizance which unveil the archetype of temporal.So间万物原始形态的萌芽意识却不可以monitoring aside, what we must do is to embolden(制作出来)。

所以在一旁监督着,我their craving for novelty们必须做的事情就是鼓励他们对新鲜Stil, there remains some children that are widely事物的渴求recognized to be prodigies. But somehow, most of them这样,还有一些普遍公认的神童wouldn't success as expected但是不知何故,他们大部分并不能如期The reason as one conundrum feazes their tutors望的那样取得成功-thus far unanswered--is to edify them within finite原因,作为一项困扰他们导师的难eyereach. In many ways, this problem often squander题——目前并未解决—就是(如何)away their inhesion在有限的(知识)视野内启迪他们。

在R% The other way round, another reason sum up in an很多情况下,这个难题浪费掉他们的天there are too many genius in the world, but Jily the one who insist survive. Some quit their faith in而与此相反,另一个原因归结为dversity; some are addict to multicoloured一句格言就是:世界上有太多的天才temptations; some even abhor humans and fall into a但是只有坚持的人存活下来。

一些在cynical freak逆境中放弃了信仰;一些人沉迷于花花As to author, tolerance is the symbol of civilizati世界的各种诱惑;一些甚至痛恨人类,-if only not transgress the parameters of ethic堕落成愤世嫉俗的怪胎。

对作者而言,宽容是文明的标志要不要跨过正统的限制Chapter 2 episode 2-2第二章第二节Origin渊源Lynd, Oxford student bioengineering major,a林德,牛津大学生物工程专业,原先former responsive genius but was nonplused to excess响应积极(指生活态度积极)天才却leisure in college. As a freshman, he slumped into a为大学里的闲暇时间感到迷惘。

作为一名marsh of befuddlement. He detested the banal新生,他陷入了困惑的沼泽中。

他痛恨这syllabus this semester, and felt dispensable curriculum个学期迂腐的教学大纲,感觉可有可无的encroach his vigour. Like trance, harmless but really课程蚕食他的精力,就如发呆一样,无害dangerous但是却非常危险。

Yes! He ran into a plight of hollowness. So soon,是的!他陷入了空虚的窘境。

于是很he decided get up to do something快,他就决定动手做点什么In an ordinary working day, ace-high在一个普通的工作日里,牛津顶尖的bioengineering labs in Oxford, researchers worked生物工程实验室,研究者们井井有条地工in shipshape, but an undesirable aliens, a babyface作着,但是一个不合需要的外来者,一个ntruded in their signory娃娃脸闯入了他们的领地。

May I ask for professor Oracle?我能问一下奥洛克教授在吗?”What is wrong? "an aged man came“怎么了?”一个上了年纪的人迎上I am Lynd, freshman, bioengineering major,来here is my latest study. "Lynd handed in his paper我叫林德,新生,生物工程专业," Give a brief explanation?" Oracle browsed这是我最新的作品.”林德递上他的论文。

through it over his monocle halfheartedly“简单地说明一下吧!”奧洛克透过My pleasure.单片镜漫不经心地扫视。

As known to all, specificity is an intrinsic乐意之至众所周知,特异性是妨碍器官移植best way out is to find typical immune inaction DNA的内在性质,最好的方法就是找到典型的then transcribe it in the gross we can..免疫迟钝(基因),然后大规模转录它,Theoretic irreproachable. "seemed Oracle was我们就能够….”averse to mess around“理论上无懈可击。

”看起来奥洛克不No, the crux is to root out proper sampling. It is愿意浪费时间maggot formerly, but latest research find不是的,问题的关键在于找到合适homologous enzyme in a special kinds of throwback的样本。

这在过去只能是空想,但是最新dormant frog offers odds. Chernobyl nuclear reactor的研究,在一种返祖睡蛙中发现了类似的disaster left great mutation in that district, as dossier酶,这提供了可能性。

切诺贝利核反应堆of anatomy journal》 stated, some researchers dissected事故在那个区域导致了突变,如《解剖学this frog and they found it scant of blood antibody.I日志卷宗》所述,一些研究者解剖了这种mean perhaps intense radiation vitalized the青蛙,他们发现血液中抗体稀少(所有的recessive segment, inducing the defect on immune抗体都稀少)。

我是说也许高强度的辐射system. but the experimenter didn't realized furthe激活了隐性基因片段,导致了免疫系统的more from this saltation缺陷。

但是试验者并没有从这次突变中悟And my idea is that we implant Carbon13(an到更多sotope of carbon tracer utilizing nuclear magnetic而我的主意就是我们把碳13(一种resonance)to histiocyte under microscope, observing利用原子磁共振技术的同位素追踪法)在the cells when we stimulate it by antigen and显微镜下植入细胞组织,用抗原和紫外线ultraviolet laser: I think it is helpful for our research in激光器刺激它,观察细胞群。


”An unsound thesis! he browsed through the“一个不可靠的论题!”他再次浏览paper agalI, paused for a while seemed cogitation,了论文,停顿了一下似乎在想什么,“但"but.. I may have a try if you elucidate it in your是…如果你在申请中说清楚了我可以试application下As a rule, " but", this disjunctive interjection作为一个规律,“但是”,这个转折性borne a great variable. 1 month later, Oracle rustled的插入语往往含有很大的变数。

一个月up this dormant frog and handed it to Lynd后,奥洛克就弄到了那种睡蛙,把它交给Thus, lynd got a chance to kill time林德这样林德就有机会消磨时间了After gaining the special permit of lab, in theperused pertinent data in price得到实验室的特殊许可之后,在接下of truancy. Some times, he calibrated imperceptible来的几个月里,他不惜逃课仔细阅读相关needle in real earnes, sometimes he felt fidget and be材料。

有时候极其认真地校准细微针头,peripatetic in Inca有时候感觉到烦躁不安,在狭窄的实验室racked his brains for his own idea. As you can see,里走来走去,而有时候为了自己的想法绞breakthrough always sponged on sedulity. Readers尽脑汁。

正如你所能想象的,突破依靠的Ist need to read and wait oute patiently.是勤奋。

读者们只要继续读下去然后耐心地等待结果就可以了It was an unclouded clean morning, linearrecursion proved his disquisition. He made it, yes这是一个天气晴朗,空气清新的早he made it. he find the element of immune inaction晨,线性递归证明了他的专题论文,他成and the most preciousemporary Immune static功了,是的,他发现了免疫迟钝的要素,和Activator最珍贵的东西——暂态免疫静止活化剂Mixing with gratification and joyance, he带着满足和喜悦,他把它交给了奥洛submitted them to Oracle, and borne of' one of his克,贏得了(他)一个转瞬即逝的微笑,fugacious smile which prefigured manumission of预示着他长时间的苦工终于可以解放了。

perennial drudgery. At last he was over the hump on最终他度过了论文的难关,整天都在傻paper, simpered all day long and loted on an笑,期望一个肯定的评价。

affirmative appraisal个月,2个月,5个月I month. 2 months. 5 mouths没有答复虽然林德开始时充满期待,但随着时Though Lynd was expectant at first, as the time间的流逝,他也有了耐心。

是的,有时候passed, he got patience. Yes, sometimes, science need科学需要耐心。

(546(注:林德提供的方案是1注射 Temporary Immune Static Activator(暂态免疫静止激活剂)免疫系统暂时迟钝2保持无菌环境,进行器官移植3激活剂缓慢失效,在免疫系统回复过程中,机体逐渐对新器官适应。

4林德通过睡蛙的试验成功率的线性递归统计,得出了激活剂有效的结论Chapter 2 episode 2-3第二章第二节-3Dissension纠纷In a laze of afternoon, Lynd turned over在一个闲散的午后,林德随手翻阅自《 Tentative neurology.》 which he browsed hardly.己几乎不看的杂志《试验神经学》。

突然Suddenly, he got something annoying: his thesis发现令他恼火的东西:他的论文发表了但published but Oracle took up the byline. In the是奥洛克占据了作者栏目。

在论文中,奥paper, Oracle truncated his linear recursion but卢克用离散随机信号处理删去了线性递inserted discrete random signal processing, adjusted归,调节了暂态兔疫静止活化剂的剂量,dosage of tisa, he proved it in a more systemic用更系统的化验证明这个论点。

assay. Thus, he transmuted Lynd's work into his这样,他就把林德的作品变成了自己ownIn the startled moment. he was very disillusioned在那个令人震惊的一刻,他对他的系with his dean Oracle. A sanctimonious one!主任奥洛克幡然醒悟(大失所望)。

Typically academic misconduct. On the surface a个假正经的人!典型的学术欺诈prudish pedagogue in fact a snobbish vampire!Wwas表面上一个古板的教员实际上一个势力total bald and bought a foolish toupee to match的吸血鬼!都秃顶了,买了一个愚蠢的假his foolish leather parka. Chunky vulture! Though a发来配上他愚蠢的皮夹克。

矮胖的秃鹫doyen, only highlight of his dissertations was to虽然是前辈,他论文的唯一亮点就是调换transpose it or superimposed his asinine顺序或者在上面加上他愚蠢的解释失去了所有权,他接着向奥洛克讨Hiatus of ownership, he then asked Oracle for个说法。

但是这个(脾气乖戾的)老家伙大a reason. But this curmudgeon turned fractious and发雷霆,警告说我受够了你漫无目的的论文了。

现I have enough your discursive paper.Now,在,滚出去!我剥夺你在实验室的特权!ret out! I denuded your prerogative in this lab!"奥洛克用严厉的语气否定林德Oracle overruled Lynd in scathing accer你不能这么做!它是我的作品!”You couldn' t do that! It is my work听到了没有?滚出去!”Did you hear me? Get out!这个强硬的命令,看起来让我们的主This ironhanded order, seemed daunted our角失去勇气了。

是的,你不能指望一个小hero.Yes, you couldn't count a lambkin to wrestled羊羔和权威抗衡with authority.他无法相信象牙塔里能出现这样He couldn' t believe the tower of ivory can个人渣,义愤冲动,倔强的林德通过列举emerged such a dregs of humanity, impetus of修改处,证明奥洛克侵犯了(他的作品)indignation, stubborn Lynd documented oracle's然后把它交给学术风气委员会。

fringement bng但是,14天之后,它重新到了林德手delivered it to academic ethos mitteeBut, 14 days later it redirected to Lynd在宿舍里接到它,他知道官官相护Received it in dorm, he knew the cohesion of了!一个关系良好的教授哄骗一个本科生evi! An well-connected professor bamboozle an真是非常容易啊。

undergraduate would be quite easy坐在椅子上,过度劳累而又孩子气的Sat in chair, a laddish face of overwrought脸上写满疲惫,他沮丧至极,垂下枯黄的exuded weariness, he was dismayed and swagged脸,眼睛湿润了。

那个变味的,和原先导his drab face, eyes drenched. The stale contention师的争论真的让人非常伤心,曾经不可渗between erstwhile mentor, was really heartbreaking,透的信赖千疮百孔。

经过几天不知疲倦的once impermeable trust turn porous. After days of举证反驳,他感觉到无力了indefatigable rebuttal, he felt impuissance在世上有一种情况:你觉得你自己There is a situation in the world: you feel对导师微不足道而他有对自己研究的停yourself count litte to mentor and he understates the滞轻描淡写,但篡改(或者用他自己的说stasis of own research, but tamper with( or rectify as法“修改”)试验数据。

这类人的一个标his own saying) experimental data. One tag of this签就是:我从来不篡改任何论文,只是kind: I never garble any treatise, but interpose插入合适的创意。

如果你是个不听话的木appropriate innovation. If you are an insubordinate偶人并觉得你超过了他,你最好保持沉默marionette and feel you outstrip him, you had better然后找个机会溜掉dummy up and find another chance to flee away不幸的是,林德遇到这种情况,但是Unluckily, ynd got in this situation,bthe他没有及时脱身dn 't flee away in time(384 words)Chapter 2 episode 2-3第二章第二节-3Sores of genius天才的哀伤Six years latter六年以后It was an abruptly blizzard一次突然的暴风雪Gale blustered all day long, air temperature大风整天整夜的刮着,气温在零下38hovered around38 below zero, flappy snowflakes度徘徊,飞舞的雪花让视野压抑非常,甚dismaled vision, even thick icicles frozen on至路标都结了厚厚的冰柱在这个糟糕的天气里,依然有一个人In this inclement weather, still one figure跌跌撞撞地穿过路口。

经历了一天累人的blundered across the intersection. After one day of工作后,林德迈着沉重的步子走回家onerous labour, Lynd plodded home- namely the就是那个小屋hovel他的栖身之所在发霉的木质地板上有His lodge had a niff of tacky on moldy parquet股黏黏的臭味。

一个蜡烛站在倒塌了的a candle standed beside a toppled stack of参考书目堆后面,而阳台被野草占领。

防bibliography, the terrace was conquered by tare.水油布和茅草夹在扭曲的塑料遮棚中间Tarpaulin and thatch interlaid the awry plastic把这个破旧小屋的骨架掩盖起来awning, covered up the framework of this tatty cubby.走进房间,他就倒下了,疲惫至极,Once got in th躺在了他的摇椅上。

and lay on his rocking chai圣诞前夜,当其他人准备着大吃精美Christmas eve, While others preparing to gulp的食物时,林德完全是一副惘然的表情lumps of dainty, Lynd was utterly in a vacuous他有轻微的贫血而嫉妒的贫困。

而且,吝expression. He was in slight anemia and great啬,冷漠,功利从四面八方压迫他,例如poverty. What's more, the parsimony,the贪财的逼债者——女房东nonchalance, and the utilitarian oppressed him far and虽然是房间里有强烈的盐味,女房东亲near. suchthe venal dun--houselady自拜访,并像他的房客抱怨:“什么鬼生Though a tangy room, houselady visited in活啊!我的下水管被布条塞住了但是你从erson and repined to his tenant," Damned life!My来不疏导它。

今年三月,飓风带来的大水downer had clogged with rag but you never try to涌入我们公寓,浸透了一些笨重的家具。

repair It. On march, the deluge brought by cyclone门框都烂掉了,甚至长出了细小的蘑菇,debouched into our flat and soak cumbersome他们的真菌,因为茎锈枯萎病fitments. doorframe rotten. even shoot在她唠叨的轰击下,他勉强做出一个mushroom, God damned fungus, for the blight of微笑,点了点头,同意对一个木桶老女人stem rust而言,生活的确很难,接着请求把最后期限往后推noded, consented life was pretty rough for a tubbish容忍已经到达我的极限了。

最后old lady, then entreated to postpone the deadline次警告!如果你还不支付拖欠的房租的Forbearance reach the end of my tether. One last话,从我的阁楼里搬走吧!”warning! If you don,'t pay the overdue rent, then,当然!我一定会这么做的!”我给你7天时间!如果没有采取任Sure!lt must be done!何措施的话7天我收回我的房子!”I give your 7days! 7 days I will call back my“好的,我答应你。

”room once nothing measure has been taken!OK!I promise且回到座位上,这个饱经忧患的失败者疲惫不堪。

当然,他愿意偿还房租Once back to seat, this careworn underdog但是钱呢?抽屉里一堆混乱的碎纸屑exhausted. Surely, he was willing to reimburse his lyrent. But where is the money? a welter of folder“冷漠的俗人啊!你们又是如此傲scraps in drawer?慢。


渐渐地,安静Impassive laity! So hubris of you." enclasped下来,忍住了轻微的关节炎,他满脸愁容,threadbare wadded jacket. Slowly, calmed down,接着捡起一个生锈的铁钳给(炉子)添火one subtle arthritis, he scowled, then pickedψpa火焰很快昋噬了新近的煤块,复苏了一阵tarnished tong to stoke. Flare licked up the火焰。

在一段时间里,温暖减轻了他心中newing coal rapidly, revived a flash in the pan.的痛苦。

但是很快,温暖消失了,唯一快For a time, warmth allayed his twinge in heart.But乐的核心也就破碎了soon,this warmth disappeared, kernel of only gaiety把手从炉子边缩回来,他陷入一片broken茫然,轻微的眩晕,接着对自己亳无信心Withdrew his hands from stove. he be in a破旧格栅外讨厌的天气增添了一种daze, slight vertigo, then he felt privation of self-trust..绝望的气氛,意识冻僵的寒冷侵入骨髓,Perishing sky out of the pokey grating tinted a寒冷让他脸色惨白,躯体完全冻结住了hopeless feeling, mind numbing cold infiltrated his他会死吗?谁知道呢,或者,谁关marrow, chill blanched his countenance soma C We?苫难就像一直杂种豺狼,用毒牙一点Will he perished? Who knows, or even, who点的咬着林德心智最后的完整。

林德决定投降并躲在摇椅上(什么也不干),苦Misery was a mongrel jackal whose fangs nibbled难依旧不依不饶。

它邀请了一个同伙Lynd's final integrity of psyche. After Lynd decided to恼怒,来榨取林德的胆囊,享受着他的痛surrender and stay in his rockin-chai, still misery be苦,践踏他最后的自尊。

而林德能做的就pertinacious. It invited an acplice--fret,to是在他们阴险的哄笑声中卑微而屈辱地wring Lynds gallbladder, relished on his affliction照顾伤口。

轻微地,他有些精神分裂了,and trampled his final self-worth. What Lynd can do他觉得有人在低语,然后越来越强。

旧的only was to tend his wounds servilely in humiliation回忆不断在脑海里重现:他的论文,他的of their sinister cachinnation. Slight!y, he got教授,以及那些能够激起他对任何人憎恶delirium, he felt some one breathe, then it grew的东西。

甚至,他感觉到幽灵的嚎叫挑战stronger and stronger. Old memories constantly他心理承受能力的极限——比任何惩罚recurred to him: his discourse, his professo, and all救赎更加痛苦things can ferment enmity to anyone. Even. he felt当林德陷入了精神黑暗时,有人敲门quall of phantom challenged apex of mentalendurance-- more afflictive than any punitive依旧有些不耐烦,他起身上前开广reparation.再一次的,是那个房东,“家伙,我While lynd sank into a spiritual dark, Someone这里有一份包裹给你knocked the door令人惊奇啊,这个人是谁呢?谁会Remain a state of impatient, he arosed and up to关心一个无足轻重的人?一个身无分文oper的书呆子呢?Once again, it is the houselady, guy, I got a接过包裹和信封,(开始)读信parcel for you. tTo much amazement what hell could it be? Who亲爱的林德care a nonentity? An skint pedant?你和大多数人不同的奇怪构想Took over thte parcel and envelope, it reads注定无法存活。

你看起来毫不妥协,但是你的眼睛出卖了你内心的恐惧Dear Lynd原谅我对神圣科学的亵渎,让我们重新开始doomed to be inviable. You seems intransigent. but欢迎和我们讨论你的奇思妙想,或you eyes betray your innate specter者选择另一条路!Forgive my blasphemy to sacred science,let's get a new startWele to brainstorm your whim with恒星生物科技奥洛克Sidereal b在一个手枪皮套内,装着一把上膛的Oracle马爹利亨利手枪。

一些填料塞住了枪管带着带点铜绿,他已经过时了但是还能Within a holster, a loaded Martini Henry Pistol Hpacked. Some filling caulked the pipe. With whit of“一个蹩脚的借口!”(内心)充满着verdigris, it was outmode but still worked愤怒,他知道所有的一切都是一场卑鄙的“ A lame excuese!" surcharged with vehemency,谎话,奥洛克希望林德为他工作。

he knew everything a vile flam Oracle wanted lynd倘若平时,它会拒绝。

但是现在,他works for him必须悔过。

He would refused it at usual, But now. he had to在他做出这个决定时,他可以想象be penitent“德高望重”的奥洛克狂野的奸笑In the moment he made this decision he could这样,落魄的林德从一个科学狂人倒vision the feral smile of the "prestigious"Oracle退成一个病毒怪兽!Thus, strapped Lynd backslide from a scientific多么可叹的悲剧啊!What a deplorable trage(748 words)Chapter 2 episode 3-1第二章第三节Bloody wedding血色婚礼It was really真是一次味觉盛宴啊Spicy Crab, Crystal Prawn, Oyster Omelet辛香蟹,水晶虾,牡蛎蛋卷,Black Pepper Short Rib黑椒牛排Hoisted their chalices for benison, gourmets举起酒杯祝福,美食家们衣were well spruced. But in fact, their exterior of冠楚楚。

但实际上,他们礼貌的外decorum can be deceiving, the most dangerous was表具有很强的欺骗性,而最危险的smarmy gam.就是——虚假的社交。

The wedding held in a medieval cathedral of婚礼在一个有着古老枝型吊antiquated chandelier. Bride was Diana, whose灯的中世纪教堂举行。

新娘是戴安father robert was a magnate of real estate--the娜,他的父亲罗伯特是地产界的巨nitiator and chief executive officer of hanoi头— HANOI(和越南首都同音异( homonymous to capital of Vietnan, and the意)的创始人和总裁,而新郎弗兰bridegroom, Frank, was a charming and vivacious克,是一个富有魅力而健谈的经纪broker. The word told that though robert was a人。

有流言说虽然罗伯特礼让且不man of ity and chivalry, he was impotent.He乏绅士风度,他患有不育症。

他收dopted two daughters--Diana and helen, these养了两个女儿—戴安娜和海伦,two remained rift, especially in patrimony这两个人有隙(指有矛盾),尤其是Ignoring the feud, it was a revelry symphony.在财产方面An axiom tells," two garrulous women are忽视那些不睦,这是场狂欢的eqμ uivalent to 100gooe.”So, there were thousands交响曲。

有一条公理说,“两个多嘴of gaggle in the hall的女人等于100只鹅。

”这么算起来,Helen, with thickly dotted freckles,kept在大厅里就有上千的鹅群了babbling about her brand new alligator handba海伦,长着密密麻麻的雀斑Stand aside. the bride diana showed no intention to直对她的全新鳄鱼皮包喋喋不swank, though flowered ruffled robe and plush休。

站在一旁,新娘戴安娜丝毫没tippet worth much more. Perhaps
All of a sudder, a devilkin rushed to helen也许她知道,祸从口出。

and snapped at her robe and twirl it, rumpled her突然,一个小鬼冲向海伦,抓gossamer pleat by his dirty paw. After he made it,住他的礼服用力扭,用他的脏爪把he raised his head, smirked and ran away quickly她的薄纱褶弄皱.做完后,他抬起了Soon this windbag turned airtight, gritted her teeth头,得意地笑了一下,接着一溜烟In lre, dare not to burst out, could just flicked away逃跑了。

很快那个大风箱就老实了the besmirchment by prepared facial tissue气的咬牙切齿,却又不敢爆发,只Now. let' s leave this woman for a while. turn能用借来的面巾纸把污点弹掉outdoor现在,让我们暂时不管这个女人,(把视野)转向门外。

Perhaps be captivated by this convivialbanquet, a knock visited the kitchen, then a messy也许被欢乐的宴会所吸引homeless presented," may I share champagne with个敲门声拜访了厨房,接着一个肮脏的流浪汉出现了,“可以和你分享The chef, a lard-bucket was disgusted by th杯香槟吗?”parasite. He would rejected his appeal at usual. But那个厨子,一个肥佬看起来对today, he grumbled," what an irremediable这个食客非常反感。

倘若在平时drunkard!' then fetched out a bottle of inferior run他会拒绝它的请求。

但是今天,他and broached for him抱怨说,“真是个无可救药的酒鬼!”After this man guzzled it, he squated against the接着取出了一瓶劣质的兰姆酒,并all. as a habit of mendicant, seemed try to solicit为他开瓶ore alms from passers-by等这个男人一口气喝下酒,他i di蹲在墙边,作为一个乞丐的习惯,just feel it divertive to find a man poorer than me,看起来想从路人身上多讨到一些救济品(371 words)哦,对不起,看起来我跑题了,忘了我的胡言乱语吧,我只是觉得发现一个比我还穷的人的确有趣,让我们重新回到我们的主题。

Chapter 2 episode 3-2第二章第三节2In this veritable treat, Christina was the second在这个名副其实的宴会里,克里斯蒂one secluded from euphoria. For it was cruel to see安是第二个与快乐无关的人。

因为看着两two sweet divine heart blend, especially for a个甜蜜而神圣的心融合在一起实在是太gobbled残忍了,尤其是对一个单身汉。

这样独自Whisky and chewed succulent roast beeves. Sure! His人,克里斯蒂安大口喝着一瓶又一瓶的people not e yet.威士忌,嚼着多汁的烤牛肉。

当然了!他Not until clergy presided over the wedding的人还没来。

oath, Roy entered an appearance. It was such an gaffe直到牧师住持婚礼宣誓时,罗伊出现What hell have you gone? We are waiting for了。

这真是太失礼了you! "once seeing Roy, Christ roused his bile你他妈的去哪里了?我们都在等" I am sorry. Real real sorry, I couldn't find my你!”一看见了罗伊,克里斯就有怒火了。

tuxedo! "Roy tried to sedate him“对不起,真的对不起,我找不到我With the hint Christ adverted to it that while的礼服了!”罗伊试图让他安静下来ther gentlemen were in splendid tuxedo, Roy was in经他一提醒,克里斯留意到其他人都a waggish vest of servant with bulged collar padding穿着华丽的礼服,罗伊穿着一件滑稽的服seemed in a hurry and even had no time to shave his务员背心,带着鼓起的衣襟填料。

看起来scarce whisker整匆忙,甚至没空修理他的小胡子。

You are so lousy! unseemly dress and你真是邋遢!”不合适的衣服和不timely arrival, Christ took umbrage at his及时的出现,克里斯对他失礼感到不快,brbrusquenessast prom you were late al上一次误会你不也迟到吗?It wouldn't happen again, I promise. " Roy我再也不会这样了,我保证。

”罗lamented for his imprudent latee伊同样为他鲁莽的迟到懊悔不已Losing in euphonious music, hedonists沉浸在悦耳的音乐中,享乐者们放abandoned themselves in carousing, enjoying the纵自己狂欢作乐,享受着足以取悦最挑剔delicacies pleasing to the most refined palate.Asa味蕾的美食。

作为罗伊那样的男孩,他忍boy of Roy, he couldn,'t help to eat plethoric不住吃了过多的虾籽酱,发现它有些油shrimp-roe soy sauce, found it unctuous, he decided腻,他决定去拿些可可肉条。

to fetch some shredded coconut meat就如暴雨中的小鸡,海伦依然一片Like a biddy in a thunderstorm, Helen still慌乱,但很快她就会复原了,因为一个帅unrest. but soon she will recovered. because a气的年轻人迎面向她示好。

andsome young man came up to leer at her可以和你跳支舞吗?”衣冠楚楚May I offer a minuet?" dapper bridegroom的新郎邀请道我想拒绝一个带着微笑而彬彬有礼I guessed it a misbehavior to refuse a trig dandy的潇洒公子是一件很失礼的行为。

幸运的of taking smile and urbanity. Luckily, so Helen did.是,海伦也是这么想的。

这样,优雅地鞠Thus, with a neat bow, they toed and heeled it躬之后,他们欢快地挑起了舞。

新郎弗兰trippingly. Groom Frank was a voluble broker, he克是一个健谈的经纪人,他清楚地知道对knew exactly that there was no fulsome pliment女士来说没有过度的奉承,尤其是对她们for women, expecially on their beauty. So their的美貌。

这样,他们的交谈充满了欢乐intercourse was hil想喝点东西吗?”他轻声问道。

Would you have a drink? "he asked softly.“当然。

”Sure接着弗兰克就把身边的威士忌递Then frank delivered a Whisky nearby给她n老实说,我宁愿选择雪利酒said海伦说Oh, yes? It is you really favourite, he then哦,对了,它才是你的最爱,”recourse to Roy who was passing by," may you他接着向身边经过的罗伊求助,“给我bring me a crusted Sherry? Appreciated瓶陈年的雪莉酒好吗?万分感谢!”En!"repressed his amazement, Roy realized his(“陈年的”,这是弗兰克特意加上去的habiliment, then responsed, "my pleasure, sir属于经纪人社交技巧之一)When an untapped bottle of Sherry was fetched,恩!”压制住自己的惊愕,罗伊Frank poured the drink for Helen after scrubbing the意识到他(特殊的)衣服,接着他回答到goblet in dinner cloth乐意效劳,先生。

Thank you当一瓶未开启的雪莉取来的时候,My pleasure!弗兰克为海伦用餐巾擦拭高脚杯,并为海伦倒酒somehow !"Robert plained谢谢了while drinking his Sherry. Soon something不客气happened, he seemed asphyxiated, like stifled byunbodied gristle, his hands strangled his own throatHe felt ill, his retainer, also private doctor, Carl不知为什么,我感觉有些头hurried to check up the situation, then everyone晕!”罗伯特一边喝着雪莉酒,一边抱怨gathered around道。

很快情况发生了,他看起来呼吸困难Is it an allergy? My father g就像被无形的软骨窒息住了,他的手扼住hypersensitivity to lobster. "Helen offered了自己的喉咙。

他觉得很不舒服,他的侍" No evidence of stimulus, or i can counteract从,也是私人医生,卡尔,赶紧过来检查it by antihistamine! "Doctor Carl kept aplomb though情况,接着所有人都聚集过来。

disbobulated by this thunderbolt,it maybe“是过敏吗?我的父亲对龙虾过asthma, take this." Carl then took out some敏。


capsules and hied robert to take it没有刺激物的迹象,否则用抗"Here is the drink "Helen helped while delivered组织胺药解毒就好了。

”医生卡尔保持着冷静,虽然他也为这个突发事件困惑不But after robert ingested, It got worse. His face已,“可能是哮喘,吃下它。

”卡尔拿出了turned blue, staggered and fell into floor in a macabre些胶囊,催促罗伯特吃下。


”海伦在旁边帮Carl hurriedly checked the throb忙道,一边递上了她的雪莉酒。

But. there was no breath.但是当罗伯特眼下之后,情况变得更糟糕了,他的脸色变青,踉踉跄跄" Jesus Christ! It is poisonous! It is poisonous!地走了儿步,摔倒在地板上,脸上的表情Diana screamed out, this virulent potation terminated可怕地扭曲了breath in seconds卡尔赶紧检测心跳。

Soon, acting as a forensic doctor, Roy avered但是,没有呼吸。

this hypothesis after handy autopsy. Sheriff Colin thenarrived, pacified everyone scared上帝啊!它有毒!它有毒!”戴First question: what has the decedent touched?安娜尖叫道,这个剧毒的饮料在几秒内就His own SHEERY and goblet终结了呼吸and Helen,s she很快,扮演一名法医,在简易尸检之后,罗伊确定了这个假设。

警官科林Here is the quiz, do you know how he get到场了,安慰每一个受到惊吓的人poiso第一个问题:死者接触过什么?(596 words)他自己的雪莉和高脚杯,一些胶囊,和海伦的雪利酒这样,读者们?竞猜游戏开始了,你知道他是如何中毒的吗?Chapter 2 episode 3-3第二章第三节-3In a clutter, Diana was up and doing,"did my在一片混乱中,戴安娜开始行动了,“我father ask you for water?" Diana perpetrated a trick,的父亲向你要过水吗?”戴安娜做了一个陷by saying"my father"instead of"our father阱,说“我的父亲”,而不是“我们的父亲”。

"I,I…… I just suppose him to be!Iam我,我.…我只是认为他想而已unspotted. "Helen defended我是无辜的”海伦辩护道iana drew up to her, with jaunty戴安娜更向她靠近一步,带着得意的criminal incentive is marital wrangle, when was you眨眼,“犯罪动机是婚姻口角吧,你什么时betrothed to him? Your fiance Carl, you colluded with候同他订婚的?你的未婚夫卡尔,你和他串him and killed my father, wasn't it?通起来,杀了我父亲,不是吗?”No, I didnt. "Helen prevaricated不,我没有。

”海伦开始支支吾吾In a deep sigh, Carl begun to tell the truth,“ln起来this clan, his health is a taboo subject. Since he dead,深深的叹息了一声之后,卡尔开始It Is not secretive anymore: asthma left him an badly说出事情真相,“在这个家族,他的健康是trophy in lung lobe, even allergic to airborne pollen个禁忌话题。

既然他死了,就不再是秘密Digestive dysfunction, with gastric ulcer and了:哮喘让他的肺叶严重娄缩,甚至对空气中的花粉过敏。

消化道功能失常,患有胃Everyday, analgesia is the only thing can alleviate his溃疡和厌食症,甚至及微量的阿司匹林都能pain.7 days ago still in wan, convalescent robert felt刺激他的胃。

每一天,止痛剂是唯一能减轻it obliged to left a testament. But he was mixed-up他痛苦的东西了。

7天前身体还在虚弱之中about the heritage distribution.So, he decided to test时,恢复期(这是卡尔对罗伯特病危的委婉out their filial piety-by a designed cataplexy说法)中的罗伯特觉得有必要留下一份遗'What is the capsule? "sheriff Colin asked.嘱。



No, no, slightly, "in straightforward eyes你那些胶囊是什么?”警官科林问"as the toxicant, my instinct tell me iEbe muscular laxative(now forbidden) and吗啡hypnotic, they was both innocuous, but once mixed“过量的?”and fed to normal. it was more dangers than venom of不,只有一点,”在坦诚的目光下viper.卡尔继续说道,“就毒物而言,我的直觉告o you have the antidote? "sheriff Colin诉我可能是肌肉迟缓剂(现在已经禁用)和安眠药,它们都是无害的,但是一旦混合,In calm tongue, Colin noded, convinced that给正常人吃,将比毒蛇的唾液更加危险Carl didn,'t try to perjure himself. But, who is the有解药吗?”警官科林说murderer?“没有。

”在平静的语调中,科林点了点头,In a swirl of event, Roy keep equanimity相信卡尔没有作伪证。

但是,谁又是凶手Is toxicant in the fizzing wine? On the brittle He?carafe?Or in the capusle? On the edge of goblet?It在一片事件的旋涡中,罗伊保持着冷The so-called genius was the one who always毒物在冒泡的酒中?在易碎的玻璃find the way out.Son, Roy had an answer in mind,瓶上?或者在胶囊里?在高脚杯的杯缘?then he announced to everyone present," he murderer甚至在储物室里?is groom frank这真是一个问题啊!Presumption is not reality. You must offercogent ratiocination. " Colin observed而所谓的天才就是总是找到解决方Sure, Frank, you just want to kill Helen法的人,很快,罗伊心里就有了答案,接着originally. For you knew exactly that Helen drinks他向在场的所有人宣布,“凶手是新郎弗兰fetch a bottlethen smeared if soluble bane on the brim of“假设不是现实。

你必须提供有力的goblet by dinner cloth. But unluckily, Robert drunk it.推理。

”科林说So, if we can find some mite on your used dinner“当然,弗兰克,你最初只是想杀海伦。


于是你,Frank smiled, he was of staid and punctilious,你叫我取出一瓶就,接着在高脚杯的边缘用then grinned," Nice work, but i am innocent!You餐巾涂上微量的可溶毒药.。

但不幸的是,bark up the wrong tree.罗伯特喝了它。

这样,如果我们能够在你用过的餐巾上发现一些小东西弗兰克笑了,他总是冷静而小心谨out your acplice?Now, if i am right, you have慎,接着咧嘴笑道,“漂亮,但是我是无辜another dinner cloth, It Is In—Dana! She is the的你找错认了。

”bridegoud think of frisking heShe is here at all times, couldn't throw it away这么说,”罗伊展现出了少有的微Then, Colin had to expropriate her dinner笑,“你出卖了你的同伙?现在,如果我是cloth. Laggardly, she had to reel off it from tippet. But对的,你有另一块餐巾,它就在——戴安娜at the fateful moment, washy mentality of female身上!她是新娘,没人会想到搜她身。

他至collapsed, in all of a sudden, she vociferated始至终都在这里,不可能把它仍掉!hysterically, it is all his fault, he goaded me to do thi接着科林不得不征用她的餐巾了I am inculpable慢吞吞地,他把它从披肩里抽了出来。

但就In a state of swivet, she blubbered near the在生死攸关的时刻,女性如水的心智崩溃opus," I am so ignorant to believe in him." while了,忽然,她歇斯底里地大叫起来,“都是yammered, she wept bitter tears of remorse, slowly by他的错,他怂恿我这么做的,我是无辜的!”slowly, she quiet down, sobbed her heart out耗尽了全身的力气,她在尸体边上又But it means nothing, they would both got哭又闹,“我是如此无知地相信他。

”一边哭诉着,一边流下了悔恨的苦泪What a judicious nature of Roy to debunk但是这毫无意义,他们都会被判死刑。

their ruse and apprehend the culprit in a minute! In罗伊一下子就揭穿了他们的诡计并抓the night, a nova of detective sparkled住凶手是何等的明察秋毫啊!在那个夜晚,On their way home, Christ asked, "how can颗侦探新星熠熠生辉,you guess the real murderer?在他们回家的路上,克里斯问到:“你Roy smiled,“ will you risk to kill a dying怎么知道谁是凶手的?oldie? It didn't worth the trouble at all罗伊笑了,“你会冒险杀一个快死的老(320 words)人吗?这太麻烦了。


)Chapter 2 episode 4-1第二章第四节-1Dissolved time溶解的时间An letter of mystery一封神秘的来信Do readers wanna know some thing more about读者们想多知道一些在第二节the sprat alluded in episode2? He named Roy,25,a中提到的小个子吗?他叫罗伊,25岁young medical practitioner in Pullet Slun, devout普利特平民窟的开业医生,虔诚的佛教pilgrim of Buddhism, hybrid of Chinese and English,徒,中英混血儿,毕业于哈佛医学院graduated from Harvard medical academy. In cover of a外表是一名医生,可好管闲事的罗伊从doctor, meddlesome Roy never flinched towards crime,来不向罪恶退缩,他的座右铭:阳光his aphorism: no sins in the sun, indicate his avocation下没有罪恶,昭示着他的业余爱好一detective. His specialized outfit: a versatile remedy侦探。

他的特殊行头:多功能急救箱(常用来急救和尸检)Christina was an raconteur, Roy's elder brotherpugilist, amateur of philately, former garageman. That普通的一天time, he lived with roy on the wallaby track当明亮的窗帘照亮卧室,一个依然稚气的年轻人在一堆混乱的床具中It is a normal day.醒了过来,罗伊知道是时候起床了。

漫When the bright curtain lighten bedchamber,a不经心地把睡衣换成衬衫,刷牙,漱口vealy young man came around. In a disheveled pile of剃须,最后洗脸.bedding. Roy knew it was time to got up. Slipshodly, he如平常,他穿过院子里的草地switched his bedgown to casual shirt, brushed teeth,去取他的日报,接着他无意中发现他的gargled, trimmed beard and washed face邮箱边上躺着一份包裹,这是什么东西As usual, he got across yard lawn to fetch h啊?daily, then he stumbled on a parcel repose near his没有收信者也没有邮编,罗伊解mailbox. what is it?开绳子,里面是一封信和一个手提箱,No recipient or zip code, Roy untied the ropes, ff+got an letter and suitcase, it read亲爱的罗伊Dear Roy能亲眼鉴证你冷静的推理和逻It is my honour to witness your dispassionate辑让我备感荣幸!如果你不介意,3月reasoning and logic! If you don' t mind, may I invite23日,我可以邀请你到我的住所吗?you to drop a visit to my dwelling in9am,Mar23?顺便说一下,我希望你能穿上我手提箱In addition, I hope you can be in my jeans and里的牛仔裤和法兰绒衬衫checkered flannel shirt in the suitcase万分感谢!Many thanks教授马库斯Marcus20023203.20在信中,还附加了一张5万美元2002的支票,看起来罗伊(上次)衣着寒酸让他印象深刻,马库斯教授不得不特别Within the letter, attached an cheque of50,交代000S seemedRoy's frumpish dress impressed on him, professor3天以后,罗伊和克里斯如期到Marcus had to arrange it especially达了。

3 days later, Roy arrived with Christ as promised这是一个绿松色的别墅,种植着It was a villa of turquoise, thickset peony bush浓密的牡丹丛,青葱的树林在小河的另planted, lush jungle flourished in the thither side of边茂密生长。

一些零时工悠闲地用大rivulet. Some transient labours were pruning the hedge剪刀修建篱笆。

在这田园生活中那园艺in shears leisurely. The witchery of horticulture on this的魅力,正是罗伊向往多年的idyll cottage was the one roy yearned towards for ages按响门铃后,一个妇女过来招呼After pressing the doorbel, an woman ing to他们,“是罗伊先生吗?教授等你很久cater to their arrival," are you doctor Roy? Professor has了。

”这个热情的引导员把他们带过走long been waiting for you." This hospitable usher廊,“在客厅里休息一下吧!”guided them through corridor, take a respite in drawing这个称职的杂役,爱丽丝,在这ooI栋房子里服务了7年了。

This qualified factotum, Iris, serviced for 7 years in房子刚装修过,把客厅和餐厅和this house并在一起,看起来更宽敞了。

大理石的This house was newly refurbished, coalesced地板铺着淡黄色的地毯,点缀着怒放的drawing room with dining room, seemed much more栀子绣花。

在茶几上,烟灰缸的旁边放spacious than others. Marble floor with ginger carpet着一盒药膏,还有些包装精美的面粉糕interspersed by floss full- blown gardenia. An ointment饼和山核桃散落着。

一个香炉放在瑞士near the ashtray lay above the teapoy, other some pastry大钟旁边的壁龛里,释放者麝香and pecan in delicate wrapper asunder. An incense边等着,一个衣着俗艳的女人burner was placed near a big Switzer pendulum in the走了进来,温妮,一个苗条的棕发女郎recess emanated with aroma of musk喷着浓郁的丁香花香水,马库斯长子海While waiting, a meretricious woman step Ir,罗的未婚妻。

她接着开始在水浒里煮燕Winnie, a willowy brownette with reek of lilac perfume,麦,把面包用银质餐具切成片状。

几秒the fiancee of marcus' elder son hallow. She then钟以后,一个高瘦鼻子的家伙出现了,brewed oatmeal in kettle and sliced the bread in silver海罗,(他)坐下来,(为面包)抹上黄cutlery. Secondsa slim nose fellow emerged,油。

着亲密的合作顺利地进行着,看起Hallow sat down and daubed butter. This intimat来像训练了多年。

collaboration worked smoothly. seemed had been一边做着,海罗插话道,“强尼起来了吗?While doing, Hallow chimed in, is Cheney get“还没呢!他总是这样。

”强尼,那个最小的儿子,一个没Not yet! His style教养的懒鬼,过着病态而放纵的生活Cheney, the youngest son, an ill-bred sluggard,led堕落的污点耗光了他的意志,从来没有a morbid, licentious life. The stigma of decadence在10点之前起床过sapped his will, never get up before 10 am也许15分钟以后把,爱丽丝又来Perhaps 15 minutes later, Iris came and asked them了,叫他们去见教授to meet Professor但是经过楼梯的时候,罗伊发现But while passing the stairway, Roy found an在墙上的挂毯上师傅咯阿拉伯图腾,它arabescμ ue totem in the tapestry hang on the wall,it的边缘菊花围成,(那种菊花)仅在侏mmed by chrysanthemum which was discovered from罗纪时期的化石中发现,而在环形圈内fossil of jurassic era, and inside the loop, It was a star部,有一个如星体般圆形:这是那个like rotundity: it was propitious adornment of the历史悠久的公司——恒星公司的吉祥old-line pany--Sidereal technique“恒星公司?(600 wordsChapter 2 episode 4-2第二章第四节-2The fact hidden隐藏的真相The host Marcus, vice-president of ST, was主人马库斯,恒星科技的副总裁recumbent on the cushion, after seeing them e,he正在坐垫上休息,看见了他们进来后,他monologize开始了独白:ear ago, laboratory found a fastidious年前,实验室里幸运地发现了mutation of smallpox fortuitously. It wasnt lethal to种(对培养基)挑剔的天花变体。

他对试perimental mice, but when we implanted it into验老鼠并不致命,但是当我们把它植入到human- kindred apes, it decimated our testees and人类近亲猿类的时候,它大规模的是受试showed great viability. This singularity., proved to者死亡,并且展示了强大的生存能力。

这transmit via spittle, also can lodged in mice or种特殊东西,被证明通过唾液传播,也可poultry, the real threaten was: it has a latency of3以寄生在老鼠或者家禽身上,而真正的威day, in which phase carriers can disseminate it胁是:它有3天的潜伏期,在这个阶段携without any abnormity. I delved into logs pertain to带者可以没有任何异常地传播它。

我研究this pernicious virus, but when I was on my way,the了关于这个致命病毒的相关记录,但当我specimen was stolen还在做的时候,样本被偷了Stolen? Why don' t you call the police?“被偷了?为什么不报警呢?I did, hand in some remnant swatch, but it didn t报了,也交上了一些剩余的样本,seems draw enough attention, and I would prefer但是它看起来没有得到足够的重视,而宁count on you rather than impuissant cop!可相信你,也不愿相信无能的警察!He drooped his head, then droned on, hope my他垂下了头,继续唠唠叨叨说下去malpractice wonldn 't result in any severe aftermath."“希望我的渎职不会引起严重的后果。

”Is anymore clue?I means, did you still remember还有其他线索吗?我是说,你还what happens the day? Or someone suspicious?”"Roy记得那天发生了什么?或者一些嫌疑became a police without badge人?”罗伊充当起了无徽警察。

Of course. there is a forenotice. he then showed当然,这里有一份预告函。

”他接Roy a letter着给罗伊看一封信Dear marcus亲爱的马库斯I was imparted btance that我的一个熟人告诉我你发明了一种you devise an unwonted virus, wish my felicity to稀有的病毒,希望能同你分亨。

share it with you虔诚的基诺Gino“谁?谁告诉基诺呢?”罗伊咀嚼着他们的谈话,透彻地分析语调上的细微Who, who imparted Gino?" Roy masticated差别,接着询问道,“博士,你是说这是their interlocution, parsed exhaustive nuance in tone,个家丑?”then peered, Doctor, did you imply that it is a马库斯点了点头,表示默认,“你kelton in a closet?”的能力远在你的年龄之上。

”马库斯很少Marcus nodded, refering to acquiescence,"your对一个新朋友推崇备至,对一个羽翼未丰petence precedes your age." Marcus hardly paid的年轻人就更少了an panegyric on a new friend, more even on such a“谢谢了。


callow youth“我希望你能确定这宗盗窃案,并Thanks. "Roy kept his eyes peeled且让警方相信!”hope you can ascertain this theft, and如你所愿!”一个简明的回答。

onvince对了医生,我曾经得过高血压和As you wished! "a succinct reply心脏病,我最近身体不适,能不能帮我检" And doctor, I ever get hypertension and heart查一下?”attck, I feel malaise lately, can you check it for me?用听诊器和血压仪检查之后,罗伊After check- up of stethoscope and blood诊断病情并不严重,“别担心,离旧病复pressure account, Roy diagnosed it was not serious,发还远,轻微的糖尿病,保持规律的胰岛don' t worry., far from relapse, slight diabetes,kep素注射。


适当egular insulin injection. Jocund mood would help的运动放松,注意保暖防流感。

现在,对habilitation, Proper kinetic relax and keep warm to你而言,生气是严格禁止的。

”prevent flu. And now, as to you, infuriation is strictly“谢谢你,我知道了。

”forbiddenThank you, got it几分钟以后,他们一回到客厅,罗伊就陷入了热心的询问者中了。

海罗询问道,“我的父亲还好吗?Several minutes latter, once they was back to“没什么严重的,放心吧!drawing room, Roy bogged down by avid inquisitors医生,在后院吃点点心怎么样?Hallow consulted him, "is my father all right?我的朋友给我了一点上品红茶。

”海罗邀Nothing serious, put you heart in your pockets. WHiT定的,”克里斯对吃非常感兴bout take sohind趣多么美好的一天啊!Sure, "Christ was pleased to eat和煦的微风扫过紫荆花瓣,从树上伴随着沙沙声飘过门廊。

他们细末苹果酒What a nice day!和糖桂肉饼。

不时地,克里斯开一些玩笑,Placid wind whisked the redbud petals from the可就在他们的笑声中,罗伊能够感觉到他trees and sent them rustling past porch. They enjoyed们旁敲侧击地想诱出更多的一些东西mulled apple cider and sugar-cinnamon cake donutsNow and then, Christ took some persiflage, still in当他们还在闲谈的时候,一个鼻根their laughters, Roy can felt their innuendo try to很高的人出现了,从他阴郁的脸上,罗伊elicit something more推断他一定就是强尼了,接着用热情的语调说,“早上好!While they were faddling, an nasal root salient“早上好!”强尼敷衍道,接着径youth appeared, infered from the sullen faced,Roy直去吃早餐了。

这样仅仅一次冷冰冰的问supposed he must be Cheney, then in a cordial voice,候,他就消失了。

他真不是一个性格温和(容易相处)的人Good morning! "Cheney paltered, then went for但是罗伊感觉到了邪恶的气息,用breakfast directly.Thus, over a chill greeting,he他的直觉,他留意了那古色古香的摆钟vanished. It was really not a congenial man现在是But Roy smelt something evil, by his hunch,Roy noticed the old-time pendulum, it read10:00(536 words)Chapter 2 episode 4-3第二章第四节-3The murder凶杀案A few minutes latter, still they were tattling几分钟过去后,他们依旧在闲谈。

Hallow got unnatural, then he asked," excuese me,海罗忽然变得不自然起来,他问道,“对may I ask for a moment?不起,我可以离开一下吗?”"Of course! "Christ answered. Still, Roy“当然!”克里斯回答道。

依旧,罗kept an eye on the pendulum10:10伊时刻留心着那个摆钟—10:10Not until 10: 30. Hallow returned直到10:30,海罗回来了Then, in 10: 40, the last guy Cheney reported然后,在10:40,最后一个家伙强in, every one was In concourse. Though finally尼报到,所有人到齐了。

虽然最终加入了joined our mini carnival, he seemed a controlled我们的小型狂欢节但是他看起来压制(内心的)恐慌Everything was all right until 10: 50, Irisapproached in a festinate walk, " I don't know what直到10点50分前,一切相安无事。

has happened, master's door is locked, but I knock(可一到那个时间)爱丽丝慌张地进来了,it heavily, there was no reply我不知道发生了什么是,主人的门锁上For the care of marcus, a stampede of people了,但是我用力敲门,可是没有反映。

”to the living room出于对马厍斯的关心,一群人冲向" Open the door, Doctor!" Roy yelled,了卧室。

knocking the door in a hi开门啊,博士!”罗伊大叫道,急Seconds latter. still silence. Hallow lobbed促的敲着门along to miscellaneous room, got a sledgehammer几秒钟过后,(房间里)依旧没有丝then rammed the door teeth and nail. It seemed毫声响。

海罗大步跑向杂物室,拿了一个doesn' t work at once., Roy hinted," mind the pivot"大锤子,接着,用力锤门。

这么做看起来When in the right way, they horned in. With a并不能马上见效,罗伊提醒到,“留意门枢crimson blood stain marginal rug then cloted.惊呆了:马库斯斜躺在地板上,竖直的Lethal weapon has been taken away. Winnie was伤口切入胰腺,深红色的血渍沾透小地毯nauseated by this grisly scene, she frown and kept的边缘,然后凝结住。

凶器已经被带走了flapping her bosom. Roy strided to the温妮对这个恐怖的场景感到恶心,她紧邹rocking- chair, found glass of his watch broken,眉头,不停地拍打着胸口。

罗伊大步走向vague ruddy scale:10:15. Seemed Marcus摇椅,发现了他表上的镜片打碎了,模糊exhausted himself to left a message的血红色读数:10:15。

看起来马库斯Call the ambulance;" Roy knew too many竭尽全力留下了一条线索inspection may dallied over first aid叫救护车,”罗伊知道过多的观察反而会拖延第一救助Few minutes later sheriff Colin cameWhile he was interrogating, Roy found on the几分钟之后,警官科林就到了secretaire placed a porcelain cup, it is a sumptuous当他在盘问的时候,罗伊发现在书tonIc ginseng. n fact, ginseng was a precarious桌上放着一个瓷杯,是奢侈的补品——人usage except frail group or newly recuperated参。

实际上,人参是一个不稳妥的用法invalid除了对虚弱的人群或者久病初愈的人As usual, I deliver master the ginseng at“同平时一样,我给主人在10:4010:40, but when i knock the door, there was no的时候送人参,但是当我敲门的时候,根eply” with this, Iris then added,“ some malicious本没反映,”说完这些,爱丽丝又补充到,gossip relates Cheney liaison with giddy winnie些恶毒的流言说强尼和轻浮的温妮And Cheney, the playboy, involves in有染。

而强尼,那个花花公子,又牵扯挪embezzlement and amour of many other secretaries用公款和以及和马库斯的几位秘书有奸of marcus情long, a plumber briefed in that he不久以后,一个水管工人报告说found an case knife near the gutter他在水沟边发现了一把餐刀In a jumbled clues, let,'s tidy up a concise在一片杂乱的线索中,让我们整timetable, offer a legible reasoning理出一份简明的时间表,让推理更加清晰简明时间表强尼起床,然后消失10:15the murder time10:15凶案时间10:20海罗要求离开10:30海格回来10: 40 Cheney return10:40强尼回来When Hallow was asked about his vacancy当海格被问关于他离开的那段时he asserted in curt, I get constipation, all right?他简略地说,“我便秘了,够了没?The iodine steam soon told the fingerprint on而碘蒸气很快证明指纹属于强the dropped knife belong to Cheney尼Base on the materiald, Roy meditated基于上述材料,罗伊思考到:只Only Cheney had no persuasive alibis? Ample有强尼缺乏说服力的不在场证明?动机motivations for Cheney. Fingerprint also confirmed又足够。


但为什his suspicion. But why he mit murder so stupid么如此奇怪,他犯下了一个如此愚蠢的谋In a w杀案呢While thinking, Roy walked to the pendulumthe answer must be the time intermission边想着,罗伊走到摆钟前:答Inspired by a spark, Roy disassembled the案一定在时间中断里pendulum by a borrowed screwdriver. Finally, he道灵光闪过,罗伊把摆钟用借found a gadget, then smile of self-assurance来的螺丝起子拆开。

最终,他发现了一个emerged: it was an ingenious installation, which小装置,脸上即刻浮现出自信的微笑:这can adjust index on the panel by remote control.是一个设计精巧的装置,能够用远程控制Then Roy, deduced a conclusion from these facts调解表盘上的读数。

接着罗伊,从上述事The homicide was you, Hallow!实中推出一个结论What? He is innocent, even the stupid knov“杀人者是你,海罗!”thte murderer is Cheney. "Christ said“什么?他是无辜的,连傻Uh, first you installed a gadget on the瓜都知道凶手是强尼。


pendulum and disarray the time, after seeing恩,首先你安装了一个小Cheney disappeared, you go to Marcus; and ripped裝置在摆钟上,以此搅乱时间。

在看见强into Marcus through grille dorsally.Then, broken尼消失之后你进入马库斯房间,从背部the watch glass advisedly, droped a case knife of(摇椅)栅格刺入马库斯(身体里)。

接Cheney fingerprint to the gutter. Perhaps Cheney着故意打碎手表镜片,把带有强尼指纹的saw Marcus dead, but flustering( Cheney left,餐刀丢到水沟里。

也许强尼看见马厍斯死appending an suspense to this murder了,但是慌乱之中的强尼离开了,给这场Nice work." Sheriff colin then decide to凶杀增加了悬念。

”inquest Hallow, can you go to police with me?“千的不错!”警长科林决定审" I'd like to,but…" Hallow paused,"Iget问海罗,“你可以跟我走一趟吗?something in hand我想去,可是…….”海罗停With this words, he ambulated to the顿了一下,“我手头上还有一些事情。

”说完这些,他走到窗边Catch him, Christ!" when roy ordered, it“抓住他,克里斯!”当罗伊命was too late. He jumped down, pedaled the令道,已经太迟了。

他跳下去,踏着自行车逃跑了Obtuse Christ still fixed. he missed the而(反映)迟钝的克里斯依旧nce没有反应,他失去了一次机会Heinous killer!该死的凶手!To help readers, we get precise time table为了帮助读者,如下有一份精确following的时间表。

(摆钟)事件真正的时scale-readingreal time读数10:10Cheney got10:0010:10强尼起床,10:00then disappeared然后消失10:20Hallow ask for 10: 1010:20海罗离开10:10leave凶案在这一个节happens in this 10: 15点发生海罗回来10:2010:30Hallow return10:2010:40强尼回来10:3010:40Cheney return10:30海罗消失了,但是半个小时之后,Thus Hallow disappeared, but half an hour他们就在杂物间里发现了被绑住的海罗,later, they found the real Hallow colligated in the接着每一个人都醒悟道那个海罗是假的,miscellaneous room, then everyone realized that the可知道现在,没有人能清楚地知道那个人Hallow was fake, stil now, no one can bear out who到底是谁?is it on earth?“也许,”科林犹豫道Perhaps, Colin hesitate基(750 words)Chapter 2 episode 5第二章第五节SCOURGE灾难Even the cloister used as mortuary since this修道院自从这次浩劫以来就被holocaust当成了停尸间Against the murky wall, moribund patients moaned对着黑暗的墙壁,垂死的病人在in a heartrending desperation. A linen vicar in monastery,悲惨的绝望中呻吟。

一个(身穿)亚prayed over mottled mural of Virgin Mary. In dimming麻布衣的牧师在寺院里,对着圣母玛himself in the posture of丽斑驳的壁画祈祷。

在蜡烛衰弱的灯a Greek nun who invoked a deity. These refugees(in芯中,他如希腊女祭司一样拜服祈求euphemism of abandoned patients)in quarantine would神灵。

这些难民(被遗弃病人的委婉died beyond redemption. In such a misery, death称呼)处于隔离中,将无可挽回地死bee panacea to palliate agony去。

在如此的痛苦中,死,反而是减It was the most horrific plague of Phoenix in轻痛苦的万能药。

The symptom including nettle rash, disgorge, unremitting这是风凰城史上最可怕的瘟疫high fever, lymph gland bulged beyond control, this virus症状包括风疹,呕吐,持续高温,淋get a high mortality no one could sticked to live more巴系统无法控制地肿大,这种恐怖的than4days. And everyone seemed to be susceptible to病毒有着很高的致死率——没有人能够撑过四天。

而每一个人看起来都对ied in cemetery without这种传染性的病原体易感。

discerned what had happened. Some other corpse roted数以千计的死者还不知道发生了into carrion while taking exposure, cistern was polluted by什么,就被埋在公墓里了。

另一些尸pervasion of stench, people had to plugged a cork in the体暴露在空气中腐烂,储水池被扩散fauce, even some rumour incriminated proboscis of的臭气污染了,人们不得不把水龙头mosquito who can bite humans to be prime criminal塞住,甚至有流言控告能咬人的蚊虫鼻管是罪魁祸首without lasso, seedlings shriveled without tendance没有人关心生产。

牛连枷锁都没The demography dwindled套,就在路缘上自由地行走,秧苗因And this unsearchable devil. called "Severe Colons为没人照料而枯萎Malaria. '"(SCM)人口锐减而这个神秘的恶魔,称作“急性Our mother land结肠疟疾indulged in wilful persecution. Human knew themselves大地在颤抖,致死的灾难肆意迫just sentient secular puppets on God's stage.Then,they害。

人类知道他们只不过是上帝的舞knew that they must recuperate natural disservice as soon台上有感觉的尘世木偶。

然后,他们知道他们必须尽快挽回对自然的伤It was a rival of time害这是一场时间的竞赛“急性结肠疟疾”。



那么,这种病菌一旦感染人体,会不断复制TISA而是人免疫系统大幅度下降,之后的发病机理,和艾滋病AIDS( Acquired Immure Deficiency Syndrome)类似。


Chapter 2 episode 6-1第二章第六节Duel on the train列车上的决斗y bitichong, LinPurported Gino, had an alias of Acrobat, was a传说中的基诺,又称“钢丝者”,是chameleon who dexterous in camouflage, figured by个精通伪装的变色龙,以模仿别人的音sleight of simulating everyone' s timbre, usage,even质,习惯,甚至无形的气味出名。

他在博unbodied scent. He mited series of burglary in物馆里犯下了一系列的盗窃案,而每次他museum and always offer harbinger before his crime犯罪前都会有预告。

但令所有警察丢脸的But in humiliation to all police, they didn,'t even trace是,他们甚至没有追寻到他的身份或(真his identification or appearance, Inept cop was实)相貌,无能的警察为屡屡犯罪的基诺ortified by crime-ridden Gino. This ventriloquist羞辱。

这个口技高手听起来更像一个虚构sounded more like ficticious role, but he did exist,的人物,但是他的确存在着,是所有警察nightmare to all police的噩梦。

The sky flushed pink at dusk. Setting sun casted天空在黄昏时一片粉红。

夕阳斜照down the brook of london, glisten shimmer of gold.在伦敦的小河上,闪耀着金色的微光。

和Cozy zephyr flowed over riverbank. Lounging on the煦的微风沿着河岸涌动。

休闲地在草地lawn. mistresses chattered about latest discount上,主妇们谈论着服装店里最新的折扣和boutique and frontier costume vogue: genteel sp前沿服饰时尚;文雅的夫妇手挽着手,ambled arm in arm, near which some elvish些淘气的小鬼在旁边嬉戏gamboled around罗伊安静地微笑着,在这份令人着Roy smiled quietly, promenaded in this迷的舒适中散步entrancing amenit当然,他们有着充足的理由欢乐6 f course, they owned their justification for但是罗伊却没有。

对他而言,他必须为一ight, but not Roy. For him, he must prepared for an个高贵的客人—皇家宝库200周年巡exalted guest -regius fisk200 annIversary circuit回展做准备。

exhibition在官方批准下,3批皇室珠宝密封在With official approbation,3 batch of royal rarity泡沫箱中踏上了他们的首次亮相,这些不sealed in crate of foam set foot on its debut, these朽的(艺术)杰作必须在回到伦敦的时候immortal masterpieces must endure a hazardous route经历一段危险的路线:在东方快车上when back to london: on The. Orient. Express.因为,钢丝者基诺预先告知他会访问那趟Because, Acrobat Gino foretelled that he would visit列车,并把皇冠上的紫藤星拿走this train and take away wistaria on the crown罗伊一个人(静静)独处的时候,While roy stayed alone, somehow, Colin came不知何故,科林找到他,然后计划全变to find him, then the plan was changedAt9 pm, roy boarded on this celebrated express在晚上9点,罗伊登上了这个著名While the train pulled off from the platform, allow me的快车。

当火车驶离站台的时候,容许我show readers the elementary surroundings为读者介绍一下基本的环境Broadcasting room interlinked lootive as广播室作为第一车厢连着机车室,NO.1 partment,NO.2 was dining roon,the第二车厢就是餐厅了,接下来的所有车厢following were sleeper rooms and rest rooms. But the都是卧铺和厕所。

但是最后面的,6号车rearmost,No6 was the deluxe cache. So mand厢是豪华储物室。

所以司令部设立在倒数headquartered in penultimate carriage,with24hour第二车厢,有来自警方的24小时监视。

wardship from constabulary从这样严密的布局中偷窃,真是It was really a piquant game to steal in such a个刺激的游戏啊!rigorous configuration系着雪白棉餐巾,罗伊坐在餐厅里,嚼着芥菜牛排,(用)人头马润滑。

(就是Tied in alabaster cotton napkin, Roy sat in the喝人头马比较戏谑的说法)。

但是看起来dining room and gnawed his mustard beefsteak in对这种易饱的食物感到恶心,他把餐刀放lubrication of Centaur. But seemed feel queasy about到一边,为了掩饰他的空虚,他懒洋洋地this stodgy diet, he set his table knife aside and to躺在翼状椅子上,拨弄着他的镍币vacuity, he flipped his nickel while在这个布局里依旧带着警官和侦探lolling in his wing chair们的争吵,一个高鼻梁,皮肤白皙的年轻Still some bickering of sergeants and detectives in人踏进了这个繁忙之地。

他很快地向罗伊this encirclement, a roman热情打招呼道in this hive. He soon step up to accost Roy fervidly嗨!我是肯尼,久仰大名,你是罗伊,杰出的内科医生和侦探Roy, an illustrious physician and detective.已经对敷衍的恭维免疫了。

罗伊面Iready immuned to this perfunctory无表情,慢昋吞说道,“你高估我了!blandishment. Roy retained a deadpan, drawled, you虽然(他)冷淡的回答,肯尼继续overestimate me恭维他的偶像,“我对你在婚礼上的惊人In despite of phlegmatic response, Kenney went表现备感震惊。

很高兴认识你!”on fawning on his idol, I wonder at your excellence我也很高心,”虽然语调依旧不冷in the espousal. Nice to meet you!不热,但是热情开始融化霜冰ice to meet you too, "though tone still be无论是否愿意承认,奉承可以减少lukewarm, ardor began to thaw frost社交中的隔阂,趁热打铁,“你是如何看itit or not. adulation can abate barri待基诺的sociality. Hammering on the anvil while iron was still思量了一阵之后,罗伊说,“小偷flaming, " how do you view about Gino就是小偷,无论他多么精明,他为了钱工Pondered for a monent, Roy stated," a thief is a作。

”thief. no matter how brilliant he is. he works for你能预言今晚我们能对付(抓住)他吗?”Can you foretell whether we can tackle with him正如这个镍币,正义和邪恶是tonight?两个对立面,是互补的对手。

,矛盾总是As this nickel, evil and justice are two antithesis,无处不在!”are plementary anta gonists. Contradiction always这个似是而非的论断听起来更像玄学(的哲学)而不是答案This paradox sounded more like metaphysics ratherthan an answer依旧带着极大的恭敬和谦卑,Still with great plaisance and humility, Kenney尼说,“我将在碑上铭记你的教导。

”observed, " I will etch your inculcation in my tablet当列车驶过高架桥的时候,已经As the train rolled by the viaduct, it was already是11点了,罗伊打了一个呵欠,“抱歉11 clock., Roy yawned," Excuse me, I have to go to我现在必须睡觉了。

”bed now(591 words)schematic diagramLootiveBroadcasting DiningSleeperCommand Cacheroom机车室广播室餐厅卧铺卧铺指挥部储物室Chapter 2 episode 6-2第二章第六节-2The tiresome vigilance in their他们旅程的警惕真是令人厌烦Train flanges whacked on the rail, brought啊。

火车轮的边缘撞击着铁轨,带来rhythmed noise. In this restless night, slumber turn了节奏的噪音。

在这个不安静的夜晚luxury. Tossing about in bunk, Roy looked at the睡眠成了奢侈品。

在铺位上翻来覆去,striate pattern wallpaper, the avant-garde collage罗伊看着壁纸上的条文图案,那个先hanged on the peg seemed stationary though train锋派的拼贴画挂在钉子上,虽然列车was motorial是移动到当时它看起来却是静止的En! Perspective poles apart once alter your恩!位置不同,看法就会不同了空气中弥漫着贝多芬的经典小曲The air permeated with the classical ditty of《欢乐颂》。

那舒缓人心的轻柔声Beethoven《 paean》. The soothing lullaby音给这个无眠的夜晚带来了许多宽慰。

尤其是男低音部分暂时掩盖了阴Espeically the part of bass covered up the insidious险的计划但是当它温顺地沿着乐谱(演奏But while it followed score docilely, without寸),没有任何预兆,流畅就被一个断any omen, fluency was interdicted by a staccato断续续的杂音阻断了,接着一个粗糙,cacophony, then a hoarse, anamorphic voice on the失真的声音响起所有车上的笨蛋白痴注意了All jerky idiot on board attention please!I,the我,那个杰出的游侠,在这里告诉你preeminent knight errant, was here to acknowledge们我收到了紫藤星。

当然,现在的仿wistaria. Surely,current Imitation Is Jus制品只是一个劣等货。

而现在,所有sleazy one. Andall dear simpleton, good亲爱的笨蛋,晚安!这个挑衅的公告马上激起了骚This defiant proclamation stirred up动。

慌乱的人群涌向最后一节车厢disturbance on the instant, rattled crowd thronged他们试图验证基诺的挑衅the final carriage, they intended to verify Ginos副馆长本森,头发丝丝灰白,是provocation(列车上)鉴定方面的唯一专家,并The vice-curator Benson, streaked with hoary且为珍宝提供细心的保养。

这样,他hair, was only the mavin in virtuosity and proffered必须解开保险柜检查紫藤星。

缓慢而crupulous maintenance for these rarity.Thus,he小心翼翼的,他检查皇冠凹槽上的巨had to unlock safety to check Wistaria. Tardily and大钻石,透过厚厚的放大镜片仔细查warily, he checked the gigantic diamond beseted in看,每个人的心都跳到的嗓子眼the dent of the filigree golden rim, canvassed it over仔细检查了每一个无暇的面后thick lens of magnifier, everyone raised their heart带着十足的把握,本森得出一个结论,它是真的,那个男巫师没有偷走After scrutinizing all flawless facets, with E!great certitude, Benson came to an conclusion, "it is有了鉴定专家的保证,每个人都the real one, the sorcerer didn 't walk away with it感觉被耍了。


With ensu可鄙的黄鼠狼!”一个狂妄自大felt befooled. But thanks to God, every thing was的家伙大摇大摆地走回餐厅,继续谩all right骂,“只要这个伪君子一出现,我就能Contemptible weasel!" a swagger struted back亲自抓住他……”脸上带着夸张的表to dining room, went on vituperating, "once this情接着,在大多数人的附和下这个小white sepulchre show up, I would catch him in丑继续自欺欺人.所有的车厢里都充ersonHe acted in an exaggerated look.满了怨气和中伤Then, with echos of majority, this jester whipped可罗伊和强尼依旧镇定当其他the devil round the stump. All partments人看起来已经忽略了广播的时候,他seethed with spleen and aspersion们留意到它了。

不知不觉,罗伊取出Still Roy and Kenney were unflappable. While了播音机的磁带。

很快,他们就得到others appeared to be oblivious to broadcastin了列车长的证词:oom, they heeded it. Unknowingly, Roy took out那个磁带盒被调换了,当我像往the tape of radio, and soon, they get the witness of常一样按下按钮时,它(也能)演奏conductor:音乐。

我没有意识到它已经被替换了The cassette was displaced, when I pressed我毫不知情并且绝对无罪the button as usual, it plays this music. I didn't be惊恐的人看起来试图推卸。

conscious of this substitute, I am unwitting and in“可你依旧不能推卸你的责任,acquittal你能吗?”罗伊对胆小鬼非常鄙视。

Horror-struck man seemed try to goldbrickStill you can not shirk your duty, can把列车长抛在一边,他们回到餐you? "Roy looked down on the craven.他是在虚张声势吗?”肯尼问Leaving alone the conductor, they back to到dining room他的方法是经过深思熟虑的,Is he bluffing? "Kenney asked分析的,小心的,绝不是虚张声势,," His approach is cerebral, analytical and而是一次大胆的刺探。

这只是他骗术utious,it's not bravado, but an audacious pry的一个不走而已。

”他脸色阴沉,面色Juclouded and forbidding“它会弄些小故障吗,或者让列'Would he make some glitch, or even to derail车出轨?”e train?不会,对他的风格而言,太No, it is coarse-grained for his style粗糙了。

”There is no innovation in sunlight, all are the阳光下没有新奇的东西,都是history. as the lesson last time,历史的重演。

因为上一次的教训,强Kenney asked:尼问到acplished in face-painting, do you“他对易容术精通,你认为他think he can personate any police officer?会冒充警官吗?”Eveyone is dubitable unless case was solved,案子未解开之前,所有人都luffed his volume, Roy fixated on Kenney with a是可疑的,”压低了他的声音,罗伊带subtle smile, "even you and me?着一个诡异的微笑凝视着强尼,“甚至你和我?”Chapter 2 episode 6-3第二章第六节-3Through this sideshow, like an owl, Roy was leery经历这个插曲,就如一直猫头鹰,of anyone罗伊对每一个人都保持着警惕。

Time fleetin时间飞逝!依旧平静,令人不安Still peace, disforting peace的平静!The Oriental express reached London in security令所有人惊讶的是,东方快车安Everything was in unnatural normal全抵达伦敦In the station, a group of museum faculty and police所有的事情都处于不自然的正常were waiting, they must check the safety of everything中But at moment Roy stepped out of the train, in th但就在罗伊踏出列车的一刻,在rush of crowd, Benson guided some hamauls to unload流中,本森指导一些搬运工人卸货毕竞,他是唯一的专家Only specialist? Roy seemed to find some“唯一的专家?”罗伊看起来发clue.uh现了一些线索,“恩Agitated by a sparkle, he stepped up to Benson,阵激动,他走向本森,一把抓住他的手腕,“我抓住你了,基诺You have the temerity to call me gino! Just your“你竞敢叫我基诺!只是你的猜surmise, what's the evidence?" Benson glowered at Roy,想,证据呢?”本森瞪着罗伊,喷射而with squirting animus出敌意。

他们都用含有偏见的称呼叫基like rogue or ruffian, but you, call him sorcerer!"Roy诺,就像恶棍和流氓,但是你却叫他魔had a card in hand术师!”罗伊手里有一张牌am innocent! "Bonson whooped我是无辜的!”本森大叫道。

You slipped into broadcasting room between“你趁着换班时间溜进广播室,shiftless, replaced the tape, then you were able to gouge把磁带替换掉,然后你就可以理直气壮out Wistaria with reason, while you declared it to be地把紫藤星挖岀来,当你确定它安全的safe, it already be replaced by synthetic resin候,它已经被合成树脂替換掉了。

”You figment! Benson tried to counterbalanced“纯属臆造!”本森试图保持仪As former experience, Colin begun to fumble把这个问题交给检査官吧,”接handcuffs in his hip pocket着罗伊在屁股口袋里摸索手铐。

So, let we check the safety, we will find wistaria“等一等!”肯尼插了进来,“你was displaced,' then Roy asked the curator to open the为何如此肯定?为什么他一定是基诺safety againIn great trust of Roy, curator did“为什么不是呢?”罗伊对他的生很不高兴can you be so sure? Why he must be Gino?“因为.…”肯尼停顿了一个呼Why not? Roy was displeased to his student吸,“我才是真的罗伊!”同时,肯尼摘used for a breath,“I下了面具real Roy! Synchronously, Kenney dismantled his两个罗什!!!!!“我承认,你模仿的非常逼真Two Roys!!!!!!!!但是用诬陷偷窃看起来有些卑鄙。

顺便I confess, you imitate me in great verisimilitude说一下,浪费我最爱的牛排真是该骂seemed a little turpitude to pull away bycalumniation. Apropos, it is reprehensible to squandermy favourite beefsteak人们围了上来,所有人都认为基诺会被关进监狱。

但是基诺就是基诺,People gathered around, everyone supposed Gino个诡异的微笑,一阵强烈的闪光刺痛would be jailed. But gino was ginc, with a quirky了他们的眼睛。

当他们因为闪光弹的烟smile, a consuming flare stung their eyes. While they咳嗽不止的时候,基诺消失了finished coughing for the fume of stunning bomb, Gino在数十个警察的眼皮底下!顺手vaporized himself! And what's more shameful, royal拿走了镶嵌在皇冠上的紫藤星!diamond Wistaria was stolen! In the nose of dozens of他们搜索了两英里以内的树林,当时,什么也没有发现当克里斯来的时候,他得到消息They bed the woods in a radius of two miles后失望不已,开始抱怨罗伊错过机会。

but, found nothing“既然你那么早就知道了,你干When Christ came. he turned downhearted after嘛不揭穿他然后抓住他呢hearing the news, and began to blame Roy for asleep at因为,”罗伊犹豫道,看起来种不自信的矛盾,“我的直觉,基诺是So you know it earlier, why don't you lay bare无辜的!”him directly and catch hold of him?Roy vacillated, seemed anambivalence of diffidence, " of my intuition, Gino is当一个会议结束的时候,出席者innocent们总会依据惯例得到一些纪念品。


The next day当罗伊打开笔记本,他发现有一封When a meeting was dismissed, whole the turnouts未读信件。

更激动人心的是—寄信者would get souvenir as convenance. This time, RoyGinoAcrobat@gmail.ded迫不及待地双击它:只有一个矩When Roy turned on his portable puter,he形图片—还带着一大片空白。

found himself got an Emaild. what is more一个垃圾邮件?该死!”轻微的stirring-thesenderGinoAcrobat(@gmail.失望,罗伊随手拖动转动条,一些字母Be too impatient to wait, he doubleclicked it: there出现了,罗伊放大它:“流浪者之城。

”was nothing but a rectangle picture with immense这是什么啊?字谜还是排版错vacancy.误?”克里斯凑了进来,他总是如此多看到一大片的空白,所以the scroll bar, some small characters这样说。

)peared, Re这是个比喻what is this? Crossword or typo? "Christ anear“一个比喻?”飞速回复的信件提供了另一It is a metaphor!?个线索,但它意味着什么呢?基诺是清A metaphor for wha白的吗?因为不知名的服务器,(发送A quick turnaround of Email offered another邮件电脑的)地址无法追踪。

这样,让but what does it mean? Is Gino innocent?我们把故事留到下一节去吧Since unknow proxy, the address was untraceableSo Let's leave our story to next episode(559 words)Afterword编后记This episode is adapted from a short story in blog,这一个章节是从博客里一篇短篇the most earliest author Lin can find is in pseudonym of故事改编而来的,Lin能够发现的最早itichong", but he didn't login for a long time. Lin lost作者是一个笔名为“ bitichong”的人,contact with him但是他长时间不登陆博客,Lin和他失Lin indited this episode after glancing over联系bitichong's Chinese work《 burglary on theLin在浏览了 bitching的中文作train>, still so, the riddle was originally invented by Lin品《列车上的盗窃案》后创作了这个章Lin must find bitichong as soon as possible,It节,即便如此,谜语部分依旧由Lin原would be grateful if you can offer some clues创Thank you!这样,Lin必须尽快找到Jinzhou Linbitching,如果有人提供线索的话,万分感激。

2009年4月15日再次感谢林锦洲April 15, 2009Chapter 2 episode 7第二章第七节Trilogy三部曲比喻...关于地图。

Many people knew the conversion from figure to很多人都知道从数字到字母的letter, but neglect the reversible one. The answer lays转换,但是忽略了可逆的变换。

答案就in the word"w. an derer在单词w,an, derer”中接着,罗伊把逗号破解为分号Then, Roy deciphered the ma into apostrophe.为什么不(破解成)连字符Why not hyphen?" Christian was just a little呢?”克里斯蒂安只是有一些嫉妒因为这是坐标,经度和纬度。

”接Because itis coordinate, longi着他保持“w”和“n”不变,执行如latitude; then he kept“"w”and"n” unchanged and下的变换execute the conversion following有时候罗伊就像一个博学的词典Sometimes roy like an erudite lexicographer,he编纂人,他知道所有的事情ust know everything.答案是The answer was W1 N50(1=a50=d+e+r+e+r-4+5+18+5+18)50=d+e+r+e+r4+5+18+5+18)It was portsmouth是朴茨茅斯喷气机轰鸣。

Roy and Christ arrived in Portsmouth. Once they罗伊和克里斯到达朴茨茅斯。

他们debarked themself, a sprite of mauve bonnet accosted一下(飞机),一个戴着淡紫色圆帽的them, " are you roy小鬼和他打招呼,“你是罗伊吗?”Felt no surprise, Roy answered, " yes!丝亳不感到奇怪,罗伊回答道,“是Here it is, "this boy then offered a ticket, "a gentle BJ!man required. "It read给你这个,”这个男孩接着伸出张门票,“一个男士叫我做的。

”它写drama pageant着repertoire: Single aria aesthetics>戏剧盛典节目表:独唱《美学》Shakespeare's sonnet>经典诗篇的通俗(表现)Mini pantomime 《莎士比亚的十四行诗》迷你歌剧《天鹅湖》asteroid troupe环球剧院星星剧团Butff the4月5日2002年shuttle bus, they came across a bifurcation: the theatre但在他们去的路上,从公车里走vas coterminous to an auditorium in which the出来,他们就遇到了一个岔路:剧院和symposium of Severe Colon Malaria was convened at礼堂相连着,而礼堂里,召开的是急性that time. Just coincided with the opera.肠道疟疾的讨论会。

和歌剧(演出时间)Discretion is the better part of valour.Roy刚好相同judged, "the symposium is much relevant, and Gino小心即大勇。

罗伊判断道,“讨论just give me one ticket! Christ We divided会肯定有关系,而基诺只给我一张门Roy choiced the theatre and Christ went to th票!克里斯,我们分头行动symposium.罗伊选择剧院而克里斯去讨论会A mendable thrift of time节省时间真是值得表扬啊!Ornated facade of opern, nine stilted archs歌剧院华丽的正面,9个有座子的juxtaposed. Wavy or winding embossment engraved圆拱并排放置。


在9个柱Above the nine pillars was the the imposing signboard:子上就是那醒目的招牌:环球剧院COSMOPOLITAN THEATRE在早上9点的时候,没有多少人At the time of 9: 00 am, there was few visitors罗伊依据票找到座位,接着,当他Roy found the seat as the ticket,then, while he检查座位下面的时候,他发现一个用胶inspected below the seat, he got an plastic bag fastened布固定的塑料袋:by adhesive tape一些沾有血渍的尼龙布和餐刀,纤Some blood stained nylon cloth and case knife,维手套fibre glove.这是上一次凶杀案的证据。

It is the evidence of former murder依旧在思绪中,白炽灯熄灭了,罗Still thinking, the incandescent lamp went ou,伊淹没在黑暗中。

他感觉到未知的未Roy submerged in dark. He felt future unknown: what is来:基诺想要告诉它什么呢?还有Gino trying to tell hin? Is there something more?And些东西吗?为什么剧院在早上而不是why opera perfomed in morning instead at night?晚上表演呢?(369 words)2345678911222023456789023456BCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUvwxYz第二章第六节a understudy must rehearsal numerous times个替补必须为一个六边形指挥offstage for a hexagon podium, so if we sit in opera but台在台下排练无数次,所以如果我们坐refuse the music, it would be a sacrilegious waste在剧院里但是拒绝音乐,这将会是一种So, let's enjoy it亵渎的浪费aesthetic所以,让我们享受它吧。

-motif song of plays
这个华丽乐段,只从观众里bravura, just won some handclaps from spectators, then贏得了一些掌声,接着,她崇敬地依据she made a bow as etiquette礼仪鞠躬。

Saxophone Quartet Concerto萨克斯四重协奏曲Once the curtain unveil again, a band of旦布幕重新拉开,一支几个年sever轻人的乐队出现了,一个染着火焰般红flamboyant red hair play with Saxophone, two other头发的混小子玩萨克斯,另外两个拨弄fiddled with flute and guitar, the last percussionists笛子和吉他,最后一个鼓手偶尔敲一下smited gong occasionally. Impelling cantus striking ear罗。


他们把They reposed their quartet from Shakespeare's莎士比亚的十四行诗重新改写成自己sonnet. But to Roy, this pastiche was too raspy, and四重奏。

但是对罗伊而言,这个拼凑even. an desecration而成的作品太刺耳了,甚至,是一种亵Shakespeare's Sonnet No. 18渎:(供学有余力的同学学习)Shall I pare thee to a summer's day?Thou art more lovely and more temperate可否把你比拟作夏日?Rough winds do shake the darling buds of may你可是更加可爱,更加温和:And summer's lease hath all too short a date狂风吹落五月的好花儿夏季的时光又未免结束得太快Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines有时候苍天的巨眼(太阳)照得太And often is his gold plexion dimm'd灼热,And every fair from fair sometime declines而有时候金色的面庞又暗淡无光;By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd每一样美呀,有一天总会凋落,被未修饰的偶然或自然更替But thy eternal summer shall not fade但是你永久的夏日决不会凋枯,Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;你永远不会失去你的美Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,死神夸不着你在他影子里踯躅When in eternal lines to time thou growest你将在永远与时间同在So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,( eternal lines to time永远)line翻译为:排队,等候只要人类在呼吸,眼睛看得见,我这诗就活着,使你的生命绵延Though only a parody of classic, their solo album,according to the impresario. Sales hit new record as jazz虽然只是经典的拙劣模仿,他们的discography. In their circuit, fans delivered bouquets of专辑,根据(剧团)经理,销量打破了tulip and gillyflower in a state verging on frenzy爵土类的记录。

他们的巡回演出中,歌迷们递送着成束的郁金香和康乃馨,接近疯狂状态Swan Lake (simplified version)It was still unintelligible that why this theatremust perform"Swan Lake"in a morning instead of at天鹅湖(精编版)night, it seemed a disharmony现在还搞不清楚为什么戏院要在But soon after it started, Roy felt早上表演天鹅湖而不是在晚上,它看起backdrop suffused with protean hue of neon light, the来非常不协调。

diamond on the panache of lithe ballerina, was但它一开始,罗伊就感觉到一些东西了。

在弥漫着霓虹灯多变色彩的背It was wisteria!!景中,自然优雅的芭蕾舞演员羽饰上的Royal wisteria in such a inglorious sense? Is it a钻石,带着奇异的紫色al one?是紫藤星!皇室紫藤星在如此不出名的场景Alonging with dulcet incidental music and ballet里?会是真的吗?dancer's pirouette, performance ascended to crescendo,then, the curtain dropped. Roy went to the tiring-room随着甜美的背景音乐和芭蕾舞者After being divested, the diva was packing up he脚尖旋转,表演推向高潮,接着,布幕wardrobe垂下。

罗伊来到化妆室Roy step up to her, then asked, "Mrs Canary, may卸妆之后,女主角正在整理衣柜I ask why you perform swan lake this morning instead罗伊走上前去,问道,“柯乃莉小of at night?姐,我可以问一下为什么你们在早上表An anonymous toff underwrite my performance演天鹅湖而不是在晚上Canary answered一个匿名的富家公子资助我的May I have a look on your diamond? "Roy asked,表演。

”柯乃莉小姐回答道he knew enquire the details of a chameleon would be我可以看一下你的钻石吗?”罗伊问道,他知道询问一只变色龙的细He gave me. " Canary didn,'t cared, then took he节将会一无所获diamond to roy“他给我的.”柯乃莉毫不在意It is a diamond like wistaria very much, but it把钻石给了罗伊seemed snide once at first sight这是一个和紫藤星很像的钻石,但Weighing the diamond, Roy took out a whinger to是它一眼看起来就是假的ut on the diamond掂量重量,罗伊拿出一把短刀在上What are you doing? "she was amazed面划痕。

A crease appeared, Roy rived off the foil on th“你干什么呢?”她惊讶不已。

diamond条折痕出现了,罗伊撕开钻石上It was the real wistaria的金属箔片In great astonishment, Canary freezed. Still Roy是真的紫藤星。

said, "it is an evidence I am chasing after, then. you had万分惊讶,柯乃莉愣住了。

罗伊说better keep it well“这是我一直在査找的证据,你最好小心保护它当然了,这微不足道的诡计没有难住他,但是Is it really so simple?Still wondering, Roy looked at the ticket again, the真的那么简单吗?first letter of three progS-C-M还在犹豫,罗伊重新看了那张门票,三个节目的首写字母是nabbed the plastic bag,猛然一惊,浪费了那么多时间。

罗(674 words)伊一把抓过塑料袋,赶紧跑去讨论会。

这次,千万别迟到Chapter 2 episode 8-1第二章第八节-1The end大结局auditoriumr awa从远处看礼堂,房顶上有钉子似的突of, then tapered into起,接着如椎体一般渐渐缩减成淸真寺般spiculate minaret of mosque like. Once Christ stepped的尖锐塔尖。

克里斯一踏进来,发现在横spatial grid roofstructur梁的上面有着彩斑空间网格结构。

这种建above the girder. This architecture aggrandized the筑风格放大了它已经有的严肃。

因为,今solemnity it had possessedBecause, today,天,全球的专家将在这里分享SCM的研experts all over the worldshare their study究进展。

about SCM在前厅里,克里斯留意到布告栏里一In the foyer, Christ adverted to a line条bulletin board9——报告者恒星公司,奥洛克9 reporter--Sidereal Company, Oracle前面的一些报告者,只是乱七八糟的As the first some reporters, they just a pell- mell模板文章,早已让听众失去兴趣了。

一点of stencil plate article palled on audience,,itle进展都没有headway had been made“他妈的!”克里斯在这个受罪的地" Damned it!" Christ muttered in this purgatory.方嘀咕道。

克里斯讨厌冗长而又无聊的报Christ hated this long-winded vapid report, he liken it告,他把它比作牛叫。

对一个胡乱修补汽low. For a man who tinkered with the car was no need车的人来说,根木没有必要迎合这些人to pander to such people. Christ came up with an克里斯想起了绰号——“学术和尚”。

讨论会一直都暗淡无光,知道主持人Symposium seemed lackluster until the pere宣布,“下一个报告者是奥洛克——恒星the next reporter is Oracle公司。

”SIDEREAL COMPANY被兴奋刺激了一下,克里斯竖起耳朵Tingled with excitement, Christ was prick-eared.个气质高贵的中年人穿着西装走上“诵经sublimate middleaged man in business suit台”,(因为前面克里斯把他们比成和尚mounted the“ lectern”, to brief his work, in a style out故这里有诵经台一说。

)报告他的工作,of proliⅸ,“ Severe Colon malaria was a vernacular用丝毫不啰嗦的风格说,“急性结肠痢disease by now, but I can extrapolate the survival in疾目前为止只是区域性疾病,但是我可以periphery would soon fal, and sCm would be预测周边地区的幸存者很快就会得病,而time urged .....(most holiday words且SCM会全国流行起来……,时间紧(删除了客套话)Is it extricable?“有办法解救吗?”Sure, we already develop a new bacterin, and it当然,我们已经发明了一种新的疫has been tested to be useful by clinic苗,在临床实践中已被证实有效。

(一阵practice(a rubbish of overselling add,吹嘘的垃圾广告,省略)接着他在简纲中重述要点:为了预pitulated his防,周边地区的人必须注射他的疫苗pendium: people in periphery area should inject恒星将捐出1000份援助And sidereal woulddonate 1000 bacterin relic当奥洛克大出风头的时候,麦克风突然失灵了,在主持人能够发现原因之While Oralce cuting a dash, the microphone前,在屏幕上,投影仪投射出了恐怖的字was deactivated, before pere could find out thereason, on the screen, slide projector casted horrible奧洛克是凶手Oracle is the murderer!(听众)还处在一片忙乱中,一个声音响起,“女士们先生们!非常荣幸能够来Still in fuss, a voice heard," ladies and到这里!但是今天我的演讲很可能直言不gentlemen! It is my great honour to be here! But!实际上,奥洛克是,一个流氓,一个today I have to give an outspoken speech! In fact,十足的骗子!”Oracle is, a miscreant, an unmitigated imposter“听起来夸张了点~”没有人相信这Sounds hyperbole;" no one believed in this个外来的声音。

但是奥洛克知道这些话预extraneous voice. But Oracle knew this word示着混乱即将来临。

他只是想知道声音从presaged that pandemonium was pending. He just哪里来。

want to find out where the voice came from你是好人。

”奥洛克以攻为守道,You good man. Oracle attacked in order to“你精力过剩为什么要浪费在华而不实dend," you get superfluous energy splurge on的道德上面,为什么不像我一样选择一份specious moralism, why not choice a down-to- earth踏踏实实的工作?你对人类做出过什么work like me? What have you contribute to people?贡献呢?”Serious, I have my proof. 6 years ago, Oracle严肃点,我有我的证据。

6年前,rapped and rended lyon' s brainchild, and published it奥洛克盗窃了林德的作品,发表在《试验in《 Tentative neurology》神经学》上Are you try to intercede for him? What is the你替他说话吗?你和林德什么关nexus of you and lyon?" fusillade of doubts occured系?”连珠炮发的质疑试图折磨这个躲在to fazed the man behind背后的人I am not trying to help him, but trying to help我并不是试图帮助他,而是帮助me," an equable voice heard," SCM virus was sent我自己,”一个平静的声音,“SCM病毒by Oracle. So surely, Oracle own the bacterin是由奧洛克传播的。

理所当然,奥洛克拥有疫苗Once I hear Marcus was murdered. I soon啊!!!peeked over his diary and microbe. Found a amazing“我一听说马库斯被杀了,我马上偷看他的日记和细菌。

发现了一个令人震Bullshit! An bizarre prank off the track!惊的计划?”Oracle just kept debasing him毒蝎0626,一个靠播撒病毒和疫苗SCORPION0626, a project coined money by销售大发横财的计划。

”virus casting and bacterin sale.你的奇思妙想我们曾经了解并Your caprice has been plumbed and waived放弃了,我们非常理解你说的方法,而困e quite apprehend your measure, the predicament is境就是我们现在还不能做到它。

”一个普that we can not live up to it by now. an academ林斯顿大学的院士客观地说道。

from Princeton University stated objectively.但是恒星公司可以,也就是毒蝎But Sidereal can, namely the project Scorpion0626工程。

”林德继续说道,“6年钱,我0626. Lynd continued,“6 years ago, I devised发明了TISA(暂态免疫静止激活剂)基TISA( Temporary Immune Static Activator)gene因片段,这种药原先是为器官移植设计segment, this drug was originally designed for organ的。

但是奧洛克骗走了我的希望,并把基transplantation. But Oracle bilked my hope and因片段植入细菌中,培养了一种类似于planted gene segment into bacteria, proliferated a AIDS的病毒。

现在,他到处投放它,试horrible virus like AIDs.Now, he cast it and try to图通过卖疫苗而大发横财。

”by selling bacterin你的证据呢?”我们需要证What your proof? We need proof?" audience据?”观众们看起来陷入了焦急状态。

seemed lapse into snit林德知道观众不会那么快屈尊同Lyon knew audience won' t deign to concur意他的,但是只要他敢起诉,他就有所准with him so soon, but once he can sue, he got some备,“当然,我也有人证明。

它就是thing prepared, " sure I have my people to vouchIt isROY!(662 words)Chapter 2 episode 8-2第二章第八节-2Just at the right time, Roy arrived, and was put在正确的时间里,罗伊赶到了,一下In focus子成为全场焦点Allow me to tick off your crime, Oracle! In“允许我指出你的罪行,奥洛克!在the bloody wedding, you disguised as a homeless血色婚礼上,你伪装成流浪汉,只是为了just to follow Marcus and sketch out a murder跟踪马库斯并策划一次谋杀。

有了充分的Basing on enough observation, you knew I would观察,你知道我要来了,而你伪装成海罗ame, and you personate Hallow to kill Marcus, by杀死了马库斯,利用溶解时间的方dissolving the timeWhat's your evidence?Oracle ever saw Roy,“你的证据呢?”奧洛克曾经见过as a hotele罗伊,以一个流浪汉的身份。

lever forget, that day you were pavid and“别忘了,那天你做贼心虚,没有escaped without taking away your witness, and still带走你的罪证,而且,你把它留给林德了,you left it to Lydn, isnt it? Omniscient不是嘛?无所不知的“神谕者”!(这里Oracle”?罗伊拿奧洛克的名字开玩笑)Sure, after seeing no reply, Roy threw out the“当然了,”在看见没有回答后plastic bag, "it was all the evidence伊把那个塑料袋扔出来,“这就是证据。

”Oracle was pallid, overwrought feeling奥洛克脸色惨白,过度紧张让他的caused his heart palpitated, then he turned irascible心脏怦怦直跳,接着他暴怒,“把这个家oust this guy伙赶出去!”No one acted. but at the moment. Oracle没有人听他的,但就在这个时候,奥jerked for a pang from offbeat heart, he was one of洛克因为心率失常的阵痛而抽搐了一下valvular insufficiency. At the end of wit, he yocked,他是一个心瓣闭合不全的患者。

智穷计a professor of prudence was metamorphosed into a尽,他大笑了言行审慎的教授变质fiend "Marcus was outed. he knew too much about成了一个魔鬼,“马库斯早就过时了,关Scorpion 0626, he was deserted于毒蝎0626,他知道地太多了,他被抛弃Unscrutable smile emerged on Oracle's facehe punned, did you think you can catch me?琢磨不透的笑容浮现在奥洛克脸上Still didnt realize his connotation. Oracle他一语双关道,“你认为你能抓住我吗?”took out a controller. "catch me or save the mass it还没明白他的含义,奥洛克拿出控制is up to you now. With this words, he pressed the器,“抓我或者解救人群,现在由你决定。

”说完这些话,他按下了按钮Bombing! The hall imploded! The auditorium爆炸声!大厅向内爆破!礼堂里as in fire片火海massEvacuate解救人群!罗伊!疏散他们...”yan ordere林德命令道。

In chaos, Oracle escaped as a loach在混乱中,奧洛克如泥鳅般逃脱了It had been told many times that avarice wa已经说了很多遍了,贪婪是罪恶的温the seminary of evil. Still Oracle a man consumed床。


依with his filthy lucre. As Oracle's wishful thinking, it照奥洛克的如意算盘,推广疫苗可以大赚was lucrative to popularize bacterin. But since this一笔。

可这件事后,警方彻底检查了恒星police overhauled Sidereal Company, and all公司,并且所有的疫苗都免费共享bacterin was shared for free在列车上的决斗之后,基诺安排好了After the duel on the train gino then laid out a个可行的计划:他提示罗伊找到证据viable plan: he clued on Roy to find the evidence自己在接口出安放一个小装置,切换麦克d nestled a dingus on the interface, shunt the coil风的线路。

这样他们的首次公演一切顺of microphone. Thus everything played well in their利,成为新闻焦点。

premiere and they both made a great coup in the对基诺来说,他只是一个异端的正,林德的影子As to Gino, it was a justice of heterodox, a这则故事之后,是3年乐观的和平。

shadow of lynd(因为好人击败了坏人,所以此处用到了After this story, it was an upbeat peace of 3乐观一词)但是正如一句台词:静水流years. But there an actor's lines: still waters goes深,谁知道现在又在发生着什么呢?逃deep who know what was going on? What wa走的奧洛克又在做什么呢?让我们期待下一个章节吧et's wait for another chapter(398 words)第三章world galleryChapter 3 episode 1第三章第一节Abraham lincoln亚拉伯罕林肯April 14, 18654月14日,1865Fords Theatr福特剧院Fulminatory laughter雷鸣般的掌声a shadow crept into the balcony and aimed a round-slug个黑影悄悄地溜进包厢0.44 caliber Henry Deringer at one's head, fired at将一把044口径的亨利手枪对point-- blank range., then bolted淮一个人的脑袋,近距离射击,from locale in good time.Not然后飞速地逃离现场。

直到幕间until the interlude, did audiences休息的时候,观众才知道历史上realized one of greatest最伟大的总统之一已经遇剌了presidents in history had bee出生在肯他基州,林肯在很the thuggerystabbed小的时候就认真做着琐碎的工Born in Kentucky, Lincoln作来养活自己:小时工,密西西比河船员,乡村邮递员,土地测when he was still young: hour labour, Mississippi sailor,量员。

他精通计算和度量几何village postman, agrarian surveyor. He was conversant with经常被请去公断边界纠纷。

calculation and metrical geometry, often be invited to umpire在马车里竞选总统期间,他mete imbroglios坦白的演讲洋溢着真诚。

一次In the period he ran for president in his gharry,his个国会议员嘲笑他只是一个卑candid lecture imbued with bona fides. Once a congressman贱的,善于用钳子的补鞋匠的儿mocked him to be the son of a cobbler who was adroit in the子,他回答说,“我处理国事永不能够像我父亲做他的艺术tate affairs as my father do on his artwork, I feel proud of my品一样熟练,我为我的父亲自father. (slight retouchment)豪。

”(稍微润色)In civil war. while the North在内战时期,北方在战争中gave ground in war, the air was节节失利,舆论充满了对格兰特verfilled by libel on Grants drunk(将军)酗酒的(文字)批判But lincoln insisted defects cannot但林肯坚持认为瑕不掩瑜:格兰obscure the virtues: Grant always be特总是如此坚决,严格地执行solute and enfor(命令),在战场上从不退缩,never boggled in battlefield, then he接着他就发表书面命令提拔格released a writ to promoted grant to兰特将军为少将很快格兰特将军对南方取.H ShepherdSoon grant won landslide得了压倒性的胜利,李将军在about 1846triumph over the South, General Lee“不伤害无辜”的条件下投降,capitulated in the condition of" not killing any innocence"and宣布战争结束。

历史证明了林肯announced armistice. History proved Lincoln's leniency and宽容和远见clairvoyance作为历史上的伟人,林肯是As a great man in history, Lincoln was a mope but tend to抑郁寡欢,但却喜欢开玩笑jesting. When he bantered with friends, his eyes would twinkle的人。

当他和朋友们打趣的时and tone quaver simultaneously, once when his tale was over,候,他眼睛发光,同时声音也会Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector想%21rarpartanor fuWashe cLand te aisdpocess and sisrbasin.11310 3 esential curumercier a通Carbon FlorideN置 ron OidAnthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases broken down by sector for the year 2000Amazon rainforest亚马逊雨林你知道自私的人类是如何Do you know what is the criterion of asocial human to classify区分益虫和害虫的吗?是根据们能够直接或间接的带给人vermin and beneficial insect? It is what they can bring to human类什么(影响)。

(作者注:所firsthand or backhanded谓害虫,通俗的说,就是对人类有害的虫When human sprays various herbicide and pesticide in their当人类在他们的果园里喷orchard, and dump laundry detergent into sewer; When drizzle洒各种各样的除草剂和杀虫剂,把洗衣剂倒入下水道的时候;当rains clusters of droplet deteriorate into acid; When people细雨落下的水珠变质成酸性;当suffocate for the exhaust gas from smokestack of refinery... even人们因为从精炼厂大烟窗排出来的废气感到窒息……甚至当when populous metropolis degenerate into effluvial landfill one人口稠密的大都市有一天堕落would you realized what a clown is for humans to pose成臭气熏天的垃圾场……你会明白人类写了大堆大堆的颂词reams of odes to pay a tribute to their petty achievement来歌颂自己微不足道的成就是o maintain humans unconscionable and prodigal life style,多么的像一个小丑吗为了维持人类昧着良心的nature suffers浪费的生活方式,自然承受着痛苦The juggernaut of nature -- if pretentious human go on那自然的强大力量一一如果自负的人类继续挥霍一一将wantoningwould forsakes humans as jettison.把人类像垃圾一样丢弃。

Still thanks to merciful God, sun still emits beams of light and依然感谢仁慈的上帝,太阳依旧散发成束的光线,以太阳能plenitudemen as solaergy, and there remains a的形式提供充足的照度,而且还metabolic pathway--Photosynthesis, that converts inexhaustible有一个代谢途径—光合作用能够把无穷的光能转化成化学light energy into chemical energy能6 CO2+ 12 H20+ photons- C6H1206(glucose)+6 O2+66CO2+12H2O+光子C6H12O6(葡萄糖)+6O2+6H20H2OThis rife equation implement on astronomical plankton and这个普遍的方程式在天文数字般的浮游生物和藻类上实algae, as inimitable generator to manage the dynamic poise of carbon现着,作为无可替代的发电机维dioxide and oxygen. The prodigious quantity of heat, though持着二氧化碳和氧气的动态平衡。

那巨大的能量,虽然没有被underutilized, creates the prosperity of ecosphere.完全利用,已经铸就了生物圈的But the equilibrium concentration, as other metabolism product,繁荣。

但是平衡浓度,正如其他代sometimes would get aberrance. Now, carbon dioxide seems a little谢产物一样,有时候会有一些异too much常。

现在二氧化碳看起来有一点过多了To counterbalance the homeostasis, the gift of nature can be our为了维持动态平衡,那些自counts. and one of them would be Amazon rainforest然(留给人类)的礼物就成为指望,而其中之一便是——亚马逊There is general consensus, Amazon rainforest owns the highest雨林。

exuberance of flora and terrestrial vertebrates: 428 amphibians, 378众所周知,亚马逊用有最繁荣的植物群和陆生脊椎动物reptiles, 427 mammals, and 77 primates. It is a superexceller428种两栖动物,378种爬行动arboretum for botany taxonomy and pharmacy what spans 9物,427中哺乳动物,还有77种灵长类动物。

它是一座植物学countries, with 60% in Brazil, followed by Peru with 13%分类和药剂学的超级植物园,横Thought own a great amplitude in bio-diversity, forfeiting of跨9个国家,60%在巴西,秘鲁13%紧随其后forest endanger it虽然拥有丰富的生物多样性,森林的消失使它身处险境。

在贫瘠地上节省肥料,“砍和烧”,这种不可持续的模式带来了土壤肥力的流失和野草丛生,亚马逊雨林作为公共财产,他们理所当然的以为可以随意砍烧,还有遗弃,通常,他们总是选择开垦其他耕地,所以很快他们的作物就因为无人照料而枯娄了,退化成了所谓的休耕地post on arid(有时候用来牲畜放牧)。

而眼land. "slash and前可预见的贫穷迫使当地人继续砍伐其他更肥沃的树林。

在这个恶性循环的过程中,土壤很快被浓密而杂乱的蔓生植物和灌木占领mode brings on另一个原因归结于数百万the loss of soil考得的运木业而造成的毁林和频发的(森林)大火—一在每年fertility and weed重新填充淤泥的河床里——最Yellow line approximately encl新的,基于盆地底层沉积物的岩Amazon rainforest (although leaving out石学报告显示降雨量递减。

(细Venezuela and the Guianas ) SatelliteAmazon菌分解有机物然后存储在土壤rainforest as中,那土壤就是我们分析的依据)al possession which they take it for grant to hack,at will. Usually, they prefer to reclaim other plowland, so soon theirplants wither unattended, and retrogress to so-called fallow(sometimes for livestock ranching). And the conceivable penury under nosearged indigenes to go on hewwing other jungles of more fecundity.In this process of vicious circle, the soil is soon colonized by a densetangled growth of vine and shrubAnother reason due to the deforestation for million cords ofoutput logging and high frequency of conflagrationriverbed which are annually replenished with silthe latestprogress of petrology in this substrates sediment of basin indicate therainfall decreased. Bacterial depound organic matter and depositt as dirt, and the dirt is what we can base on to analyse.(468 words)Chapter 3 episode 3第三章第三节Cao cao曹操Although limned as a brutal tyrant in (Romance of the three虽然在《三国演义》kingdoms》, Cao Cao still be a preeminent statesman, resourceful中被描绘成一个暴君,曹militarist, poet. As an augur foreshowed操仍然是一个杰出的政A capable minister in peaceful time and an unscrupulous治家,足智多谋的军事hero in chaotic time家,诗人。

正如一个占卜When imperial power was not deified as usual, supremacy师预言的:always be usurped by warlords. In the Hang dynasty of feudal治世之能臣,乱世之d奸雄当皇权不再像往常warlord Dong Zhuo to样被神化,最高权利往of往被军阀所夺。

在封建时ernal cliques.But期的汉代,衰弱的皇室要when Dong had done求军阀董卓解决内部派e seemed bewitched系的斗争。

但当董卓解决他似乎被华丽的宫殿palace, and soon,he所吸引,很快,他重新任reconstituted his cabal用亲信组建政团。

坚持认n cronyIsm. Insisting为首相拥有自主裁定权prime minister possess他粗鲁地僭越呈帝权利of discretionary power,颁布国家诏书(就是圣旨),替换了他认为不够B丿| of emperor to endorse贤明的皇帝,(这是对皇in室的公然挑衅。

一旦执King of Wei dynastycrudity, and supplanted大权,他就犯下了滔天罪emperor which he行:以镇压暴乱的名义,deemed to be less sapient, which is an blatant defiance to royalty.他如屠杀般的洗劫村庄,Once be in power, he mitted great enormity: in pretense of绑架妇女满足他的兽欲squashing motions, he ransackedⅶ illages in the way of更糟糕的是,有一群宠臣carnage, abducted women to satisfy his bestial lust, and what's迎合他肮脏的暴行嗜好。

worse, there was a horde of minions pander to his seamy penchant在混乱的年代里,吟游诗of atrocity. In the turbid years, bards often chanted a ballad which人经常唱一首隐藏着对occult an tarnation to him:千里草,何青青.十日卜,不得生董卓诅咒的童谣:千里In that time, when Dong regressed from royal aide to autarch草,何青青.十日卜,不with the help of ministers, Cao did disparaged obsequious 4Ecolleagues. He knew Dongs cupidity for sovereign was a great在那个时候,当董在danger. but discreet Cao kept a facade of loyalty, acquired Dong's大臣的帮助下从皇室助recognition and hatched a murder periling his life. This hazardo手倒行逆施成为独裁者but calculating assassination, though failed, can proofed cao's时,曹非常鄙视谄媚的同僚。

他知道董对皇权的贪One time, Dong invited Cao to pete with feats of婪将会非常危险。

但是小equitation. While Ly Bu outing prepare saddle and harness;, obese心谨慎的曹保持表面上ned on the straw mat, Cao took out his dagger tryi的忠诚,获取了董的赏to murder dong. But at the moment, Dong seemed be sentient识,并且冒着生命危险刺his attempt, he eased his bulk up, and Dong' s confidential杀董。

这个危险但是精心retinue(LvBu) e in. It disconcerted cao, he sheathed dagger策划的暗杀,虽然失败却证明了曹掩饰着的Inthat正直condition, any次,董邀请曹比试d马术。


曹拿出he apple了匕首想要刺杀董卓。

但of eyes dilated,在那一刻,董似乎察觉到Cao了他的意图,他把他硕大aplomb, acted in的身躯移起来,而董的贴diehard身侍卫(吕布)进来了followers: Your这让曹一阵慌乱,他迅速highness! Here的收起了匕首在那种情况下,任何ChineserblkCuhureomdagger冲动的言语都会触发雪the assassination崩。

(就是一触即发啦Dong saw the曈孔放大,曹保持着well decorated dagger, not be on to his apostas冷静,接着表现的有如坚Eventually, Cao defused the impasse, then mounted his swift定的追随者一般:殿下courser and fled away.我献上我的匕首!On his way, one of his friends promised to enshield him, and傲慢专横的董看到那hid him up in his home. While his friend was outing, his cousi把装饰华丽的匕首,没有oned cleaver backyard, intended to slaughter swine to cater fo察觉到他的变节Cao. But Cao misconceived his friend to be a sellout. Then . to最终,曹解除了僵局forestall it, he killed all his family imprudently, even after然后骑上快马逃跑了。

of his chance-medley Cao killed his friend when he在他的路上,他的crossed his path with little punction, which corroborated his个朋友允诺保护他,把他fer to fail藏在自己家里。

当他的朋everyone rather than others友外出,他的堂兄在后院里磨杀猪刀,试图宰杀母I WOULD NOτfailas to dong, there猪招待曹。

但是曹误以为BOW THE KNEEwas rarely eternal winner in他的朋友出卖了他。

接TO ANY着,为了先发制人,他鲁SUCH ASon -in-low莽地杀害了他全家,甚至who exceled in tourney,在意识到自己的过失CAO CAO.h人后,曹在路上碰见那个polished veneer,wasa朋友时也没有一丝内疚countrycrore地杀了他,这证明了他的long, another minister第一准则:宁可我负天下enticed fickle Ly Bu to murder Dong in the name of eradicating人,不可天下人负我至于董,在复杂的宫as a turncoat, Cao absconded into recluse. But soon he廷斗争中绝少有永远bailed out of the trouble, and came through a spectacle of martial胜利者。

董的干儿子(那victory, even finally unified the north of china个善于马上比武的人),For monsense scholarship on the foibles and oversigh在他光亮的外表下面,只of Cao, bigots decry his unrepentant attitude about misdeed. Thei是一个乡巴佬。

不久以condemnation as the time accumulated, would hardly get redress后,另一个大臣引诱善变的吕布已除恶的名义刺杀了董作为一个变节者,曹潜逃隐居。



在一个弱A mural in Fragrant Hills depicting the famous joust between the肉强食,无情的年代,轻three sworn brothers and lu bu in a fictional encounter信和天真将会是致命的,but every era share it's criteria to sift out heroes. In a predato生存才是一切inexorable world in which creduletestified to be fatal, survive was every thing(619 words)第三章第四节Gandhi甘地Jogging along the avenue of Union Square in Manhattan沿着曼哈顿联合广场的林maple shades from maize into Turkey red. when I turn in the荫大道慢跑,枫树从玉米黄渐zigzag alley, an unobvious bronze statuary amid boskage rivet my变成了鲜红色。

当我拐进一个eyes. It is gandhi蜿蜒小径,一个并不起眼的铜像吸引了我的眼球。

它是甘Gandhi. sanctified asMahatma Gandhi, national甘地,被神化为圣雄甘地father of India. stoic who印度国父,一个坚持冥想净化insisted rumination depurate灵魂的禁欲主义者,犀利的眼光足以驱散阴霾的民主领袖that dissipated the haze, guru拥有高尚博爱胸怀的伟大导with sublime philanthropist师,一个令人肃然起敬的,“无a worshipful bellwether i暴力抗议”先驱Non violence protest'未成形的甘地Inchoate gandhi青春期的甘地,在19岁的时,在伦敦研习法律,努力使Nonaged Gandhi. at自己适应英国风俗。

看起来他19 studied abroad in London不能忍受房东的羊肉和卷心Statuary of Gandhi far off the to delve in law, and菜,他在一个素食主义者协会clamour of sodcclimatized himself to担任执行委员。

作为早期意识Britain custom. Seemed he不可缺少的经历,“无暴couldn, t stomach landlady's mutton and cabbage he then hold a抗议在脑海里萌发post in executive council of vegetarian consortium. As ar在毕业以后,他在孟买靠indispensable experience for incipient consciousness, which"non帮助诉讼人起草请愿书谋生violence protest"germinated in his mind虽然没有被吊销执照,它看起来不是他的工作,接着,他就After graduation, he lived on drafting petitions for litigants被派到了南非。

in Bombay. Though not be disbared, it seemed not his work, thenhe was dispatched to South Africa南非的运动在南非,他抵达以后不South Africa Campaign久,他就发现自己登陆了一个In South africa. soon after his arrival. he found himself不公平的世界:契约工(主要是黑人)被剥夺了公民权利andea in a wondentured servants(mainlyposed of blacks) was deprived of civil right and be lambasted并且非常容易的就因为小过for peccadillo easily, still pittance didn't even make up sustenance失被鞭笞,可仍然,微薄的薪abjectly. Even one time he was thrown off a train after declining水悲惨地不能维持生计。

甚至move from the first class to a third class coach while holding a有一次他持有一张有效的头valid first class ticket等厢火车票,在拒绝搬到三等厢后竟然被扔出火车当然,这种不公平的遭遇让他刻骨铭心。

他接着开始了unfair suffe反对不公平歧视印度人的运pressed him.动。

当他在鼓动一群矿工时被监禁以后,南非政府同意减少歧视deprecate invidious后来,虽然有一些批评家distinctions of Indian指责他没有(把运动)扩大到全体黑人。

他获得了,至少The centennial memorative impounded when he名义上的胜利statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the agitated the miners,center of downtownSouth africa领导印度被地主的民兵压迫着,印to decrease度人在被驱逐(出土地)的时discrimination候仅(被)给了少得可怜的补偿。

村庄总是极度的贫穷,肮In the sequel, though some critics reprehended him for not脏,骚乱肆虐。

在饥荒和贫穷widespreading it to all blacks. He procured, at least, nominal的剧痛中,英国人征收压榨性victory的赋税,还坚持增加。

情况令人绝望Leadership in Inic甘地召集了一些支持者Suppressed by the militias of the landlords( mostly British),深入农村进行细致的调查,创建了一个避难所。

很快他就建Indian were given measly pensation when be ostracized. The立起村民的信心,把悲观情绪villages were kept extremely squalor, unhygienic and turbulence扫而空were rampant. In the throes of famine and destitution, the British作为阿姆利则惨案(巡逻levied an oppressive tax which they insisted on increasing. The队向和平集会的队伍残忍地situation was desperate开枪)留下的创伤,他面临着报复性暴力的高潮。

那时候,Gandhi rallied dozens of adherents to organized detailed他谴责暴动是堕落的,并且利survey of rural area and established an asylum. Soon he built up用自己的演讲术在国会中唤the confidence of villagers and lead the clean-up of pessimism.起了认同感。

所以很快,暴力停止了As left trauma of Amritsar Massacre which rangers fired在1921年12月,在甘peaceful procession cruelly, he confronted an upsurge in reprisal地被授予执行官荣誉之后,他violence. That time he upbraided riots to be depraved and aroused建立起了委员会领导层以改ents by oratory in congress. So soon, violence calmed down善纪律和缓解派系矛盾。

In December 1921. after Gandhi was invested with kudos of谦虚地生活在一个自给executive officer, he then set up a hierarchy of mittee to自足的居民区里,为了自我净ameliorate discipline and ease up friction of schisms化而绝食,穿着传统的纺线披肩,他为“文明不服从”宣扬Lived modestly in a self-sufficient residential 布道fasted for self-purification, wore the conventional shawl woven甘地反对过度的地税和with yarn, he preached a sermon for"civil disobedience种族歧视,要求民众联合抵制英国教育机构,法院,并且抛Gandhi demurred excessive land- tax and ethnic discrimination,弃有名无实的头衔。

urged demos to boycott British educational institutions, law甘地力劝印度每天花courts and discard titular honours点空余时间(包括家庭主妇用手工编织织物,让他们相信Gandhi exhorted Indian to spend leisure time each day着会减少对英国织物的依赖(including housewives )to weave fabric in handcraft, convinced这间接的支持了女权运动而them it would reduce relying on English textile, which boost up手纺车很快就被并入了印度feminism indirectly and spinning wheel was later incorporated into的国会会旗the flag of the India National Congress次,数以千计的信徒徒步走了400英里去蒸馏海水One time, Millenary of disciples trekked 400 miles to distill这些步行者只为了抗议食盐seawater, these pedestrians only to remonstrate the act of salt拍卖法案pl越来越多的参与终于到达了顶点,它随着一次无名乡Increasing participation reached its apex, it ended abruptly镇里的暴力冲突而戛然而止a result of a violent clash in a noteless town Gandhi was in甘地被监禁了,以煽动言论罪custody and tried for sedition. In accusation of "An anarchist that被审判。

以“一个妨碍社会安定的无政府主义者”的罪名Beginning on 18 March 1922, he only served about two years of他被判了四年监禁。

从1922imprisonment, then being released after an surgical for年3月18日开始,他只在监appendicis狱里呆了两年,接着在一次阑尾炎手术后被释放了。

India independence印度的独立plored在1946年,甘地请求议员们拒绝英国内阁代表团的提议,甘地把它当做分裂的前reject the pr兆,并请求印度作为一个整体British Cabinet而独立。

可是,这成为国会少M数几次违背甘地的建议之一1946. Gandhi(虽然不是他领导的).当其foreseen it as aIndia national flag他人沉浸在英联邦成立的庆precursor for祝活动中,他为印度分为3部partition and solicited India independent as a single entity.分而哀伤:印度,巴基斯坦,However, this became one of the few times the Congress broke和孟加拉from Gandhi's advice(though not his leadership). while othersimmersed in the jubilation for Commonwealth of Nations e不幸的是,甘地在差两岁into existence, he mourned for India had broken into triple parts就到80岁时,在调解印度教India, Pakistan and bengal和穆斯林的冲突是被暗杀。

可Unfortunately, Gandhi was assassinated when he was on hi是,那个暗杀者,在关进监狱way to moderate a strife between muslim and hinduism with 2里以后,也对这个领袖表达了years left for octogenarian. The assassin, however, after being in崇高的敬意。

penitentiary, declared great homage to this bell cow简明扼要地说,他认为禁欲是苦修的过程,他节俭的生In pith, he deemed ascetic was a process to penance himself,活方式给人们留下了自然的his spartan lifestyle印象,虽然他的遗体根据风俗relique burned on pyre as rite, this sagacious sage who must在火柴堆上被焚化了,这个每sequester from mundane din for meditation each certain time隔一段时间就要尘世喧嚣中received the upmost veneration from his people---national father隐退的贤明智者从他的人民People hailed for his lofty moral stature, revered his austerity and那里得到了最高的敬意simplicity, and also, the bracing success of Gandhi inspired a host国父。

人们向他高尚的道德境of mimic, marked exemplary by Martin Luther King界致敬,尊重他的简朴和简单,而且,甘地鼓舞人心的胜利激励了一大群的模仿者,以马利路德金为榜样Addendum of this biographyPersonal creeds of gandhi这份传记的附录An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind甘地的个人信条Be the change you want to see in the world ------Epitaph on以眼还眼(以牙还牙)让整个世界一片黑暗欲改变世界,先改变自Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and他墓碑上的墓志铭love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and每当我绝望的时候,我总for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they会记起真理和爱胜利的方式,always fail. Think of it: always世上总有很多暴君和凶手,在段时期,他们看起来不可战Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to胜,但最终,他们总会失败live forever想想吧,总是这样。

宛如明天就要死去般生The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service活,宛如永远活着般学习。


Homework:家庭作业watch the movie《 Gandhi》观看电影《甘地传》Chapter 3 episode 5第三章第五节February revolution二月革命Panorama of russia that time was involuted那时候俄国的总体状况非常Insurgence can ascribed to the faliure in World War I. 234More than 1. 7 million russian soldiers were slaughtered暴乱可以归结于一战战场上With quota of suply grindingly, poor logistics was the prime的失败。

超过170万的俄国士兵被criminal. Some cavalry legion, indeed, went to the front line屠杀。

在苛刻补给的条件下,糟糕with cartridge that was inpatible with their weapons.的后勤成了元凶。

一些机动部队兵Mutinies sprang up in high frequency团,实际上,带着和他们武器不兼7%. s to econom, an ailing state precipitated into nadir.容的弹药筒上前线。

这样,兵变高ugh get a normal yield per hectare, Russia well devoid of频率地爆发着primary sector, especially iron ore就经济而言,病态的情况跌入And what's more, royal conflicts turned externalized.到底点。

虽然均产量还算正常,俄Ministers aligned into factions, impugned or even denigrated国十分缺乏初级产品,尤其是铁矿each other by hook or crook. Then, a wizard named himself a 11seer, took advantage of royal inanity and scammed their trust而且,皇室矛盾逐渐公开化And in 1914-1916, he deposed four premiers, three foreign大臣们组成派系,不择手段地missions、 four agriculture ministers and four judicature相互指谪甚至污蔑。

然后,一个男ministers巫自称先知,利用皇室的愚蠢骗取In such a bedlam, tension erupted into general revolt了他们的信任。

在1914-1916年,A. Labour union strew leaflets down the blocks, abetted他解雇了4为总理,3位外交大臣,curious proletarians in rising up. These malcontents4个农业部长,4个司法部长marched on street, upheld red banners and hallooed their在如此混乱的局面下,紧张终slogans" Down with the war!"、" Bread and Peace!"Some于爆发成大起义。

even vandalized royal limousine by scratching varnish工会(的人)在街区里散发传单,But去煽动贫穷的无产阶级起来反叛Nicholas, the one这些(对当局)不满的人在街上游whoseodious行,高举着红色条幅,喊着他们的that口号:“打倒战争!”“面包与和平!”exuded vainglory些人甚至把皇家轿车的漆面刮was an mediocrity花但是尼古拉斯,那个令人厌恶subjugation.(He的不停吹嘘满脸自负虚荣的家伙the是一个庸才但却对镇压很在行revolutionf(他扼杀了资产阶级民主革命,有B血腥沙皇”的称号)。

democracy and got面对一个处于罢工混乱的国a name of家。

杜马(由自由代表组成)警告sanguinary czar".)叛变即将来临,并建议他成立一个新的宪法修改代表大会。

但是沙皇Nicholas II, March 1917还是一个自恋者,他威胁说要遣散shortly after therevolution brought about杜马。

对他来说,所有的反动势力his abdicationTo a country都是乌合之众,都是土里土气的暴in turmoil over labor strikes. The duma( posed of liberal民,都只是一群阴谋对抗政府的受deputies) warned Tsar Nicholas II of the impending雇暴徒,凶手。

镇压一次暴动并且insurrection and counselled him to form a new constituent逼迫他们服从实在是再容易不过assembly. But The tsar still a narcissist and menaced to的事了dismiss Duma. To him, all reactionary were rabble, were earthy在骚乱的环境下,彼得格勒的mob, all were a bunch of goons and thugs who intrigued agaist共产党员决定转变成革命。

而这government. Quashing a rebellion and coerced the strikers into不可取消的决定被历史学家恒久pliance would be a cushy job的称赞着In rambunctious condition. Petrograd munist群共产党员深入到兵营劝mittee decided to turn to a revolution. And this irrevocable说士兵不要向人群开枪,向由食decision be invariable accoladed by historians堂,百货店,工厂组成的辛迪加游Posse of munists went deep into barracks to iipersuaded the soldiers not to shoot at people, canvassed for the这样,总罢工爆发了。

syndicate of refectories, department stores and manufactories难以控制的人群夺取了军火Thus, the general strike erupted.库里的武器,立起街头碉堡,缴获Refractory people snatched up weapons in arsenal,了4万把步枪,3万把手枪,大赦erected street fort, captured40,000 muskets、30,000了所有政治犯,很快,首都就被控handguns and led amnesty of all state criminals, soon the制住了capital under control看起来摇摇欲坠的政权也有Seemed ramshackle reign got its final counterattack.Tsar最后一击,沙皇派了一旅步兵来镇dispatched a brigade of infantry to scotch rebellion. But they压叛变。

但是很快他们投靠了大oon swiveled to the mass, temporized into the onrush of众,顺应时事加入了兵变的洪流mutineers中In Nicholas's demise. her brother surrogated his在尼古拉斯的君权交接中,他regality( But the latter abnegated next day).Then, a dual的弟弟取代了他的皇权(但后者第authority appeared, meant the peculiar coexist phase: one was二天也退位了)。

接着,一个双政The Provisional government, another one was Petrograd's权的局面出现了,就是极罕见的共Soviet存阶段:一个是临时政府,另一个The provisional gonvernment was overthrowed in是彼得格勒苏维埃supervened October revolution. Russia had choiced a sinuous那个临时政府就在10月革命route, and still seek after their way to evolve中被推翻了。

俄国选择了一条曲折In Arab Republic of egypt, although power was的道路,并且仍然在寻找他们自己ostensibly organized under a multi- party semi-presidential前进的道路system, whereby the executive power was theoretically在阿拉伯埃及共和国,虽然权solely by the presiden, parts. But in practice it seized almost利表面上建立在多党半总统权利ivided by two counter机制下,据此执行权利理论上分为Paving the way for multi- candidates poll in the两部分。

但是实际上它几乎单独地forthing election, the prsident declared election would被总统摄取evenhanded. Nevertheless, the new law placed draconian为了在来临的大选中为多候restrictions on the filing for candidacies, and doubts were once选人制铺平道路,总统声称选举将again expressed concerning government interference in the会公平进行。

可是,新的法律为候election process through vote-rigging选人筛选放置了严格的筛选条件In election, this president imprisoned contestants,then并且关于政府通过投票装置干预confront unprecedented public criticism especially when he选举的怀疑再度被提了出来。

persecuted democracy activists by arbitrary detentions, The在选举中,总统监禁了他的竞literal accusal on subpoena seemed germane to inveigh against争者,接着面临前所未有的公共危government. Still soon, he was elected with unanimous机尤其在他任意拘押迫害民主活approval. In coercion of oligarchy, even pollsters can动家的时候。

在法庭传票上的字面massaged the ballot or gerrymander to favor their potentate指控看起来和攻击政府有关。

就算Though this, Egypt still goes well这样,他以一致通过的方式再度获Tortuous as the course of contend is, our prospects are选。

在寡头政治的压力下,选举工promIsIng. Though utopianism may proved to be quixotic作者甚至可以篡改投票或者不公ify their blood,it平的划分选区来支持当权者uld pay ob虽然如此,埃及仍然正常In diverse social structure. we need to seek mon斗争的过程非常曲折,我们的points while reserving difference. It is not the way matters,but前景依旧乐观。

虽然乌托邦式的理the fitness matters想可能被证实是孩子般不切实际的。


选择的道路并不重要,重要的是是否合适Chapter 3 episode 6第三章第六节The exodus出埃及记In domain of far-flung Africa, Nile nourished antediluvian在广阔的非洲大陆上,culture as maternal udder. Along the Nile terraces and oases尼罗河如母亲乳房般滋润archaeologistsometimes着史前文明。

沿着尼罗河的disinterred artifacts and梯田和绿洲,考古学家有时rockcarvings候能挖掘出旧石器时代的paleolithic era, like shards古器物和岩石雕刻,像瓷水罐的碎片,一些木头部分已经烂掉的箭头。

最近,考古Recently,学家忙于搜索一个最著名archaeologists was engaged的建筑——金字塔Khafre s Pyramidin rootling the most个金字塔是锥形remarkable construction四个全等的三角形相交在一个顶点上而斜边形成A pyramid was a tapewith 4 congruous triangle个正方形。

它是保留下来converged on one vertex and hypotenuses form an square. It was的“世界古代七大奇迹”the remain monuments of Seven wonders of aWorld". In在有通气扇通风的房间里the chamber ventilated by exhaust fan, they elevated the gigantic他们把巨大的石块用充气megalith by aerial inflated jacks. Painstakingly, they千斤顶抬起来。

费劲周折demystified the mummy shrin他们揭开了木乃伊神祠的The most valuable literature in this discovery was the神秘面纱。

prehistoric runic hieroglyph on the wall. Thousand years ago,在这次发现中最有价stylus left them on slate instead of on papyrus, which enable值的文艺品是在墙上的史them to endure ablution of time. In one of this literature. it前象形文字。

几千年前,铁recorded a hag hold a convoluted cornucopia crutch, propitiating笔把他们留在石板上而不an unicorn by Immolation. It was an eulogy of Pharaoh是在草纸上,让他们能够经impetrating copious harvest, and the word nearby was an eulogy受住时间的洗礼。

其中一件of a cryptic person. Now, inferred from the context, this文艺品,记录了一个女巫举dyslexic letter now can be decoded into The Exodus着一个旋转(纹理)的羊角权杖,通过祭祀劝使独角兽Long time ago, Jew from Israel rushed into Egypt. T息怒。

这是关于法老祈求物took root by their diligence and mercial talent, scraped up a产丰盈的颂词,而旁边的文mass of fortune. So natives was hostile to the influx of hebrew字就是关于一位神秘人物d diabolic pharaoh detested jew, he jailed the Jew and ulteriorly,的颂词了。

现在,从上下文slaved them worked on scaffolds推断,这些难懂的文字可以To deracinate potential insurgence, he ordered that Hebrew破译为出埃及记”natal boys should be slain很久以前,从以色列来In this backdrop, Moses was a Hebrew natal boy. So的犹太人涌进了埃及。

他们packed his cradle, his sister Miriam hided him in the reed利用勤劳和商业天赋扎根swamp, then lingered out and away for stakeout. while princess下来,积攒了一大笔财富took a bath in Nile and spotted cute Moses, she decided to raise于是当地人就对希伯来人him up, thus Moses grew as a Egypt prince的涌入充满敌意。

而残暴的man, outragedan egyptian overseer法老痛恨犹太人,他把犹太thrash a Jewish patriot, he killed this overseer, then he must人关起来并且进一步地,奴went into exile. On his way he settled down by marrying one役他们在脚手架上工作priest's daughter, became the shepherd for his father-in-laws为了杜绝潜在的叛乱,flocks他命令希伯来人新生的男Then one day, through some inexplicable signs, God孩必须被杀死ordained Moses to go back to Egypt with his brother, Aaron,在这种情况下,摩西是lead Jew to leave Egypt. But when they turned to Pharaoh, this个希伯来初生的男孩。



在路上他和个牧师的女儿结了婚安顿下来,成了他岳父牧群的看羊人Moses parting the Red Sea接着有一天,通过一不可解释的现象,上帝命overture only got emphatic rebuff until God wreaked ten plague on摩西和他的兄弟亚伦回到埃及,带领犹太人离开埃Breaking their bondage, these votaries in stalwart belief of及。

但当他们找到发法老God fledfrom Pharaoh. But soon Pharaoh changed hi时,这个建议得到了坚决的mind and sent a regiment of spear to chase after them. They否定,直到上帝在埃及降下ld had been trapped in the coast of the Red Sea. At this十日瘟疫moment hang by a thread. god clewed moses to raise his rod挣脱了束缚,这些上帝then sea water lifted up asunder, allow a defile on the arroyo坚定的信仰着从法老那里when Jew had got across the sea water merged thus, moses逃离。

但是很快法老改变了outran the manhunt主意,派出了一群矛兵追赶他们。




这样,摩西逃离了追捕在贫瘠而荒凉的大地105In barr上,食物严重匮乏,为了平desolate land devoid息不安中的人群,摩西用棒of edible. to敲打岩石两下,接着清澈pacificate the people的水就喷涌而出,就像乳汁n a state of flux间歇泉一样lose then clouted几个月后,摩西爬上了he rock twice with西奈上,带着(摩西)十诫pid下来(由简单的法令组成)water gushed out却发现以色列人沉浸于狂like lactic欢和纵欲中。

那肮脏的色情geyser.行为让他感到一阵厌恶Months later盛怒之下,上帝因他们Moses climbed up的堕落宣称要消灭犹太人Mount sinai and并给摩西一个新的国家。

摩came down with the西回答道,“那也消灭我Ten Commandments吧。

”接着,他剔除了黄铜(which made up of毒蛇,治愈以色列人的毒蛇Moses lifts up the brass serpent, curing cursory ordinance)咬伤。

(也许在神学中他们the israelites from poisonous snake bites only to discover the的纵欲是因为毒蛇咬伤(in theology their carnalism caused by Israelites hadsnake bite)indulged in orgy andlechery. The sordid behaviour of their orgies stank under his very这些逃荒者在追寻迦南nostrils巴勒斯坦古地名)的路上To Gods wrathful declaration on their depravity that he过了40年的流浪生涯。

但would blotted out the jew and是当任务完成的时候,来自made of moses a new nation上帝的警告说摩西不能获Moses answered," Then blot得允许通过约旦河,看起来me out too". Then M上帝抛弃了他。

但是这并不lifted up the brass serpent,影像他的贡献。

摩西,作为curing the israelites fron个有真知,抛弃有利身份poisonous snake bites的打破传统的人,解救了自( Perhaps in theology their己苦难中的人民,获得了全carnalism caused by snake世界的尊敬,在人类史上留下了深远的影响Mosaic of prophet moses atursuit of Canaan(Palestinesthe Cathedral Basilica ofcaveat of God told moses thahe couldn't get the admission of Israel across the Jordan river,eemed god sloughed off him. But it didn't impair hiscontribution. Moses. as an tactile iconoclast who forsakedvantage ground and rescued his people in misery, won greatvenerability worldwide, left far-reaching influence inanthropologFallacy or not, Jacob Milgrom, professor of bible at theUniversity of California, Berkeley, had suggested that谬论或者不是,雅各布Moses maleficence was declaring, shall we get water for you米尔格罗,加利福尼亚大学out of this rock? "implying that it was he and his brother, Aaron,伯克利城的圣经教授,说摩and not god. who were the authors of the miracle西的罪过在于宣称,“我们The reason that the author insist it may be a fallacy is that if能够从石头中获得水吗?benevolent God can not tolerate this demerit how can he be a暗示他和他的兄弟亚伦,而不是上帝,是这个奇迹的作(75而作者认为这是一个谬论的原因是:如果仁慈的上帝连这个缺点都忍受不了,他怎么成为上帝呢?-The Old ReliableF.. PUINIEHOUSEMOVERAFISHTHonest weights, Square Dealings. FISHyeeyancogeta hawker stand road side in 1936 Birmingham.AlabamaChapter 3 episode 7第三章第七节The Great Depression大萧条时期Over furnace scanning periscope, a smelter tuned up the透过熔炉的扫描镜,一个熔炼工valve to blow away copper dross in molten fury. He, along调解阀门把熔铸火焰里的铜渣剔除。

with his yokemate who in charged of the welding alloy他,和他负责车床定位焊接的同事们lathe, was in their last day in SOLDER manufactory起,是他们在 SOLDER工厂度过It was The Great Depression, a worldwide economic的最后一天downturn in 1929这是大萧条时期,1929全球The Great Depression originated in the United States on范围内的经济低迷October 29, 1929, known as Black Tuesday. However, even1929年10月29日,大萧条源自美shortly after the Wall Street Crash, some optimism underrated国。


但是,即使在the crisis. Not until all securities including high expected华尔街短暂的崩盘之后,一些乐观主treasury bond slumped to nadir, the magnitude of the义者低估了这场危机。

直到所有的有depression knocked them back价证券包括寄予厚望的国债跌入最Layoffs soaring,, modity prices plummeting,tax低点,这次萧条的强大才让他们幡然revenues crimpled, imponderable loss in stock market and +Econstruction was virtually halted. America suffered an失业率猛增,商品价格暴跌,税收heaval brought by monetary contraction皱缩,在股票市场上不可估量的损失a glut of merchandise andcash flogged而建设实际上已经停止了。

美国人遭108employers to skimp expenditure and undercut their labo受着货币紧缩带来的巨变then though price tumbled, sweated workers could商品过剩和现金稀缺刺激雇佣者节省开支然后降低他们的工资,这样demand and weak purchasing power ultimately led this即使价格下降了,低工资的工人还是grievous stagnancy.支付不起他们需要的商品。

这样刚性Some critics reprehended the federal Reserve for idleness.需求和弱购买力的相互影像最终导bidding cash supply shrunk by one- -third, it just sat back and致了这场令人痛苦的停滞。

didn't even mean to curtail interlocking insolvency in thi些批评家指责联邦储备局毫无forbidding recession. But in fact, what the Federal Reserve作为。

容忍现金供应量缩减了1/3,它could issued was restricted by injunction which只是站在那里什么也没干,甚至在严partial gold backing of its loan. Any reduction in gold in its峻的衰退中,没有试图减少连锁破value had to be acpanied by a greater reduction in credit产。

但实际上,联邦储备局能够发行By the late1920 s, the Federal Reserve had almost hit the limit的(现金)被法令严格限制了,它的of allowable credit. On April5,1933 President roosevelt借贷量必须有部分的黄金支持。

任何igned Executive Order6102 to make the private ownership of黄金价值的减少必然伴随着借贷更gold illegal, and eventually lighten the burden on Federal大的缩减。

在20世纪20年代末,联邦Reserve gold储备局已经接近可供借贷的极限了nitially, including the savvy Washington insiders,no在1933年4月5日,罗斯福总统签署了one seemed to filibuster the act which would raised import总统令6102,让黄金私有变成非法,tariff and aimed at bolstering up the reviviscence of最终减轻了联邦储备局的黄金负担。

individuals. And this frantic act soon incurred retaliatory最初,包括精明的华盛顿圈内人impost in other countries which exasperated deflation.Thus没人试图组织那个提高进口关税,旨the fragile economy wobbled and the downward spiral在促进个体经济复苏的法案。

而这个accelerated.Even, some country veered toward the trajectory狂乱的法案很快招致了其他国家报of extremism复性的关税,加重了通货紧缩。

这样脆弱的经济摇摆不定,下降的螺旋加As to the reason, orthodox theory considered it to be th速了。

最终一些国家走上了极端主意contradiction of the capital's volatility inherently (which的道路。

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